Parliamentary Library Briefing Book

Parliamentary Library Briefing Book: Key issues for the 46th Parliament [PDF 4.8MB]
Publication date: July 2019

Foreword by the Parliamentary Librarian
Introduction to the Parliamentary Library

Australia in numbers

Australia in numbers 

The digital world and its impacts

Responding to fake news

The data economy
Regulation of Australian online content: cybersafety and harm
Public sector digital transformation

Australia’s environment

Climate change
Water management
Environmental law review

Australian prosperity

27 years and counting since Australia’s last recession
Inequality and disadvantage
Wage developments in Australia
Labour market and workplace relations
Energy challenges
Regional telecommunications
Australia’s cost of living over the last decade
Science and technology
Multinational taxation and the digital economy
Superannuation and retirement incomes
Australia’s productivity challenge
Competition policy—further progress required

Australian society

Migration–permanent and temporary visa trends
Declining home ownership rates in Australia
The adequacy of jobseeker payments
Reforming employment services
Closing the Gap
Indigenous constitutional recognition and representation
Tertiary education—where to for reform?
School funding and improving education outcomes
Child care and early childhood education
Improving aged care
Health workforce
Reforming veterans’ affairs
Media and broadcasting in the digital age
Reform of family law

Australia in the world

National security
Intelligence community reforms
Transnational, serious and organised crime
Defence capability
The fall of the ISIS ‘caliphate’
The United Nations and Australia
Southeast Asia—political snapshots
Southeast Asia update
Refugees and asylum seekers—where to from here?

Politics and government

The 2019 federal election
Corruption and integrity issues
Political finance
The Australian Public Service
Financial Services Royal Commission
Reform of defamation law