Parliamentary Library Briefing Book

Parliamentary Library Briefing Book - 45th Parliament [PDF 6.6MB]
Publication date: August 2016

Foreword by the Parliamentary Librarian


The 45th Parliament

The 2016 federal election

Senate voting reform and the 2016 Senate election

Electronic voting at federal elections


Australia by numbers

Australia in pictures

Australia’s trade in figures

Trends in apprenticeships and traineeships

The Australian Government’s debt position

Employment in Australia


The national economy

Insolvency Laws in Australia

Influencing decisions to retire

Influences on superannuation policy settings

Competition Policy


Public finances

Tax expenditures

Paying for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Australian Public Service

Government procurement and free trade agreements


Australian society

The future of school funding

Early childhood education and care

Increasing participation in tertiary education

Aged care—reforming the aged care system

Medicare and health system challenges

A new way to address chronic disease in primary care

Migration—Australian migration flows and population

Migration— issues for Australia’s migration program

Immigration—issues for Australia’s humanitarian program

Welfare—what does it cost?

Welfare—where to for reform?

Gambling—a reprise for reform?

Housing affordability in Australia

Employment—Measuring and improving outcomes for young Australians

Closing the Gap


Australia’s environment

Climate Change—a science overview

Climate Change—the international approach

Climate change—reducing Australia’s emissions

Commonwealth Environmental Regulation

Great Barrier Reef

Marine environment

Water management

Land and Forests


Infrastructure, energy and resources

Energy market challenges

Renewable energy policy: retreat, renewal and revitalisation?

National Broadband Network

Infrastructure decision making

Revenue from road use

Financing infrastructure by value capture

Unconventional gas

Radioactive waste management


Australia in the world

Australia and the South China Sea: debates and dilemmas

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative

The 19th National Congress of China’s Communist Party

External powers in the Pacific: implications for Australia

Australia and Iran: post-nuclear agreement

United Nations: whither reform?

Iraq and Syria: far from simple

Defence capability

The current state of trade policies in Australia


Law, justice and national security

Countering terrorism and violent extremism

National security and counter-terrorism laws

National security—cybersecurity

Money laundering and terrorism financing

Corruption and integrity issues

Same-sex marriage

The Commonwealth’s role in animal welfare

Regulating live exports

Family law reform and family violence