Parliamentary Library Briefing Book

Parliamentary Library Briefing Book - 44th Parliament [PDF 3.35MB]
Publication date: December 2013

Foreword by the Parliamentary Librarian

The 44th Parliament

Federal election 2013

Composition of the 44th Parliament

The Senate voting system: issues and suggestions for reform

Constitutional Reform—Indigenous peoples and local government

A changing Australia

Australia in pictures

Australian government debt and fiscal position

Australia's changing population 

Some economic effects of inequality

Commonwealth expenditure: legality and scrutiny 

The national economy

The tools of macroeconomic policy—a short primer

Fiscal and monetary policy—renewed international debate

Intergenerational reports—key influences on policy? 

The Australian economy—supporting the transition 

Industry policy in an open economy 

The future of the Australian processed food sector 

Live animal exports

Australia's foreign investment policy

Over-the-counter derivatives—high risk investments in a largely unregulated market

DIY super: a continuing trend? 

Current negotiations on Free Trade Agreements

Temporary skilled migration

Public finances

Tax avoidance by multinational enterprises—Australian Government initiatives to avoid erosion of corporate tax base

Tax expenditures: costs to government that are not in the Budget

Sustainable funding of health care: challenges ahead

Sustainability of retirement incomes policies

The Australian Public Service—employment and the efficiency dividend

Health, education and social welfare

Closing the Gap

Does income management work? 

Out-of-pocket payments for health care – finding a way forward

The crisis in the caring workforce

Improving school performance

Higher education: sustainability of a demand-driven system

Adequacy of income support payments

Reforming Australia’s aged care system: are we there yet?

Building the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Comparing the Paid Parental Leave schemes

Australia’s environment

Australia’s part in global climate action


Murray-Darling Basin management


Great Barrier Reef

Challenges in regulating biotechnology

The Commonwealth's role in protecting the environment

Energy and infrastructure

Australian non-renewable energy resources

The coal seam gas debate

Energy prices—the story behind rising costs

Support for renewable energy 

Greenhouse gas reduction options

Capitalising on energy efficiency


Transport infrastructure

Security and human rights

Cyber security

Surveillance in society—global communications monitoring and data retention 

Counter-terrorism laws—review and reform

Transnational organised crime 

Copyright in the digital world

Same-sex marriage 

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and related inquiries 

Australia in the world

Multilateral engagement—Australia's role in the United Nations' Security Council and the G20

The Australia-United States defence alliance

Australia's economic relationships with China

Australia and Indonesia:  from good neighbours to strategic partners?

Australia in the 'Indo-Pacific' century: rewards, risks, relationships

Australia's relations with the European Union: towards a deeper regional engagement

Official Development Assistance: Australia's aid program

Defence: strategic policy and procurement

Afghanistan: drawdown and future prospects

Mental health of military personnel and veterans

Asylum seekers and the Refugee Convention