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Title   Date

Overseas students: immigration policy changes 1997–May 2010  [PDF 468KB]

Tasmanian election 2010 [PDF 189KB] 9.06.2010
The South Australian election 2010  [PDF 189KB] 8.06.2010 
Chronology of superannuation and retirement income in Australia [PDF 247KB] 1.06.2010
Cabinet confidentiality [PDF 175KB] 28.05.2010
How green is the Green Car Innovation Fund? [PDF 134KB] 27.05.2010

Double dissolutions: triggers, elections and proposals for reform [PDF 226KB]

Paid parental leave [PDF 185KB] 11.05.2010

Emissions Control: your policy choices [PDF 218KB]

Commonwealth, state and territory gross and net debt 1998–99 to 2012–13 [PDF 387KB] 7.04.2010

Parliamentary involvement in declaring war and deploying forces overseas [PDF 449KB]


Cyber Crime 2.0 versus the Twittering classes [PDF 356KB]

Aviation white paper: an overview [PDF 109KB] 24.02.2010

Operating wind farms by Commonwealth Electoral Division [PDF 201KB]

China's reliance on Australian LNG exports [PDF 199KB] 6.01.2010
The proposed Denticare scheme—an overview [PDF 139KB] 8.12.2009
Renewable energy technologies update [PDF 1232KB] 30.11.2009
Yeelirrie uranium deposit in Western Australia [PDF 1757KB] 24.11.2009
Parliamentary sitting days and hours 2008 [PDF 269KB] 19.11.2009
Australia's foreign investment relationship with partner countries [PDF 315KB] 17.11.2009

‘Forgotten Australians’ and ‘Lost Innocents’: child migrants and children in institutional care in Australia [PDF 167KB]


Burma/Myanmar: internal issues and regional and international responses [PDF 380KB]

Population change in Commonwealth electoral divisions, 2007 to 2008 [HTML] 16.10.2009
The Kyoto Protocol accounting rules [PDF 241KB] 14.10.2009
Emissions trading—has it worked? [PDF 223KB] 17.09.2009
Economic effects of payroll tax  [PDF 87KB] 14.09.2009
Australian citizenship: a chronology of major developments in policy and law [PDF 257KB] 11.09.2009
The basics of biochar [PDF 98KB] 10.09.2009
What is Medicare Select? [PDF 42KB] 26.08.2009
The (green) car of the future [PDF 376KB] 25.08.2009
A timeline of the 2009 political crisis in Fiji and key regional reactions [PDF 377KB] 20.08.2009
Refugees and asylum seekers: a guide to key electronic resources [PDF 251KB] 17.08.2009
Private health insurance premium increases—an overview  [PDF 41KB] 13.08.2009
Climate change discussions and negotiations: a calendar [PDF 390KB] 17.07.2009
Medical practitioners: education and training in Australia [PDF 640KB] 15.07.2009
Philanthropy by Commonwealth electoral division, 2006–07 [PDF 173KB] 14.07.2009
Retrospective awards to service personnel for gallantry and bravery [PDF 106KB] 6.07.2009