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Title Date
Trends in use of non-standard forms of employment 1.1MB 173KB 10.12.2018
Population and migration statistics in Australia 1.1MB 173KB 07.12.2018
Yemen—the ‘worst humanitarian crisis in the world’ continues 1.1MB 173KB 06.12.2018
Australia's climate safeguard mechanism: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Election funding and disclosure in Australian states and territories: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 28.11.2018
Underemployment statistics: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 26.11.2018
Top 10 countries of birth for the overseas-born population since 1901 378KB 165KB  22.11.2018
The vocational education and training sector: a quick guide 626KB 165KB  19.11.2018
The end of the First World War and the Armistice: a quick guide 626KB 165KB  09.11.2018
Not in the labour force: a quick guide 626KB 165KB  30.10.2018
Australia’s implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention 626KB 165KB
State Statistical Bulletin 2017-18 626KB 165KB  29.10.2018
Remembrance Day 2018—the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I 269KB 165KB  25.10.2018
Trends in union membership in Australia 626KB 165KB  15.10.2018
Small business sector contribution to the Australian economy 626KB 165KB  15.10.2018
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 242KB 72KB 10.10.2018
The base salary for senators and members: 2018 update 315KB 72KB 04.10.2018
Defence: a quick guide to key internet links 315KB 72KB 26.09.2018
National security: a quick guide to key internet links 243KB 72KB 14.09.2018
Crime and law enforcement: a quick guide to key internet links 284KB 72KB 12.09.2018
2018 Parliamentary remuneration and business resources: a quick guide 388KB 165KB  06.09.2018
Health in Australia: a quick guide 338KB 165KB  31.08.2018
Recent developments in federal government funding for public hospitals: a quick guide 338KB 165KB  31.08.2018
School education: a quick guide to key internet links 338KB 165KB  21.08.2018
Long-term unemployment statistics: a quick guide 338KB 165KB  17.08.2018
Findings of the 2018 HILDA Statistical Report 275KB 165KB  31.07.2018
Liquid fuel security: a quick guide 275KB 165KB 24.07.2018
Boat ‘turnbacks’ in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics since 2001 275KB 165KB    20.07.2018
South Australia state election 2018 471KB 165KB   17.07.2018
The National Disability Insurance Scheme: a chronology 471KB 165KB   13.07.2018
Federal election results 1901–2016—Reissue #2 626KB 165KB  05.07.2018


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