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Medium-term budget projections

The medium-term fiscal projections reports provide detailed analysis and projections of Australian government receipts and payments over the forward estimates and the medium-term period. The purpose of these reports is to better understand the factors that are leading to changes in the budget aggregates over the medium term. The analysis in these reports supplement the budget forecast and projections contained in budget papers.

The economic scenario analysis reports examine the sensitivity of medium-term budget projections to changes in economic parameters. The purpose of these reports is to provide additional detail on the impacts of economic scenarios on the medium-term budget position, including the effects on major revenue and expenditure areas of the budget.


  • 2017–18 Budget medium-term projections: economic scenario analysis
    PDF icon (897 KB)  MS Word (803 KB)  Data: MS Excel (168 KB)
    Date issued: 07 December 2017

    • Economic impact of selected macroeconomic shocks
      Report prepared for the PBO
      Chris Murphy, 24 November 2017
      PDF icon (737 KB)        

  • 2015–16 Budget: medium-term projections
    PDF icon (318 KB)  MS Word (256 KB)
    Date issued: 24 June 2015

  • Projections of Government spending over the medium term
    PDF icon (2,786 KB)  MS Word (1,617 KB)
    Date issued: 22 August 2014

  • Australian Government spending
    Part 1: Historical trends from 2002–03 to 2012–13
    PDF icon (1,891 KB)  MS Word (1,772 KB)  Data: MS Excel (40 KB)
    Date issued: 10 December 2013