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(Closed 28 June 2013)

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Shaun Parnell, The Australian

Documents detailing all occasions where items on the Assets Register of Office Equipment, and Assets Register of Furniture, had to be written off, in the current term and the previous term of parliament, including details of the item in question and which Senator had responsibility for it.




(PDF 80kb)









Linton Besser, The Sydney Morning Herald

  • Details of all monies paid to or on behalf of each Senator since they were most recently elected.
  • To clarify, this request includes but is not to limited to all salaries, entitlements, allowances and grants or reimbursements for any travel, entertainment, living away from home, hardship or any other payments.
  • I ask that if possible this information be provided in an electronic format as a Microsoft Excel file.
  • I also seek a comprehensive schedule of documents captured by this application.



(PDF 2036kb)

Information originally supplied on 2/7/12

Advice of request for review by Information Commissioner received 7/8/12

30-day extension granted by Sydney Morning Herald on 8/8/12

Revised schedule of documents supplied 3/9/12

Information Commissioner advised matter closed 4/9/12












Sharona Coutts The Global Mail

Please provide me with copies of documents laying out the expenditure to and on behalf of all senators, for the period Jan 1, 2010 through present.




(PDF 1160kb)









Simon Frew – The Pirate party

a) all documents detailing the expenses claims of sitting members of the Senate.




(PDF 353kb)









Chris Fryar – Chief of Staff to Senator the Hon Eric Abetz

Copies of all “hot issues briefs”, including any attachments, prepared by the Department of the Senate for the last Senate Estimates round.




(PDF 353kb)