Tanzanian MPs study parliamentary services

A parliamentary delegation from Tanzania visited Parliament House on 18 and 19 April 2013 to discuss the services provided to Australian parliamentarians in the course of carrying out their parliamentary duties.

The delegation from the Tanzanian Parliamentary Service Commission met with a range of parliamentary staff and visited the parliament’s broadcasting facilities, Hansard offices and the Parliamentary Library.  A detailed tour of the House of Representatives chamber, allowed the delegation to see first-hand how MPs access services during parliamentary debates.  The delegation also viewed the office arrangements for MPs.

Delegation Leader, Dr Maua Abeid Daftari, was grateful for the opportunity to collect so much information to assist the commission in its work and hoped the delegation’s visit would lead to future exchanges of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff between Australia and Tanzania.

Tanzanian MPs

The delegation is given a tour of the broadcasting facilities by Leon Keenan, Broadcasting Technical Support Manager