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Two new inquiries for Public Works Committee

Issue date: Tuesday, 5 May 2020

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The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works has announced that it will scrutinise two new projects, one from the Australian Federal Police, and one from the Australian War Memorial.

Details of the projects are as follows:

Australian Federal Police — Proposed Fit-out and Security Hardening of New Leased Australian Federal Police Premises at West Perth — West Perth, Western Australia

Australian War Memorial — Australian War Memorial Development Project — Campbell, ACT

It is anticipated that the Committee will conduct public and in-camera hearings for the inquiries in June/July 2020. The Committee would like to hear from all individuals or organisations interested in the inquiries. Submissions for the Australian Federal Police project will be accepted until 12 June 2020. Submissions for the Australian War Memorial project will be accepted until 17 June 2020.

Please note: the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works is not involved in the tendering process, awarding of contracts or details of the proposed works. Inquiries on these matters should be addressed to the relevant Commonwealth entities.

For background information

Committee Secretariat
02 6277 4636


For more information about this Committee, you can visit its website. On the site, you can make a submission to an inquiry, read other submissions, and get details for upcoming public hearings. You can also track the Committee and receive email updates by clicking on the blue ‘Track Committee’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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