The Recruitment Process

  • A selection advisory committee will usually comprise two or three members.
  • Shortlisting of applications will be rigorous, and only the most competitive applicants (i.e. those most likely to be selected for the vacancy) will be assessed further.
  • Not all recruitment processes will involve an interview; the selection may be based on applications and referee reports where a clear result can be determined from these.
  • Additional information, other than that provided by you in your application, may be sourced and considered during the recruitment process. This may include information contained on social media sites (e.g. Twitter or Facebook), other websites and from other relevant persons or organisations.
  • The selection advisory committee will contact your referees for comment if they are considering recommending you for the position or for inclusion on an order of merit. (An order of merit is a list of ranked applicants deemed suitable for the position. Should the same or a similar position become vacant during the 12 months after the original vacancy was advertised, the order of merit may be used to select an applicant to fill the position).
  • Applicants will generally be informed of the outcome of the selection process verbally and/or in writing (i.e. via an automated email from the e-recruitment system).
  • At the end of the selection process the selection advisory committee will, on request, provide you with verbal feedback on your application and/or your performance in any further assessment undertaken. The department will not provide written feedback including copies of individual assessments, if they were prepared, to applicants.
  • Please note that the Department of the Senate’s recruitment processes are merit-based and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 including section 10A. The Department of the Senate neither engages recruitment providers to source applicants for advertised vacancies nor does it pay placement fees for applicants referred by recruitment providers.