Role of the Parliamentary Security Service

The Parliamentary Security Service (PSS) performs a range of contemporary security functions in Parliament House. The PSS operates 24 hours, seven day a week and PSS staff provide security services and response capability, with duties including, but not being limited to:

  • entry screening of persons and property
  • access control and monitoring
  • mobile patrolling
  • immediate response to security incidents, and
  • first aid and emergency response.

Who we are looking for?

DPS is looking to employ people who are responsive, have the right attitude, want to be challenged and demonstrate a desire to learn. Successful applicants will:

  • be self-starters
  • possess strong communication skills
  • have great customer service skills 
  • value teamwork and team cohesion, and
  • demonstrate values of honesty, integrity and accountability.

All employees of DPS are required to be able to provide professional, courteous and impartial advice and services to all Senators and Members, official guests and members of the public.

What is expected?

Behaviour and appearance

PSS officers are issued with official uniforms and appropriate personal protective equipment and are expected to maintain a well-groomed, professional appearance whilst adhering to required policies and procedures at all times.

Specific rules or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be in place for certain teams and locations to meet operational, hygiene and workplace health and safety requirements.

Health and fitness

As a PSS officer, you will be required to perform a number of duties that require an appropriate level of physical fitness. PSS officers are often required to undertake physical tasks such as:

  • standing for prolonged periods
  • walking several kilometres a day
  • climbing stairs and ladders, and
  • entering and working in confined spaces.

In an emergency, PSS officers may also be required to:

  • move rapidly to a specific area of the building
  • react quickly and swiftly to situations, and
  • utilise unarmed defensive tactics to remove people from the building.

Prior to employment, you will need to undertake a Pre-Employment Functional Assessment (PEFA).  The PEFA is designed to ensure you have the required level of physical fitness to perform the role of a PSS officer.  The testing techniques applied assess physical traits such as strength, endurance and flexibility and are specifically tailored to the PSS role.

PSS officers are also expected to maintain an appropriate level of physical fitness after employment.

Security clearance

PSS officers occupy a position of trust.  It is a condition of your engagement to the PSS that you hold, or obtain within a reasonable period, a security clearance to the required level.  The positions within the PSS have been identified as requiring a security clearance of Negative Vetting Level 1.  Persons who hold a security clearance must be Australian citizens.

If your engagement takes effect before the Department has the result of your security assessment, and you are subsequently assessed as not meeting the requirements for the security clearance, your employment may be terminated.

How to join?

The recruitment process for the PSS is a multi-stage process as listed below:

  • applications must be lodged online
  • short listing
  • assessment day (details below)
  • offer of employment and medical
  • online onboarding, and
  • assessed ongoing suitability.


Applications must be submitted online and address the selection criteria and all aspects as detailed in the advertisement.

Assessment Day

The purpose of the assessment day is to evaluate whether you have the necessary abilities and skills to perform the role of a PSS officer. The assessment day content is designed to test a candidate's abilities in the following key areas:

  • fitness
  • written and observational
  • oral, and
  • customer service.

Candidates will then participate in an interview.

Fitness standards

The fitness standards for entry to the PSS consist of shuttle run, push-ups, sit ups, hand strength and a simulated body drag.

PSL1/2 requirements: Level 5 Beep Test, 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and a simulated 50kg body drag.

What happens next?

Basic Training

All training as a PSS employee is provided by the department and is free of charge with PSS recruits being paid a salary whilst they undergo their training.  Induction training typically includes training in areas such as:

  • security procedures specifically for the Parliament of Australia
  • first aid
  • operational safety training
  • report writing and communication skills
  • x-ray and Explosives Trace Detection screening, and
  • many other areas relevant to a modern security environment.

Failure to complete any module of the initial recruitment training may result in termination of employment.

Competency maintenance

All PSS staff are expected to undergo on-going annual competency training and assessment in areas including but not limited to:

  • operational safety training
  • security screening techniques, and
  • first aid. 

Further Information

For additional information regarding the recruitment process or Security positions please contact the DPS Recruitment Team via email at