Submissions received by the Committee

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1Archer Daniels Midland (PDF 178 KB)  ca1c7a14-741b-4d6c-a4e6-d051dd054d84~5640
2Mrs and Mr Gillian and Don Haling (PDF 1490 KB)  738e47ee-684d-466a-b65a-349d50a5fb2c~5639
3Grain Trade Australia Ltd (PDF 4617 KB)  178b3226-1b55-405a-979d-f8bc4e5408a8~5638
4AgForce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers (PDF 147 KB)  7c2ad0a8-2d4a-4899-a159-98ae87aa8475~5641
5Australian Grain Exporters Association (PDF 112 KB)  16426e4d-72f5-4a33-b652-60f05d7af439~5642
6Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA  (PDF 479 KB)  4bca1a49-0920-495d-9ca9-52da0608e98e~5643
7Grain Producers SA (PDF 242 KB)  c8c8d6d7-6c57-4a1a-97bb-a988cfcfc158~5644
8Grain Producers Australia (PDF 634 KB)  4c4b1c22-b255-4a78-98b5-4c1ccab3446b~5645
9GrainCorp Operations Limited (PDF 295 KB)  110cd138-eb07-4dde-a067-3451ff14cdab~5646
10Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 780 KB)  16247630-6a56-46b3-b48f-48705ef8ad9a~5647
11NSW Farmers’ Association (PDF 385 KB)  0d63f4a6-6135-4895-b1c4-df1301a1eda1~5648
12Southern Agventure Limited (PDF 579 KB)  d3bc9743-6bfd-4ec6-96a9-3cbfc473c43b~5649
13Link Agricultural (PDF 137 KB)  2f3ac4cd-1b98-4963-a16e-85651216bfcc~5650
14Mr Jock Munro (PDF 81 KB)  74b4b217-a1f3-41d3-9dda-b65136e54169~5651

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About this inquiry

An inquiry into the ownership arrangements of grain handling in Australia.

Past Public Hearings

16 Jul 2013: Sydney, ACT
18 Jun 2013: Canberra, ACT


Inquiry Status

Final Report Tabled


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