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1Mr TJ and KJ Wilson (PDF 81 KB)  4d5c278e-ab59-444b-b691-f9f0ce39c12b~31766
2Mr Daniel Di Marco (PDF 54 KB)  79430585-be39-4874-a444-67b4e58804e9~31767
3Mr Rod Thomson (PDF 1788 KB)  6532685c-046e-4529-9504-e3d38e69c5a3~31978
4Apple and Pear Australia Limited (PDF 506 KB)  df1d4401-177a-44aa-82e2-6890ec142fc2~32030
5Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association (PDF 459 KB)  3261ef08-f76c-42fb-bc93-abeb88ab3395~32072
6Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 673 KB)  72e4642a-0d3b-4947-905b-69f34a24aa44~32117
7Nannup Fresh Fruit Pty Ltd (PDF 219 KB)  e71b5870-d320-4852-bce8-23feeda5e58a~32145
8Donnybrook Orchard Improvement Group (PDF 78 KB)  75bc7dff-fb99-4bd4-93cd-cc17cf899de9~32146
9Summerfruit Australia Ltd  (PDF 637 KB)  44105297-c39e-4445-9231-ea31cfb900c8~32157
10Mr Andrew Finlay, Summerfruit Australia Ltd  (PDF 214 KB)  49107a25-62df-4b25-bf9d-52081ce9405d~32158
11Horticulture Coalition of SA Inc (PDF 222 KB)  cbfc7425-2e61-4374-bbb8-14da2858630c~32191
12Hills Orchard Improvement Group (PDF 519 KB) 
12.1 Supplementary to submission 12 (PDF 66 KB) 
13CropLife Australia  (PDF 554 KB)  a1f3e4bb-fc27-4347-846e-aad6045473fd~32196
14AUSVEG (PDF 1766 KB)  64431c44-0c2f-43ba-b9a4-ad1d91291d1c~32200
15Department of Agriculture (PDF 646 KB)  062402cd-6a6d-4231-ba02-bdb403588aba~32201
16Alliance for a Clean Environment (PDF 621 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 1150 KB)  Attachment 2 (PDF 278 KB)  Attachment 3 (PDF 116 KB)  Attachment 4 (PDF 2186 KB)  Attachment 5 (PDF 208 KB)  Attachment 6 (PDF 1294 KB)  Attachment 7 (PDF 73 KB)  4d5a4271-3b70-4e23-aae3-9df4bdfbdc8f~32202|3d5af649-1f75-47a7-ab11-75439a0080d4~32202|236f3a07-5367-4973-b092-7f59ff39e637~32202|fb17db4c-bd65-426c-b4c7-9bd89358413a~32202|5e5c5a9b-eafb-45c1-8f1c-362cad97e28d~32202|08f8f023-e30f-49c8-94e5-3426ffa0af86~32202|f9eaeccb-2d20-428c-887f-ba7d9b420156~32202|ebf17312-dac6-4d5f-bed1-f47b7168818b~32202
17Food Standards Australia New Zealand  (PDF 46 KB)  24443ec1-ca1f-4433-a198-576d09c2d0de~32203
18Mr Dick Lovegrove (PDF 21 KB)  ca3f8aa7-0b6c-4e90-adda-57843aaaab27~32204
19Growcom (PDF 391 KB)  64ef60a6-57cf-4d62-86d0-41aafe481909~32178
20Mr Mark Wilkinson (PDF 79 KB)  d039f601-110a-4ec0-a589-df4d8c96b82e~32185

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An inquiry into the Implications of the restriction on the use of fenthion on Australia’s horticultural industry

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