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1Copenhagen Consensus Center (PDF 125 KB)  d81d6af9-b7b9-43e2-bbcd-4a4cc2aab224~31865
2Professor Sir Richard Feachem (PDF 449 KB)  8c5a57e9-dfea-4cdf-9cc4-1c0987a20381~31973
3Mr Brian Knowles AM, Rotary PolioPlus (PDF 2834 KB)  8b3b3e8c-61e6-42bb-a336-8a65a408249e~32182
4Burnet Institute (PDF 227 KB)  60b1e59f-1b15-431f-aee7-da9132645b1f~32332
5Business Council of Australia (PDF 413 KB)  057d6e60-9fbd-48a4-85f7-afcf893c4514~32354
6World Food Programme (PDF 2890 KB)  db18c20d-4ba4-435f-a7f3-74735a44fef5~32356
7ChildFund Australia (PDF 308 KB)  e7519b60-038e-4ead-889f-f9b2a7b4ed95~32321
8Oaktree (PDF 114 KB)  1541806d-c400-40b3-8eaf-a5b6415c1af5~32355
9International Women’s Development Agency (PDF 188 KB)  f1a85780-0d60-44c6-9b6d-da5d5b6e9033~32383
10Mr John Redgment (PDF 35 KB)  a4a72f59-388e-44b9-92a9-0381e4e95a96~32427
11Centre for Independent Studies (PDF 184 KB)  5b81581f-8e94-4cd6-9db2-dd1bee3d894c~32428
12Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) (PDF 194 KB)  58f5115a-8e5d-4370-8c3c-76a0ac5184a1~32429
13Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (PDF 518 KB)  b81f997f-1d88-4b01-ac08-7e29c5b26eb2~32376
14International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (PDF 132 KB)  5e3cf7b6-a1e7-4930-9e2d-4fcafdaecce2~32395
15Vision 2020 Australia (PDF 1127 KB)  dd31b8aa-9786-48d6-9607-d39f412393d8~32415
16CBM Australia (PDF 1202 KB)  075d5f0e-daa9-414f-8084-bf3e0be7b5b9~32423
17Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 282 KB)  866c155e-8d3a-4ed9-bdeb-ca660f49aac8~32431
18Mr David Guy (PDF 86 KB)  460b13b7-5ccb-41d1-9cc3-8256c44527ec~32432
19Medicines for Malaria Venture and Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (PDF 141 KB)  cf68a5f0-14c4-4555-a0ff-281adc3dbd4d~32440
20Professor Kim Mulholland (PDF 51 KB)  39826984-41e4-4210-8002-0d0633de51b5~32434

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