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1Early Learning Association Australia (PDF 1204 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 449 KB)  71a75ae2-5252-4a4c-8c48-7333664cd506~32662|3cf301ef-a8be-41c4-bc09-4f88fa0778eb~32662
2Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 14170 KB)  25ea51fe-437d-4b0b-9c13-349d99efba61~32753
3East Brunswick Kindergarten and Childcare (PDF 282 KB)  2f1d858e-3844-4a34-bf49-846ecc59ad15~205118
4Family Day Care Australia (PDF 4973 KB)  (PDF 35 KB)  8bfd5f22-54f5-40e8-94b8-ba982a63dd5d~205102|44fd42a7-f03e-448f-99a6-329576f96ee5~205102
5City of Boroondara (PDF 12970 KB)  db0acdb5-7cd8-4581-9822-97e5e27dca61~205338
6SDN Children's Services (PDF 151 KB)  fed57f9d-ff96-4eea-b691-b89102d1aa65~205426
7United Voice (PDF 27556 KB)  (PDF 766 KB)  feeed491-e2e2-4e68-a0b2-52dbb3123242~205467|1d83a7c0-5d4c-4963-abc6-07f6ea30d8cc~205467
8The Benevolent Society (PDF 324 KB)  30140872-866e-4481-be60-f9704686aabc~205530
9Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (PDF 203 KB)  d853bc6d-e375-4119-95e6-a6ada0d417f3~205531
10BPW Australia (PDF 702 KB)  2becb4d9-c5ca-4867-bdfd-b33fbe01fca5~205559
11The Creche & Kindergarten Association Limited (PDF 2772 KB)  aeb654da-927f-4503-ae1f-8a468287d571~205580
12Early Childhood Australia (PDF 1698 KB)  8d870d97-64c9-4b5e-a696-1f908fcd5fd4~205583
13Australian Childcare Alliance (PDF 7530 KB)  aac89f06-2cae-4bfe-b84d-889987844fe9~205584
14Australian Services Union (PDF 129 KB)  c826e994-c04f-4c18-b0f0-62afb8f9720c~205586
15Unions NSW (PDF 544 KB)  (PDF 196 KB)  b5abec09-c0f3-448d-a964-98418bf1183a~205798|46333461-cfef-4394-91e0-fbbbb51e33e5~205798
16UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families (PDF 9707 KB)  ff832d90-8d3e-43b6-9399-63a5cd6e6258~205800
17Australian Industry Group (PDF 3103 KB)  a86aacfb-d4a5-4dd3-aa41-e62abe584786~205805
18National In Home Child Care Association (PDF 306 KB)  949de44d-980e-442a-bd8f-a7db88a11bf2~206470
19Department of Education (PDF 869 KB)  56fbf374-5d50-4e28-a381-4ae99744e871~206482
20Goodstart Early Learning (PDF 741 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 11594 KB)  edbdac6e-f079-4a0b-8672-8938500c8a54~206835|8e35d96b-678b-432f-b716-593ea22ef8af~206835

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About this inquiry

An inquiry into the immediate future of the childcare sector in Australia.

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