Terms of Reference

  1. the extent of income inequality in Australia and the rate at which income inequality is increasing in our community; 
  2. the impact of income inequality on access to health, housing, education and work in Australia, and on the quality of the outcomes achieved; 
  3. the specific impacts of inequality on disadvantaged groups within the community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, older job seekers, people living with a disability or mental illness, refugees, single parents, those on a low income, people at risk of poverty in retirement as well as the relationship between gender and inequality; 
  4. the likely impact of Government policies on current and future rates of inequality particularly the changes proposed in the 2014-15 Budget; 
  5. the principles that should underpin the provision of social security payments in Australia; and 
  6. the practical measures that could be implemented by Governments to address inequality, particularly appropriate and adequate income support payments.

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