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1Centre for Citizenship and Globalization, Deakin University (PDF 98 KB)  a6992c7e-2f76-4a96-bba1-35d3d79ab93f~251856
2Professor Fethi Mansouri, PhD  (PDF 151 KB)  9c109d61-d805-482b-aa2d-144c4df4c319~252405
3International Air Services Commission (PDF 1165 KB)  1c47b73a-6885-4675-a0e6-36b236515341~252400
4Bank of Sydney Ltd (PDF 139 KB)  0ecbcf21-5033-464d-af6e-dd3db3aff097~252675
5Arab Bank Australia (PDF 1517 KB)  520bcc66-2816-4f45-88ae-1da87de878d8~252608
6Commercial Office, Consulate General of Egypt (PDF 144 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 880 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 661 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 1101 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 6176 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 674 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 34838 KB) 
7Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East & Central Asia) ANU (PDF 59 KB)  cd9814c7-da35-4538-96f1-90048b66909a~252681
9Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 526 KB)  755d8b45-63e7-41da-9ec2-a5ac81526133~252695
10Australian Food And Grocery Council (PDF 356 KB)  1b3577e0-1dad-4123-b716-16c36a8dc062~252697
11The University of Sydney (PDF 348 KB)  efcde811-6854-461b-b902-4434ff291402~252699
12CSIRO (PDF 140 KB)  4b4267bd-2d97-44ba-a30b-7e2dbefd3404~252700
13Export Council of Australia (ECA) (PDF 2189 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 3411 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 101 KB) 
14Mr Jawad Chafil (PDF 83 KB)  352c21b9-1ae6-4f57-92cb-77285533f605~252719
15Maranoa Regional Council  (PDF 10027 KB)  1e51132d-29a3-45a5-9bf3-3ebfc1ea7bb3~252698
16Australian Livestock Exporters' Council  (PDF 814 KB)  2ecb3dff-22c3-4620-b9ba-c4bef37a4a0b~252701
17Dearin & Associates (PDF 276 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 433 KB) 
18The Links Group (PDF 229 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 119 KB) 
19Sheepmeat Council of Australia (PDF 244 KB)  94c37e63-707e-4985-a9dd-bc4ec8bb8384~252800
20Qantas Airways Limited (PDF 2089 KB)  51fb6264-6396-4409-a9ba-485c29509ca6~252807

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About this inquiry

The Trade Sub-Committee will examine opportunities to expand on the billions of dollars in trade and investment between Australia and the countries of the Middle East. Refer to the terms of reference for more information.

Past Public Hearings

13 May 2015: Canberra, ACT
25 Mar 2015: Canberra, ACT
18 Mar 2015: Canberra, ACT


Inquiry Status

Accepting Submissions, Public Hearings Underway

How to make a submission

The committee invites individuals and organisations to send in their opinions and proposals in writing (submissions)


If you require any special arrangements to enable you to participate in the Committee's inquiry, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

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