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Inquiry into the Arrangements Surrounding Crimes Committed at Sea

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Submissions are being progressively added to the website. The list below includes only those submissions published to date. Please check these pages again for further updates.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 22 submission in the following list.

    1. Murdoch University - Dr Kate Lewins (PDF 336KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 618KB)

    2. Mr John O'Brien and Ms Strahan (PDF 51KB)

    3. Holiday Travel Watch (PDF 2,325KB)

    4. International Chamber of Shipping (PDF 343KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 78KB)
      Attachment B (PDF 229KB)

    5. Dr Jill Poulston (PDF 78KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 134KB)

    6. Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (PDF 454KB)

    7. Commissioner for Victims' Rights, South Australia (PDF 133KB)
      7.1 - Supplementary Submission - Commissioner for Victims' Rights, South Australia (PDF 123KB)

    8. Australian National Council on Drugs (PDF 117KB)

    9. Carnival Australia (PDF 9564KB)
      9.1 - Supplementary Submission (PDF 105KB)
      9.2 - Supplementary Submission (PDF 186KB)

    10. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 69KB)

    11. International Cruise Council Australasia (PDF 47KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 134KB)
      Attachment B (PDF 134KB)
      Attachment C (PDF 134KB)

    12. International Cruise Victims Association (PDF 2,130KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 9,058KB)
      Attachment B
      12.1 - Supplementary Submission (PDF 174KB)
      Supplementary Attachment A (PDF 3565KB)
      Supplementary Attachment B (PDF 1053KB)
      Supplementary Attachment C

      12.2 - Supplementary Submission (PDF 1082KB)

    13. Australian Shipowners Association (PDF 334KB)

    14. Department of Infrastructure and Transport (PDF 1,281KB)

    15. Northern Territory Attorney-General (PDF 1,115KB)

    16. Queensland Government (PDF 473KB)

    17. NSW State Coroner (PDF 792KB)

    18. WA State Coroner (PDF 2,446KB)

    19. Tasmanian Police (PDF 228KB)

    20. New South Wales Police (PDF 979KB)
      Attachment A (PDF 1929KB)

    21. South Australia Police (PDF 757KB)

    22. Attorney-General's Department (PDF 777KB)
      22.1 - Supplementary Submission (PDF 10,147KB)

    23. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (PDF 2,207KB)

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