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I thank all members for their contributions to the work of the Committee. I especially thank Senator Judith Troeth and Mr John Forrest MP, my Deputy Chairs over the past year, for their assistance and guidance. I also thank all staff of the Committee Secretariat.

Ms Janelle Saffin MP


Membership of the Committee

43rd Parliament Membership


Ms Janelle Saffin MP



Senator the Hon Judith Troeth (until 30/6/11)

Deputy Chair until 30/6/11


Mr John Forrest MP

Deputy Chair from 7/7/11


Mrs Karen Andrews MP

Senator Gavin Marshall (until 30/6/11)


Senator Sue Boyce (from 20/9/11)

Mr Bernie Ripoll MP (until 14/3/12)


Senator Michael Forshaw (until 30/6/11)

Mr Patrick Secker MP (from 10/5/11)


Senator Alex Gallacher (from 1/7/11)

Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP (until 24/3/11)


Mr Steve Georganas MP

Senator Anne Urquhart (from 1/7/11)


Ms Jill Hall MP (from 14/3/12)






Committee Secretariat



Dr Alison Clegg

Inquiry Secretary

Mr Anthony OversĀ 

Senior Research Officers

Mrs Renee Toy
Mr Thomas Gregory

Administrative Officer

Mrs Fiona McCann





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