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Appendix 1 Response by Mr Brian McCarty to remarks made by the Member for Leichhardt

On 17 September 2012 the Member for Leichhardt, Mr Warren Entsch MP, made a speech in the House of Representatives which identified me by name, and included false statements about me. This is my submission under the ‘Right of Reply’ process.

Mr Entsch referred to a satirical political blog website in Cairns called that has criticised politicians and other public figures in Cairns, and he erroneously and inappropriately linked it to me.

Mr Entsch also stated that I had attempted two web ventures, ‘ and’, both of which he said he had been told turned out badly.

In relation to Coral Sea Studios this is untrue. Coral Sea Studios Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company that was never a ‘web’ venture. It was an attempt to develop a world-class recording studio complex in Cairns in 2000-2001, and again at Mr Entsch’s encouragement in 2005 as demonstrated by a letter of support signed by Mr Entsch in 2005. The 2001 effort foundered when the 9/11 tragedy occurred in the USA.

In 2005, Mr Entsch attempted to encourage us to proceed again with the Coral Sea Studios venture, promising support that never materialised. These professionals would never have invested money and reputation in this venture if they were concerned about the ethics of the managing director.

There is no such venture anywhere listed as ‘’.

Contrary to Mr Entsch’s remarks, I have no ‘former associates’ that have issued any advice to Mr Entsch about ‘attempted investment fraud using fake website content and stolen identities’. This is false and I object to any suggestion that I have ever done anything illegal or immoral.

I do not work at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream franchise on the Cairns Esplanade as guest relations manager as claimed by Mr Entsch.

Suggestions made by Mr Entsch that I have a ‘severe personality disorder’ are also untrue. I am active in various technical and standards committees in the film and TV industry, to the delight of my colleagues. My 20+ years as a sound engineer at the highest levels of filmmaking in Hollywood, including as part of the sound team on three pictures nominated for ‘Best Sound’ at the Oscars, is legendary. And I continue to make contributions to the entertainment industry on behalf of Australia, as a proud Australian.


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