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Review of administration and expenditure: No. 9 - Australian Intelligence Agencies

13 June 2012

© Commonwealth of Australia 2012
ISBN 978-0-642-79550-2 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79551-9 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages (PDF 120KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 67KB)
Chapter 2 Administration (PDF 195KB)

Organisation of agency structure
Impact on agencies of recent legislative changes
Human resource management within the agencies
Workplace diversity
Training and development
Linguistic skills
Separation rates and retention strategies
Retention strategies
Security issues
Cyber security
Security clearances
Visa Security Assessments
ASIO personnel Security Assessments
Counter-terrorism security assessments
Breaches of security
Staff surveys
Other agencies
Performance management and evaluation
Organisational performance management
Individual performance management
Issues raised by the IGIS
Archives-related complaints

Chapter 3 Expenditure (PDF 135KB)

The efficiency dividend
Submission from the ANAO
Budget Growth
Recruitment costs
Training costs
Financial governance systems
Fraud control and risk management

Chapter 4 Interoperability (PDF 85KB)

The National Intelligence Coordination Committee
The National Intelligence Collection Management Committee
The National Intelligence Open Source Committee
The National Threat Assessment Centre
National Interception Technical Assistance Centre
The Cyber Security Operations Centre

Appendix A – List of Submissions (PDF 41KB)
Appendix B – Witnesses appearing at hearings (PDF 54KB)

Private hearing
Public hearing

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