House of Representatives Committees


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Penelope Upward (PDF 650KB)
2 James Conner (PDF 235KB)
3 Professor Mads Gaardboe (PDF 50KB)
4 Ian De Landelles (PDF 79KB)
5 Wayne Stokes (PDF 102KB)
6 National Trust of Australia (ACT) (PDF 245KB)
7 Ian Meikle AM (PDF 71KB)
8 Canberra Community Action on Acton Incorporated (PDF 217KB)
9 National Capital Planning Commission (USA) (PDF 89KB)
10 David Bagnall (PDF 160KB)
11 Brett Odgers (PDF 165KB)
12 Australia International Council on Monuments and Sites (PDF 310KB)
13 National Australia Day Council (PDF 67KB)
14 North Canberra Community Council (PDF 213KB)
15 Planning Institute of Australia ACT Division (PDF 495KB)
16 Jim Murphy, AM (PDF 212KB)
17 Save the Ridge Inc (PDF 579KB)
18 The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (PDF 128KB)
19 Douglas and Ann Darbyshire (PDF 311KB)
20 Bruce Wright (PDF 1,073KB)
21 The Housing Industry Association (PDF 1,106KB)
22 The Cultural Facilities Corporation (PDF 161KB)
23 ACT Heritage Council (PDF 149KB)
24 Malcolm Smith (PDF 646KB)
25 Brian Binning (PDF 1,274KB)
26 The Property Council of Australia (PDF 248KB)
27 National Capital Authority (PDF 6,033KB)
28 Kerrie Tucker MLA (PDF 278KB)
29 The Institution of Engineers, Australia (PDF 156KB)
30 Sir Lenox Hewitt (PDF 131KB)
31 ACT Government (PDF 325KB)
32 Canberra Business Council (PDF 251KB)
33 Tony Powell, AO (PDF 385KB)
34 Australian National University (PDF 125KB)
35 SUPPLEMENTARY David Bagnall (PDF 227KB)
36 Doug Barton (PDF 64KB)
37 Australian Sports Commission (PDF 138KB)
38 National Capital Commission Ottawa, Canada (PDF 169KB)
39 William Fraser (PDF 1,038KB)
40 School of Music, University of Michigan (PDF 71KB)
41 Department of Music, University of California (PDF 74KB)
42 Canberra International Airport (PDF 144KB)
43 Supplementary Canberra Community Action on Acton Incorporated (PDF 346KB)
44 Magnet Mart Pty Ltd (PDF 87KB)
45 ACT Sustainable Rural Lands Group Inc (PDF 199KB)
46 Canberra Property Owners Association Ltd (PDF 100KB)
47 Supplementary Brett Odgers (PDF 73KB)
48 Cotter Road Landcare Group Incorporated (PDF 48KB)
49 Supplementary ACT Government (PDF 1,797KB)
50 Planning the ACT Together (PDF 787KB)
51 State Circle Developments (PDF 225KB)
52 Robert Pastrello (PDF 125KB)
53 Residents of Canterbury and Somers Crescents (PDF 287KB)
54 Supplementary National Capital Authority (PDF 1,399KB)
55 Royal Australian Institute of Architects (PDF 238KB)

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