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In performing its duties the JCPAA works closely with the Auditor-General and the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO). The Auditor-General provides the Parliament with an independent view of the performance and financial standing of public sector agencies. To help ensure the independence of the Auditor-General, the JCPAA Act empowers the Committee to consider and make recommendations to the Parliament on the annual draft budget estimates of the ANAO. Prior to the federal budget, the Auditor-General provides a series of briefings to the Committee on the ANAO’s expected requirements each year. The Chair of the Committee makes a statement to the House of Representatives, on budget day, outlining whether the Committee believes the ANAO has been given sufficient funding to carry out its functions. A corresponding statement is delivered to the Senate by one of the Committee’s Government Senators.



  • Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Statement by the JCPAA on the 2012-13 Draft Estimates for the ANAO (PDF 71KB)





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