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Appendix C – Public Hearing

Friday, 24 May 2013 – CANBERRA


Department of Finance and Deregulation

Mr David Tune, Secretary

Dr Stein Helgeby, Deputy Secretary, Financial Management Group

              Mr Lembit Suur, First Assistant Secretary, Financial Framework

              Mr George Sotiropoulos, Assistant Secretary, Governance


Australian National Audit Office

              Mr Ian McPhee, Auditor-General

              Dr Tom Ioannou, Group Executive Director, Performance Audit Services Group

Mr Russell Coleman, Senior Director, Professional Services Branch


Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

              Professor John McMillan, Australian Information Commissioner


Australian War Memorial

              Ms Rhonda Adler, Assistant Director and Branch Head, Corporate Services

              Ms Leanne Patterson, Chief Finance Officer


National Gallery of Australia

              Mr David Perceval, Chief Financial Officer


Special Broadcasting Service Corporation

              Ms Lesley Power, General Counsel

              Mr Jonathan Torpy, Chief Financial Officer


Australian Broadcasting Corporation

              Mr David Pendleton, Chief Operating Officer

              Mr Robert Simpson, Director Legal and Business Affairs


Indigenous Business Australia

Mr Chris Fry, Chief Executive Officer

              Mr Satish Kumar, Chief Financial Officer

              Ms Kirsty Gowans, General Counsel


UnitingCare Australia

              Mr Joseph Zabar, Director Services Sustainability

              Mr James Mein AM, National Coordinator, ACNC and NFP Reforms Responses


Institute of Chartered Accountants

              Mr Yasser El-Ansary, General Manager Leadership and Quality



Professor Kerry Jacobs

Professorial Fellow Bill Burmester

              Mr Stephen Bartos


Australian Public Service Commission

Mr Stephen Sedgwick, Australian Public Service Commissioner

Ms Karin Fisher, Group Manager, Ethics

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