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Bridging the Dental Gap: Report on the inquiry into adult dental services

17 June 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013
ISBN 978-1-74366-069-0 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-1-74366-070-6 (HTML version)

View the report as a single document - (PDF 566KB)

View the report as separate downloadable parts:

Preliminary Pages (PDF 111KB)

Membership of the Committee
Committee Secretariat
Terms of reference
List of recommendations

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 95KB)

Referral and scope of the inquiry
Conduct of the inquiry
Committee comment
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 Dental Services in Australia (PDF 119KB)

Factors associated with poor dental and oral health
Responsibility for adult dental services
Overview of Commonwealth dental policy
Commonwealth support for dental services
Dental Reform Package
Committee comment

Chapter 3 Priority areas for adult dental services (PDF 227KB)

Priority populations
Low-income earners
The elderly
People with a disability
Indigenous Australians
Remote, rural and regional residents
People with chronic disease
Committee comment
Workforce distribution
Scope of practice
Public/private interface
Committee comment
Mix and coverage of services
Preventive services
Committee comment

Chapter 4 Adult Dental Services National Partnership Agreement framework - Maintenance of effort (PDF 220KB)

Committee comment
Committee comment
Accountability and reporting
Committee comment
Consistency across jurisdictions
Committee comment
Sustainable funding
Committee Comment
A coordinated approach
Committee comment
A strategic approach
Committee comment

Appendix A – List of submissions (PDF 44KB)
Appendix B – List of public hearings and participants (PDF 63KB)

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