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Inquiry into Dementia: Early diagnosis and Intervention

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 112 submissions and 7 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Greypath Pty Ltd (PDF 23KB)

  2. Em (NSW) (PDF 134KB)

  3. Victorian Office of the Public Advocate (PDF 273KB)

  4. Professor Philip Morris (PDF 32KB)

  5. Dr John Ward (PDF 99KB)

  6. Professor Jillian Kril (PDF 153KB)

  7. Frontline Care Solutions (PDF 278KB)

  8. Danijela (Tas) (PDF 100KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 008 - Submission 008.1 (PDF 124KB)

  9. Home Instead Senior Care (PDF 156KB)

  10. Life Activities Clubs Victoria Inc (PDF 57KB)

  11. Ms Dianne Stewart (PDF 86KB)

  12. Leo (Tas) (PDF 28KB)

  13. Associate Professor Mark Yates (PDF 33KB)

  14. Community Dementia Service, Primary Health North (PDF 771KB)

  15. Jenie (SA) (PDF 36KB)

  16. Mr Tim Tierney (PDF 58KB)

  17. DutchCare Ltd (PDF 29KB)

  18. Gloria (NSW) (PDF 188KB)

  19. Robert (WA) (PDF 37KB)

  20. Jenny (SA) (PDF 31KB)

  21. MAC.ART (PDF 289KB)

  22. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicines (PDF 778KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 022 - Submission 022.1 (PDF 103KB)

  23. Queensland Health (PDF 839KB)

  24. Multicultural Communities Council of SA (PDF 91KB)

  25. Benetas (PDF 58KB)

  26. Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies, Charles Sturt University (PDF 316KB)

  27. Townsville Health Service District (PDF 175KB)

  28. The College of Nursing (PDF 1,442KB)

  29. Life Care (PDF 4,569KB)

  30. Coralie (Tas) (PDF 28KB)

  31. Consumers Health Forum of Australia (PDF 337KB)

  32. National Cross Cultural Dementia Network (PDF 146KB)

  33. Baptistcare Inc (PDF 51KB)

  34. CSIRO (PDF 10,063KB)

  35. Alzheimer's Australia (Vic) (PDF 373KB)

  36. National Rural Health Alliance Inc (PDF 143KB)

  37. Alzheimer's Australia (Tas) (PDF 345KB)

  38. Australian Women's Health Network and Community Vision (PDF 110KB)

  39. Cognitive Dementia and Memory Services Victoria (PDF 139KB)

  40. Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health (PDF 209KB)

  41. Tasmanian Government Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (PDF 1,585KB)


  43. National Disability Services (PDF 287KB)

  44. Alzheimer's Australia (National Office) (PDF 571KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 044 - Submission 044.1 (PDF 636KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 044 - Submission 044.2 (PDF 195KB)

  45. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (PDF 111KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 045 - Submission 045.1 (PDF 1,094KB)

  46. Dr Fiona Bardenhagen (PDF 73KB)

  47. Aged and Community Services Australia (PDF 1,650KB)

  48. Minister's Dementia Advisory Group (PDF 289KB)

  49. Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 4,398KB)

  50. Australian Psychological Society (PDF 402KB)

  51. Blue Care (PDF 182KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 051 - Submission 051.1 (PDF 81KB)

  52. Ms Denise Chaston and Ms Kylie Wood (PDF 206KB)

  53. Brotherhood of St Laurence (PDF164KB)

  54. Eli Lilly Australia Pty Limited (PDF 1,159KB)

  55. ECH Inc; Eldercare Inc; and Resthaven Inc (PDF 703KB)

  56. Law Council of Australia (PDF 113KB)

  57. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PDF 225KB)

  58. Baptcare (PDF 225KB)

  59. National Ageing Research Institute (PDF 163KB)

  60. Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing (PDF 290KB)

  61. Royal College of Nursing (PDF 3,828KB)

  62. Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (PDF 278KB)

  63. KinCare (PDF 792KB)

  64. Darebin Council (PDF 38KB)

  65. Launceston General Hospital Memory Disorders Clinic (PDF 1,908KB)

  66. Dr Ross Colquhoun (PDF 52KB)

  67. The Australian Association of Gerontology Inc (PDF 162KB)

  68. Silver Chain Nursing Association Inc. (PDF 74KB)

  69. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 860KB)

  70. Associate Professor Victoria Traynor; Ms Loren Devries; Ms Jenny Fares; and Ms Arlene Pilkington (PDF 175KB)

  71. Financial Services Council Ltd (PDF 159KB)

  72. Fronditha Care (PDF 245KB)

  73. Dr Jennifer Torr (PDF 132KB)

  74. Speech Pathology Australia (PDF 283KB)

  75. Doutta Galla Community Health (PDF 163KB)

  76. Australian Guardianship and Administration Council (PDF 130KB)

  77. Ms Kate Swaffer (PDF 618KB)

  78. Royal District Nursing Services Ltd (PDF 232KB)

  79. Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 69KB)

  80. Carers Australia (PDF 387KB)

  81. Mercy Health (PDF 566KB)

  82. COTA Australia (PDF 395KB)

  83. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (PDF 230KB)

  84. Aged Care Association Australia Ltd (PDF 1,671KB)

  85. NSW HACC Issues Forum (PDF 308KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 085 -Submission 085.1 (PDF 137KB)

  86. HammondCare (PDF 70KB)

  87. Australian General Practice Network (PDF 379KB)

  88. National Stroke Foundation (PDF 124KB)

  89. Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 123KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 089 - Submission (PDF 089.1 2,834KB)

  90. Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs (PDF 839KB)

  91. South Australian Government (PDF 64KB)

  92. Alzheimer's Australia NSW (PDF 81KB)

  93. Dr Carmel Lum (PDF 167KB)

  94. Dr Paul Goldstraw (PDF 92KB)

  95. NSW Government Department of Health (PDF 603KB)

  96. Mental Health Research Institute (PDF 3315KB)

  97. Margaret Pozzebon (PDF 180KB)

  98. Kym Torresi, Dr Bronwyn Moorhouse and Dr Amanda Scott (PDF 107KB)

  99. East Lake Macquarie Dementia Service Inc (PDF 496KB)

  100. Cecilia (NSW) (PDF 238KB)

  101. Jill (NSW) (PDF 217KB)

  102. Woy Woy Community Aged Care (PDF 95KB)

  103. Central Coast Local Health District (PDF 358KB)

  104. Community Care Services - Central Coast Ltd (PDF 404KB)

  105. Reliance Medical Practice and Reliance GP Super Clinic (PDF 725KB)

  106. Dementia Care Services (PDF 1402KB)

  107. Kimberley Aged and Community Services (PDF 81KB)

  108. Professor Balakrishnan (Kichu) R Nair AM (PDF 148KB)

  109. Dr Barbara Horner (PDF 1468KB)

  110. Life Care (PDF 1135KB)

  111. Mr Garry Leith, Mrs Raelene Schilling, Mrs Joy Whitehorn (PDF 1824KB)

  112. Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc (PDF 726KB)


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