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Thinking ahead: Report on the inquiry into dementia; early diagnosis and intervention

24 June 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013
ISBN 978-1-74366-098-0 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-1-74366-099-7 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages (PDF 128KB)

Membership of the Committee
Committee Secretariat
Terms of reference
List of recommendations

Chapter 1 Conduct and context of the inquiry (PDF 171KB)

Referral and conduct of the inquiry
Context of the inquiry
Relevant policy inquiries and reports
Australian Government policy frameworks
Dementia as a health priority
National Framework for Action on Dementia (NFAD)
Living Longer. Living Better. – aged care reform package
Scope of the inquiry
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 Dementia in Australia – demographics and services (PDF 198KB)

Impact of dementia
What is dementia?
Signs and symptoms of dementia
Prevalence of dementia
Data limitations
Ageing Australia and demand for services
Dementia services and supports
Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Primary care and acute care services
Community aged care services
National Dementia Support Program
State/territory governments and the non-government sector

Chapter 3 Awareness (PDF 226KB)

Lack of community awareness
Raising greater awareness of dementia
Awareness for General Practitioners (and other health professionals)

Chapter 4 Diagnosis (PDF 291KB)

What is ‘early’ or ‘timely’ diagnosis?
Benefits of timely diagnosis
How is a diagnosis of dementia obtained?
Screening tests
Screening challenges
Targeted screening for dementia?
Future planning
Legal barriers
Awareness about future planning

Chapter 5 Barriers to diagnosis (PDF 204KB)

Who can make a diagnosis of dementia?
Barriers to diagnosis in primary care
Barriers to specialist diagnosis
Diagnosis in a multi-disciplinary practice
Barriers to diagnosis in acute care

Chapter 6 Post-diagnosis (PDF 242KB)

Referral pathways
Navigating the pathway
Referral process
Coordinating pathways
A multi-disciplinary approach
Dementia link worker
How dementia care services can improve quality of life
Dementia management in acute care
Accessible and flexible services

Chapter 7 A dementia friendly future (PDF 211KB)

Preventing dementia
Lifestyle factors
Mental activity and social engagement
Dementia research
Committee comment
Dementia friendly communities

Appendix A – List of submissions (PDF 61KB)
Appendix B – List of exhibits (PDF 75KB)
Appendix C – List of public hearings (PDF 90KB)

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