House of Representatives Committees

Appendix C – List of hearings and witnesses


Thursday, 26 May 2005 - Canberra

Department of Education, Science and Training

Mr Bill Burmester, Deputy Secretary

Ms Robyn Cooper, Director, Early Childhood and Schools Team (Indigenous Education)

Mr Scott Lambert, Director, Future Schooling and Teacher Workforce

Dr Trish Mercer, Branch Manager, Quality Schooling Branch

Ms Nicole Panting, Director, Quality Teaching and School Leadership

Ms Margaret Sykes, Branch Manager, Enterprise and Career Development Branch

Ms Di Weddell, Branch Manager, Performance and Targeted Programmes Branch

Thursday, 2 June 2005 - Canberra

Australian Secondary Principals Association

Mr Ted Brierley, President

Mr John See, Canberra Representative and ASPA Executive

Ms Wendy Teasdale-Smith, Vice President

Tuesday, 7 June 2005 - Melbourne

Association of Independent Schools of Victoria

Mr Alan Ross, Deputy Chair, Board of Management

Ms Kerri Knopp, Director, Strategic Relations

Ms Aine Maher, Director, Teaching and Learning

Australian Council for Educational Research

Dr Lawrence Ingvarson, Research Director, Teaching and Learning Program

Australian Education Union

Mr Raymond Cavenagh, AEU Representative

Ms Jenni Devereaux, Acting Research Officer

La Trobe University, Faculty of Education

Dr Damon Cartledge, Senior Lecturer; Coordinator, Adult, Vocational and Technology Education

Dr Peta Heywood, Coordinator, Pre-Service Teacher Education

Dr Bernard Neville, Associate Professor of Education

Associate Professor Vaughan Prain, Deputy Dean and Head of School

Dr Jennifer Sheed, Associate Dean (Academic)

Dr Stephen Tobias, Deputy Head of School, School of Education

Monash University, Faculty of Education

Mrs Jennifer Brown, Coordinator Pre-Service Programs

Dr Deborah Corrigan, Associate Dean (Teaching)

Professor Jeffrey Loughran, Associate Dean, Professor of Curriculum and Professional Practice

Dr Joce Nuttall, Senior Lecturer

University of Melbourne, Faculty of Education

Dr Roderick Fawns, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Raymond Misson, Head, Department of Language, Literature and Arts Education

Dr Julianne Moss , Head, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Professor Kaye Stacey, Foundation Professor of Mathematics Education

Associate Professor Christine Ure, Associate Dean (Academic)

Victoria University, School of Education

Dr Marcelle Cacciattolo, Lecturer

Dr Brenda Cherednichenko, Head

Dr William Eckersley, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Tony Kruger, Chair, Pre-Service Portfolio

Mr Rodney Moore, Co-ordinator, Career Change Program

VISTA - Association of VET Professionals

Mr Anthony Bailey, Executive Committee Member

Ms Virginia Saint-James, Executive Member

Ms Judith Veal, President

Mr Andrew Williamson, Vice President

Student Forum

University of Melbourne Victoria University

Mr Nicholas Baxter Ms Shanta Dries

Ms Sarah Crinall Mr Andrew Free

Miss Tobey Henry Mr Jonathon Hannett

Miss Sarah Jones Ms Megan Lawrie

Ms Kimberly Lea Mrs Julie Panayiotou

Mr Charles Mercovich Mr Benjamin Sacco

Mr Matthew Norman Miss Zahra Zafar

Ms Michelle Radcliffe

Miss Laura Spencer

Wednesday, 8 June 2005 - Geelong

Connell Skilbeck International Education Research and Consultancy

Dr Helen Connell, Director

Professor Malcolm Skilbeck, Director

Deakin University, Faculty of Education

Professor Chris Bigum, Head, School of Scientific and Development Studies

Ms Wendy Brabham, Director, Institute of Koori Education

Mrs Gillian Burgess, Faculty Registrar

Dr Coral Campbell, Lecturer

Professor Shirley Grundy, Dean

Dr Catherine Harris, Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael Kavanagh, Lecturer

Mr Alan Marshall, Lecturer

Mr Russell Matthews, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Judy Mousley, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Ms Patricia Reid, School Experience Coordinator

Professor Nita Temmerman, Head of School

Ms Julia Walsh, Lecturer

Dr Simone White, Lecturer

Student Forum - Deakin University

Miss Jane Brewer Mrs Geraldine Couch

Miss Emma Crew Mr Guy Knight

Ms Sarah Kovacs Miss Claire Marnock

Ms Alexandra McCann Miss Rachael Nuske

Miss Laura Payne

Tuesday, 5 July 2005 - Noosa

Central Queensland University, Noosa

Mrs Isabelle Biss

Mr Peter Bradford, Principal, Cooroora Secondary College

Councillor Lew Brennan, Chair, Education Working Party, Noosa Shire Council

Mrs Trish Gray, Learning Manager, Head of Curriculum and Acting Deputy Principal, Tewantin State School

Mr Robert Grover, Principal, Tewantin State School

Dr David Lynch, Head and Subdean, Faculty of Education and Creative Arts

Mr Robin McAlpine, Executive Director, Schools, Nambour Education District

Ms Kate McDonald, Year 1 Classroom Teacher, Tewantin State School

Ms Kim O'Sullivan, Year 1 Classroom Teacher, Tewantin State School

Professor Richard Smith, Dean, Faculty of Education and Creative Arts

Mr David Turner, Chair, CQU Noosa Steering Committee, and Principal, Kenilworth State School

Mrs Heidi Wise, Year 5 Classroom Teacher, Tewantin State School

Wednesday, 6 July 2005 - Brisbane

Board of Teacher Registration, Queensland

Dr Graeme Hall, Principal Adviser

Mrs Jill Manitzky, Senior Education Officer, Professional Education and Review

Mrs Leonie Shaw, Acting Director

Brisbane Catholic Education

Ms Carmel Wallace, Acting Manager, Employee Development

Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Ms Amanda Bell, Principal

Queensland Department of Education and the Arts

Mr Gary Barnes, Assistant Director-General, Strategic Human Resources and Learning

Ms Jenny Cranston, Deputy Director-General, Education Queensland

Ms Lesley Englert, Assistant Director-General, Curriculum, Education Queensland

Mr Kenneth Smith, Director-General

Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of Catholic Schools of Queensland

Mr Paul Dickie, Executive Officer

Griffith University, Faculty of Education

Associate Professor Brendan Bartlett, Head of School, School of Cognition Language and Special Education

Professor Neil Dempster, Dean

Dr Howard Middleton, Head, School of Vocational, Technology and Arts Education

Dr Cheryl Sim, Senior Lecturer, Convenor of Secondary Graduate Entry Program for Pre-Service Teachers

Queensland Catholic Education Commission

Mrs Mandy Anderson, Executive Officer, Education

Mr Garry Everett, Executive Director, Education

Mrs Dianne Reardon, Executive Director, Education

Queensland Consortium for Professional Learning in Education

Mr Bill Brown, Chair, Consortium Executive Committee

Ms Marilyn Cole, Executive Committee Secretariat

Ms Lesley McFarlane, Executive Committee Member

Queensland University of Technology, Faculty of Education

Dr Ian Macpherson, Director, Academic Programs

Professor Sandra McLean, Dean of Education

Professor Wendy Patton, Head of School, Learning and Professional Studies


Professor Tania Aspland

Thursday, 7 July 2005 - Brisbane

A.D.D. Association, Queensland

Dr Stephen Dossel, President

Mrs Helen Dossel, Secretary

Queensland Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Dr Karen Dooley, Secretary

Queensland Teachers' Union

Ms Lesley McFarlane, Research Officer

University of Queensland, School of Education

Dr Nanette Bahr, Director of Teacher Education

University of Queensland, School of Education

Ms Letitia Madden, Pre-Service Teacher Education Administrator

Dr Karen Moni, Lecturer, English Curriculum and Literacy Education

University of Southern Queensland, Faculty of Education

Professor Frank Crowther, Dean

Mr Mark Dawson, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ms Lesley McAuley-Jones, Lecturer

Thursday, 18 August 2005 - Canberra

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

Ms Jan Thomas, Executive Officer

International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics

Professor Garth Gaudry, Director

Ms Janine McIntosh, Schools Project Officer

Tuesday, 30 August 2005 - Batchelor

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

Ms Valerie Bainbridge, Acting Head of School, School of Education, Arts and Social Science

Ms Melodie Bat, Lecturer B, Teacher Education (Primary), School of Education, Arts and Social Science

Mr Thomas Evison, Acting Deputy Director

Mr John Ingram, Interim Director

Mrs Robyn Ober, Lecturer B, Teacher Education (Primary), School of Education, Arts and Social Science

Ms Helen Stannard, Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education (Primary), School of Education, Arts and Social Science

Student Forum - Batchelor Institute

Mr Barry Cedric Miss Bronwyn Dingo

Mr Greg Hauser Miss Tania Hill

Mr Glenn Johnson Mrs Marla Lewin

Mrs Donna Needham Miss Amanda Pehi

Mr Aaron Talbott Ms Jan Williams

Mr Ses Zaro

Wednesday, 31 August 2005 - Darwin

Australian College of Educators (NT)

Dr Brian Devlin, President

Dr Mike Grenfell, Executive Member

Ms Marcia Harvey, Executive Member

Charles Darwin University, School of Education

Ms Margot Ford, Lecturer in Education

Dr Jennifer Rennie, Acting Head of School

Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training

Mr Kenneth Davies, Acting Deputy Secretary

Ms Sue Murphy, General Manager, People and Learning Division

Teacher Registration Board of Northern Territory

Ms Melodie Bat, Member

Dr William Griffiths, Member

Dr Suzanne Parry, Director

Mr John Sarev, Member


Dr Mike Grenfell [also represented ACE]

Ms Helen Spiers

Ms Doreen Rorrison

Student Forum – Charles Darwin University

Mr Richard Dwyer Mr Sam Johns

Mr Roger Jones Miss Helen Jordan

Mr Matthew McAulay Mr Benjamin McCasker

Miss Cherie Morgan Miss Martha Newley

Miss Catherine Weate

Thursday, 8 September 2005 - Canberra

Australian Catholic University

Dr Stephen Arnold, Head, School of Education

Mr Sam Beattie, Signadou Student Association

Ms Rita Daniels, Representative (also Principal, St Clare’s College, Canberra)

Ms Fiona Edwards, Student

Professor Marie Emmitt, Dean, Faculty of Education

Dr Michael Gaffney, Representative (also Head, Education Services, Catholic Education Office, Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn)

Tuesday, 27 September 2005 - Adelaide

Australian Secience and Mathematics School

Associate Professor James Davies, Principal

Belair Primary School

Mr Brett Darcy, Manager, Principal

Cardijn College

Mrs Kath McGuigan, Deputy Principal

Darlington Primary School

Mr Brian Goode, Manager, Principal

South Australia Department of Education and Children's Services

Mr Russell Jackson, Coordinator, School Improvement, Anangu Education Unit

Elizabeth Grove Primary School

Mrs Moya Wellman, Manager, Principal

Flinders University

Professor Anne Edwards, Vice-Chancellor and President

Ms Felicity-Ann Lewis, Acting Associate Dean (Academic) and Lecturer in Curriculum Studies (Health), School of Education

Professor Colin MacMullin, Professor of Education and Dean, School of Education

Professor Alan Russell, Professor of Education and Senior Lecturer, and Director of Studies (Education Doctorate), School of Education

Professor Faith Trent, Executive Dean, Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law and Theology

Lutheran Education Australia

Mr Julian Denholm, Principal, Concordia College

Mr Noel Volk, Convenor, Teacher Education Working Party

Paradise Primary School

Mr Peter Scragg, Manager, Principal

Rural Education Forum Australia

Mr John Halsey, Executive Officer

Seaview High School

Ms Kath Heptinstall, Assistant Principal

Mr James Mulraney, Manager, Principal

South Australian Primary Principals Association

Ms Sandra Mauger, Convenor, Human Resources Portfolio, Executive Member

Ms Glynys O'Brien, President

South Australian Secondary Principals Association

Ms Wendy Teasdale-Smith, Vice President

Mr Graeme Webster, Vice President (Deputy Principals/Assistant Principals)

Woodcroft College Inc

Mr Sean Mangan, Head of Middle School

Student Forum – Flinders University

Ms Kylie Broadley Ms Jacquelyn Dyte

Mrs Hazel Greatbanks Mrs Sandra Howlett

Mrs Terri King Miss Alanna Murphy

Mrs Louise Pyman

Wednesday, 28 September 2005 - Adelaide

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Mr Laurie Morony, Executive Officer

Catholic Education Office of South Australia

Mr Kevin Comber, Senior Education Adviser, Learning and Student Wellbeing Team

Ms Helen O'Brien, Assistant Director

Ms Monica Williams, ESL Consultant, Learning and Student Wellbeing Team

South Australia Department of Education and Children's Services

Ms Judith Day, Acting Executive Director, Strategic Human Resource Management and Organisational Development

Ms Louise Waiblinger, Director, Organisation and Professional Development Services

South Australian Association of School Council Organisations Inc

Dr Pam Bartholomaeus, State Council Member

University of South Australia

Professor Marie Brennan, Dean of Education and Head of School Education

Professor Barbara Comber

Mr Michael Elliott, Director, Northern Adelaide Partnerships

Ms Pat Grant, Lecturer

Mr Ian Hamilton, Lecturer

Associate Professor Robert Hattam

Dr Susan Hill, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

Dr John Holmes, Lecturer

Dr David Lloyd, Lecturer

Dr Faye McCallum, Lecturer

Mr Jeff Meiners, Lecturer

Dr Sue Nichols, Professor of Education

Mr Michael O'Donoghue, Senior Lecturer

Professor Alan Reid, Professor of Education, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Michael Rowan, Pro Vice Chancellor, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Michelle Simons, Education Campus Coordinator

Dr Barbara Spears, Professor of Education

Mr Bruce Underwood, Lecturer

Student Forum – University of South Australia

Mr Gerard Byrne Mr Siu Pong Kelvin Ching

Mr Eric Cook Mr Graeme Denton

Mr Justin Foot Dr Angela Kingston

Mrs Kylie Li Mr Michael Michell

Mr Glenn Pederick Ms Leanne Stephens

Mr Richard Stephens Mr Jonathon Wadwell

Ms Kate Wilkin

Thursday, 29 September 2005 - Adelaide

Association of Independent Schools of South Australia

Mr Kostas Fotiadis, Principal, St George College

Mr Garry Le Duff, Executive Director

Mrs Paquita Ruch, Principal, Harvest Christian School

Mr Luke Thomson, Headmaster, Trinity College Gawler

Australian Technology Network of Universities

Professor Marie Brennan, Head of School and Dean of Education

National Centre for Vocational Education Research

Mr Hugh Guthrie, Manager, Teaching and Learning

Tabor College Adelaide

Dr Lorraine Beard, Executive Dean

Mr Frank Davies, Head of Education

Mr Dennis Slape, Chief Executive Officer

Teachers Registration Board of South Australia

Ms Wendy Hastings, Registrar

Ms Susanne Owen, Project Officer

University of Adelaide

Dr Sivakumar Alagumalai, Coordinator, Postgraduate Programs and Science Education

Dr Stephanie Burley, Senior Lecturer in Education, Historian of Education, and Lecturer in Curriculum and Methodology in the Studies of Society and Environment

Ms Miriam Parsons, Coordinator, Bachelor of Teaching

Thursday, 13 October 2005 - Canberra

Australian Council of Deans of Education

Professor Marie Brennan, Head of School and Dean of Education, University of South Australia

Professor Denis Goodrum, Head, School of Education and Community Studies, University of Canberra

Dr Andrew Harvey, Executive Officer

Professor Terry Lovat, President

Professor Sue Willis, President

Tuesday, 25 October 2005 - Perth

Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools in Australia

Mr John Aldous, President

Ms Mary Ciccarelli, Executive Officer

Curtin University of Technology

Professor Graham Dellar, Dean, Faculty of Education, Language Studies and Social Work

Mr Robin Groves, Lecturer, Department of Education

Dr Lina Pelliccione, Coordinator, Bachelor of Education (Primary) and ICT Lecturer

Dr Glenda Raison, Lecturer

Dr Len Sparrow, Senior Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, Head, Department of Education

Murdoch University

Mr Barry Kissane, Dean, School of Education

Ms Beth Powell, Chair, Initial Teacher Education Program

Associate Professor Renato Schibeci, Deputy Chair, Initial Teacher Education Program

Smart Teachers

Ms Kathryn McNee, Partner

University of Notre Dame

Ms Sonja Bogunovich, Coordinator of VET programs

Western Australia Council of State School Organisations Inc

Mrs Bernadette Garnier, State Councillor for Fremantle, South District and Vice President

Western Australia Department of Education and Training

Ms Chris Cook, Director, Strategic Human Resources and Professional Learning

Ms Claire Williams, Acting Manager, Workforce Planning, Strategic Human Resources and Professional Learning


Professor Barry Down

Dr David Tripp

Wednesday, 26 October 2005 - Perth

Bayswater Primary School

Mr Ronald Chesny, Principal

Edith Cowan University, Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

Professor Max Angus, Head, School of Education

Dr Chris Brook, Lecturer and Post Doctoral Scholar

Dr Terrence de Jong, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Middle Years)

Professor Patrick Garnett, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)

Professor Mark Hackling, Acting Program Director (Postgraduate)

Dr Yvonne Haig, Lecturer

Ms Susan Krieg, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Kindergarten through Primary)

Dr Graeme Lock, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Primary)

Professor Bill Louden, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) and Executive Dean

Associate Professor Carmel Maloney, Associate Professor and Program Director (Early Childhood Studies),

Dr Tim McDonald, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Secondary)

Mr John McQueen, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Strategic Initiatives),

Miss Georgie Monkhouse, School Manager

Dr Paul Newhouse, Senior Lecturer and Director, Centre for Schooling and Learning Technologies

Professor Judith Rivalland, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and Director of the Fogarty Learning Centre

Mr Lars Schmidt, Faculty Manager

Mrs Sue Sharp, Professional Practice Coordinator

Joondalup Primary School

Mr Lou Zeid, Principal

University of Notre Dame Australia

Associate Professor Richard Berlach, Head, School of Teaching

Associate Professor Michael O'Neill, Dean, College of Education

University of Western Australia, Graduate School of Education

Ms Di Gardiner, Director of Teaching, Graduate School of Education

Dr Marnie O'Neill, Dean of Faculty and Head of School, Graduate School of Education

Western Australian College of Teaching

Ms Pamela Paton, Director

Student Forum – Edith Cowan University

Mr Christopher Bailey Mrs Susanne Cochrane

Mr Scott Fairclough Mrs Fiona Fraser

Mr Cono Mangano Mr Stephen Matthews

Miss Marisa Morgan Ms Roxanne Snook

Mr Gary Stoneman Mrs Rhondda Tittums

Ms Rebecca White

Wednesday, 23 November 2005 - Hobart

Tasmanian Department of Education

Ms Alison Jacob, Deputy Secretary, School of Education

Ms Gabrielle Peacock, Director, Human Resources Management

Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania

Associate Professor Ross Brooker, Deputy Chair

Ms Penny Cocker, Manager

Mr Andrew Lanzlinger, Board Member

Mr Greg Suitor, Chair

Thursday, 24 November 2005 - Launceston

Australian Parents Council Inc

Mr Ian Dalton, Executive Director

Scotch Oakburn College

Mr Andrew Barr, Principal

Scottsdale High School

Mr Steven Reissig, Principal

University of Tasmania, Faculty of Education

Professor Roslyn Arnold, Dean and Head of School

Dr Douglas Bridge, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Inclusive Learning Communities

Mr Peter Brookes, Faculty Executive Officer (Academic)

Mr Gregory Cairnduff, Program Director, Bachelor of Teaching

Mrs Elizabeth Daly, Director and University Council Member

Ms Lesley French, Lecturer in Inclusive Education and Facilitator Early Years Education and Care

Dr Thao Le, Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean (Research)

Dr Helen Mahoney, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator, Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education

Dr Sharon Pittaway, Lecturer in Curriculum and Facilitator in Literacies

Ms Julie Porteus, Co Program Director of Bachelor of Education Program, Lecturer in Foundation Studies & Drama in Education

Dr Donna Satterthwait, Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning

Ms Kate Shipway, Director, University Liaison

Professor Jeffrey Sigafoos, Professor of Education and Director of the Transforming Learning Communities Research Centre

Dr Jane Watson, Reader in Mathematics Education

Professor Bevis Yaxley, Director, Institute for Inclusive Learning Communities

Student Forum – University of Tasmania

Ms Kerin Booth Mr Timothy Brown

Miss Rebecca Cotton Miss Sarah Hardy

Ms Suellen Kackley Mrs Catherine Penrose

Mrs Debra Reid Ms Marissa Saville

Ms Sandra von Allmen Ms Jacqueline Wilson

Thursday, 1 December 2005 - Canberra

ACT Department of Education and Training

Mr Michael Bateman, Director, Human Resources

Mr Michael Brady, Manager, Teacher Registration and Standards

Friday, 10 February 2006 - Canberra

Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee

Professor Elizabeth Harman, Member, Board of Directors

Mr John Mullarvey, Chief Executive Officer

Blind Citizens Australia

Mr Robert Altamore, President

Mr Michael Curran, Member

Ms Lee Kumutat, Member

Ms Nadia Mattiazzo, Executive Officer

Victorian Institute of Teaching

Ms Susan Halliday, Chairperson

Mr Andrew Ius, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Ruth Newton, Manager Accreditation

Tuesday, 7 March 2006 - Sydney

Crown Street Primary School

Ms Valerie Martin, Principal

NSW Department of Education and Training

Dr Paul Brock, Director, Learning and Development Branch

Mr Andrew Cappie-Wood, Director General of Education and Training

Ms Trish Kelly, General Manager, Human Resources

Ms Kerryanne Knox, Principal Liaison Officer

Greenwich Primary School

Mr Clive McArthur, Teacher

Macquarie University

Professor Jennifer Bowes, Head, Institute of Early Childhood

Professor George Cooney, Professor of Education, School of Education

Associate Professor Pamela Coutts, Director, Teacher Education Program, School of Education

Professor Ian Gibson, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Chair of Education, Australian Centre for Educational Studies

Professor Alan Rice, Interim Dean, Australian Centre for Educational Studies

Sydney Secondary College

Ms Andrea Connell, Principal, Leichhardt Campus

University of Sydney, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Professor Derrick Armstrong, Dean

Ms Nicole Brunker, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Robyn Ewing, Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Dr John Hughes, Pro-Dean


Mr James Bond

Mr Andrew Mullins

Student Forum – Macquarie University

Ms Clare Britt, Sessional Staff, Institute of Early Childhood

Miss Michelle Hatter Miss Sanobia Palkhiwala

Miss Elizabeth Phipps Mrs Sarah Watson

Ms Sandra Wong

Wednesday, 8 March 2006 - Sydney

Catholic Education Commission of NSW

Mr Ian Baker, Director, Policy and Programs

Ms Rosalie Nott, Assistant Director, Education Policy

Mr Paul Rodney, State Coordinator VET and Teacher Development

Learning Difficulties Coalition of NSW Inc

Ms Jude Foster, President

Dr Margaret Gottlieb, Member, Management Committee

NSW Institute of Teachers

Mr Tom Alegounarias, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Patrick Lee, Manager, Initial Teacher Education

NSW Teacher Education Council

Professor Philip Foreman, Member of the Executive

Associate Professor Jo-Anne Reid, President

Associate Professor Geoffrey Riordan, Member of the Executive

University of Western Sydney, School of Education

Dr Bronwyn Cole, Head of Program, Primary Education

Dr Linda Newman, Senior Lecturer

Ms Lynda Pinnington-Wilson, Lecturer

Associate Professor Catherine Sinclair, Professional Experience Academic Coordinator

Professor Michael Singh, Professor of Education

Professor Margaret Vickers, Head, Regional and Community Engagement

Associate Professor Steve Wilson, Head of School

Associate Professor Christine Woodrow, Head, Early Childhood Programs


Dr Peter West

Thursday, 30 March 2006 - Canberra

Catholic Education Office (Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn)

Dr Michael Gaffney, Head of Education Services

Ms Debbie Wilson, Principal Human Resources Officer, Professional Development and Support

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 - Wollongong

University of Wollongong, Faculty of Education

Associate Professor Narottam Bhindi, Director, Australian Centre for Educational Leadership

Dr Gwyn Brickell, Lecturer IT Education

Associate Professor Ian Brown, Associate Dean (Undergraduate)

Mr Chris Carroll, External Support

Professor Stephen Dinham, Professor of Educational Leadership, Pedagogy

Associate Professor Brian Ferry, Associate Dean (Graduate)

Professor Barry Harper, Dean

Dr Julie Kiggins, Lecturer, Knowledge Building Community

Dr Pauline Lysaght, Sub-Dean

Mr Paul McCann, External Support

Ms Kim McKeen, Deputy Director GDE

Dr Tony Okely, Senior Lecturer Physical and Health Education

Ms Kate Schmich, External Support

Dr Jan Turbill, Director, Field Experience Program

Professor Rob Whelan, Dean, Faculty of Science

Professor Jan Wright, Associate Dean (Research)

Student Forum – University of Wollongong

Ms Pippa Clinch Miss Ricki Frazer

Mr Stephen Hawkins Miss Lee- Ann Neville

Miss Karen O'Donoghue Mr Tor Preece

Miss Rebecca Stevens Mr Russell Walton

Tuesday, 16 May 2006 - Canberra

Australian Association of Special Education Inc

Dr David Evans PhD, National Vice President

Australian Council of State School Organisations

The Hon Terry Aulich, Executive Officer

Australian Curriculum Studies Association

Mr Garry McLean, Vice President

Dr Jenny Naylor, Executive Member

Christian Schools Australia

Mr Peter Crimmins, Director, Policy and Research

University of Canberra

Professor Denis Goodrum, Head, School of Education and Community Studies

Mr Wayne Hawkins, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education, School of Education and Community Studies

Ms Kathy Mann, Associate Lecturer, School of Education and Community Studies

Ms Janet Rickwood, Sessional Tutor and Contract Lecturer

Dr Janet Smith, Head of Disciple, Curriculum Studies, and Senior Lecturer in Education

Thursday, 25 May 2006 - Canberra

Victorian Department of Education and Training

Mr Tony Bugden, General Manager, Human Resources, Office of Resources Management and Strategy

Ms Dina Guest, Acting General Manager, School System Development, Office of School Education

Dr Jim Tangas, Manager, Research and Workforce Planning, Office of Resources Management and Strategy

Thursday, 17 August 2006 - Canberra

Education Future Teachers Forum

Professor Roslyn Arnold

Professor Malcolm Skilbeck

Thursday, 14 September 2006 - Canberra

Teaching Australia

Ms Frances Hinton, Chief Executive

Kwong Lee Dow, Deputy Chair

Mr Gregor Ramsey, Chair


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