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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 117 submissions in the following list.

  1. Mr Patrick Tacey (PDF 11KB)
  2. Mr Glenn W. Marchant (PDF 21KB)
  3. Name withheld (PDF 9KB)
  4. Dr Bede Harris (PDF 27KB)
  5. Dr Sarah Barker (PDF 9KB)
  6. Mr Brian Moore (PDF 14KB)
  7. Mr Robert Smith (PDF 12KB)
  8. Mr Ian Martin (PDF 22KB)
  9. Mr David Westaway (PDF 11KB)
  10. Australian College of Educators (PDF 33KB)
  11. Multicultural Council of Wagga Wagga (PDF 18KB)
  12. Western Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 126KB)
  13. The Hon. Alan Carpenter, Premier of Western Australia (PDF 1378KB)
  14. The Hon. Wayne Berry, speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly (PDF 2270KB)
  15. Community Relations Commission (PDF 24KB)
  16. Parliamentary Education and Community Relations Section, Parliament of NSW (PDF 40KB)
  17. Local Government Association of South Australia (PDF 47KB)
  18. Mr Robert Tuppini (PDF 13KB)
  19. Australian Centre for Educational Studies, Macquarie University (PDF 16KB)
  20. Political & Legal Educators of Western Australia (PDF 20KB)
  21. Dr Norman Abjorensen et al., Australian National University (PDF 32KB)
  22. Dr Harry Phillips, Parliamentary Fellow, Parliament of WA (PDF 40KB)
  23. Ms Lucy van der Wall (PDF 11KB)
  24. The Hon. Shelly Archer MLC, Member for Mining and Pastoral Region, WA (PDF 159KB)
  25. Australian Federation of Societies for Studies of Society and Environment (PDF 32KB)
  26. Ms Astrid Fauchon (PDF 8KB)
  27. Ms Yvonne Goudie (PDF 28KB)
  28. Department of the Senate (PDF 246KB)
  29. Ms Nicola Roxon MP (PDF 551KB)
  30. Australian Greens (PDF 37KB)
  31. Ms Jacqueline Mowbray (PDF 10KB)
  32. Mr Michael Doyle (PDF 32KB)
  33. Multicultural Council of Tasmania (PDF 61KB)
  34. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (PDF 42KB)
  35. Ms Kelly Parker (PDF 77KB)
  36. Victorian Electoral Commission (PDF 74KB)
  37. Auburn Migrant Resource Centre (PDF 273KB)
  38. Ms Janet Magnin (PDF 8KB)
  39. Ms Alison Hogg (PDF 10KB)
  40. Rosetta Primary School, Hobart (PDF 42KB)
  41. Democratic Audit of Australia (PDF 42KB)
  42. Dr David Lovell and Dr Linda Botteril, UNSW@ADFA (PDF 321KB)
  43. The Students' Association of the University of Adelaide (PDF 53KB)
  44. United Nations Youth Association of Tasmania (PDF 228KB)
  45. National Union of Students (PDF 250KB)
  46. Ms Robyn Stephenson (PDF 10KB)
  47. Dr Lucas Walsh, Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights, Deakin University (PDF 314KB)
  48. Australian Education Union (PDF 82KB)
  49. ACT Minister's Youth Council (PDF 35KB)
  50. Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 29KB)
  51. National Capital Educational Tourism Project (PDF 46KB)
  52. Ms Jo Anne Rey (PDF 20KB)
  53. Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 48KB)
  54. Dr Murray Print and Dr Lawrence J. Saha (PDF 65KB)
  55. Guides Australia (PDF 11KB)
  56. Association of Independent Schools of Victoria (PDF 38KB)
  57. Mr Richard Lenn (PDF 32KB)
  58. Mr Andrew Wettern (PDF 17KB)
  59. Hambledon State School, Cairns (PDF 704KB)
  60. Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Vic-Tas) (PDF 58KB)
  61. Mr Eric Brown (PDF 28KB)
  62. Mr John R. Miller (PDF 11KB)
  63. Mr Andrew Ambrosius (PDF 15KB)
  64. Mr Peter Brent, Political Science, Australian National University (PDF 20KB)
  65. Ruyton Girls' School, Victoria (PDF 28KB)
  66. Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens Associations Inc. (PDF 7KB)
  67. Supplementary to submission 50
    Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 15KB)
  68. Ms Jane Gray, Parliamentary Education Officer, Parliament of WA (PDF 316KB)
  69. SBS Corporation (PDF 763KB)
  70. Mr Edward Smith (PDF 13KB)
  71. St Patrick’s College, Ballarat (PDF 38KB)
  72. Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 1339KB)
  73. Constitution Education Fund Australia (PDF 118KB)
  74. Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, Queensland

    New South Wales Commission for Children and Young People

    Commissioner for Children, Tasmania (PDF 3534KB)

  75. Mr Duncan Sinclair (PDF 18KB)
  76. Mr John Nugent (PDF 8KB)
  77. Mr Toby Chambers (PDF 18KB)
  78. Mr Roger Dine (PDF 22KB)
  79. Mr Barry McGinley (PDF 8KB)
  80. Cllr Peter Morris (PDF 18KB)
  81. Mr Andrew J. Smith (PDF 17KB)
  82. Australian Children’s Television Foundation (PDF 451KB)
  83. ACT Electoral Commission (PDF 62KB)
  84. South Australian Electoral Office (PDF 41KB)
  85. Southern Cross Group

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 1 (PDF 115KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 2 (PDF 138KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 3 (PDF 76KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 4 (PDF 122KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 5 (PDF 1213KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 6 (PDF 65KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 7 (PDF 22KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 8 (PDF 39KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 9 (PDF 66KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 10 (PDF 63KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 11 (PDF 36KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 12 (PDF 127KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 13 (PDF 18KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 14 (PDF 95KB)

    Southern Cross Group, Attachment 15 (PDF 99KB)

  86. Queensland Department of Education and the Arts (PDF 287KB)
  87. Australian Labor Party (PDF 747KB)
  88. Victorian Department of Education and Training, Office of Learning and Teaching (PDF 395KB)
  89. Independent Schools Coucil Australia (PDF 124KB)
  90. Australian Catholic University, Faculty of Education (PDF 38KB)
  91. Department of the House of Representatives (PDF 934KB)
  92. Western Australian, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Office of Multicultural Interests (PDF 323KB)
  93. Mr Colin Robert Lawton (PDF 690KB)
  94. Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (PDF 1859KB)
  95. The Hon. Teresa Gambaro MP (PDF 27KB)
  96. Association of Independent Schools of South Australia(PDF 3409KB)
  97. Ms Amber Sierek (PDF 94KB)
  98. Northern Territory Electoral Commission (PDF 163KB)
  99. Supplementary to submission 57
    Mr Richard Lenn (PDF 18KB)
  100. Department of Education, Science and Training (PDF 243KB)
  101. Department of Education, Science and Training , Attachment A (PDF 794KB)

    Department of Education, Science and Training , Attachment B (PDF 342KB)

    Department of Education, Science and Training , Attachment C (PDF 430KB)

    Department of Education, Science and Training , Attachment D (PDF 246KB)

    Department of Education, Science and Training , Attachment E (PDF 203KB)

  102. Supplementary to submission 35
    Ms Kelly Parker (PDF 118KB)
  103. New South Wales Government (PDF 687KB)
  104. Proportional Representation Society of Australia (PDF 637KB)
  105. Supplementary to submission 41
    Democratic Audit of Australia (PDF 342KB)
  106. Tasmanian Youth Government Association

    Tasmanian Youth Government Association, Attachment A (PDF 592KB)

    Tasmanian Youth Government Association, Attachment B (PDF 1.295KB)

  107. Mrs Melissa Rasmussen
  108. Supplementary to submission 104
    Democratic Audit of Australia
  109. Supplementary to submission 91
    Department of the House of Representatives
  110. Department of the House of Representatives, Attachment A (PDF 6625KB)

  111. Supplementary to submission 6
    Mr Brian Moore
  112. Supplementary to submission 100
    Department of Education Science and Training
  113. Lions Australia(PDF 402KB)
  114. Supplementary to submission 22
    Mr Harry Phillips(PDF 233KB)
  115. Mr Don Perna(PDF 221KB)
  116. Supplementary to submission 59
    Hambledon State School(PDF 1.018KB)
  117. Supplementary to submission 72
    Australian Electoral Commission(PDF 280KB)
  118. Supplementary to submission 72 & 115
    Australian Electoral Commission(PDF 586KB)
  119. Supplementary to submission 95
    The Hon Teresa Gambaro MP(PDF 1554KB)
  120. Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs(PDF 402KB)

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