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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 172 submissions and responses to the Unions Australia questionnaire in the following list.

    Responses to the Unions Australia questionnaire (PDF 2,289KB)

  1. Australasian College of Medical Sciences and Research (PDF 1,385KB)

  2. BPW Australia (PDF 1,154KB)

  3. Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc. (PDF 1,113KB)

  4. Blue Mountains TAFE teachers Association (PDF 1,822KB)

  5. Australian Education Union (South Australian Branch) (PDF 1,476KB)

  6. SA Dairyfarmers' Association Inc (PDF 946KB)

  7. John Mitchell & Associates (PDF 1,098KB)

  8. Australian Education Union (NSW Branch) (PDF 3,241KB)

  9. Manufacturing Skills Australia (PDF 1,160KB)

  10. Concerned Vocational Educators (PDF 1,077KB)

  11. Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 1,008KB)

  12. St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia (PDF 782KB)

  13. economic Security4Women (PDF 987KB)

  14. Innovation and Business Skills Australia (PDF 1,119KB)

  15. Greens NSW (PDF 1,108KB)

  16. Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (PDF 1,358KB)

  17. Department of Business, Northern Territory Government (PDF 982KB)

  18. NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council (PDF 958KB)

  19. Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council (PDF 1,194KB)

  20. Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance (PDF 74KB)

  21. Ben O'Hara (PDF 67KB)

  22. TAFETA, Albury Campus Branch (PDF 1,153KB)

  23. LeadWest Ltd (PDF 1,535KB)
    Attachment A
    LeadWest Ltd (PDF 458KB)

  24. Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees' Association (PDF 1,010KB)

  25. Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, Jewellery Association of Australia, Gemmological Association of Australia (PDF 107KB)

  26. Australian Education Union, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE Sub Branch (PDF 205KB)

  27. Brimbank Social Justice Coalition and Brimbank City Council (PDF 3,929KB)

  28. Australian College of Educators (PDF 1,244KB)

  29. Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service (PDF 1,115KB)

  30. North Coast TAFE Institute Council (PDF 825KB)

  31. Community and Public Sector Union / Civil Service Association (PDF 1,673KB)

  32. Michelle Purdy (PDF 107KB)

  33. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (PDF 2,013KB)

  34. Holmesglen (PDF 2,558KB)

  35. Mountains Community Resource Network (PDF 3,059KB)

  36. Automotive Skills Queensland (PDF 972KB)

  37. Community and Public Sector Union - ACT (PDF 47KB)

  38. National Tertiary Education Union (PDF 492KB)

  39. Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (PDF 2,011KB)

  40. Box Hill Institute (PDF 1,647KB)

  41. Service Skills Australia (PDF 1,168KB)

  42. VISTA Association of VET Professionals (PDF 1,197KB)

  43. TAFE NSW Outreach (PDF 217KB)

  44. Muswellbrook Shire Council (PDF 3,191KB)

  45. The Deakin University Social Work/Gordon TAFE Community Services Work Geelong Based, Project Team (PDF 147KB)

  46. Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1,288KB)

  47. Deaf Australia Inc (PDF 147KB)

  48. Adult Learning Australia (PDF 1,040KB)

  49. UnionsWA (PDF 1,857KB)

  50. Australian Council for Private Education and Training (PDF 1,295KB)

  51. The Smith Family (PDF 1,458KB)

  52. Yarra Valley Educational Precinct Committee (PDF 53KB)

  53. ForestWorks (PDF 1,832KB)

  54. National Association for the Visual Arts (PDF 1,163KB)

  55. Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (PDF 937KB)

  56. Australian Industry Group (PDF 132KB)

  57. Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (PDF 1,433KB)

  58. Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 1,344KB)

  59. Women in Adult and Vocational Education (PDF 2,333KB)

  60. William Angliss Institute (PDF 1,506KB)

  61. Victorian Government (PDF 7,713KB)

  62. Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (PDF 1,004KB)

  63. AgriFood Skills Australia (PDF 1,390KB)

  64. Marrickville Multicultural Interagency (PDF 1,398KB)

  65. NSW TAFE Commission Board (PDF 1,779KB)

  66. Victorian TAFE Association (PDF 1,971KB)

  67. Public Service Association / Community Public Sector Union (PDF 3,486KB)

  68. TAFE Community Alliance (PDF 1,212KB)

  69. Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (PDF 1,282KB)

  70. TAFE Directors Australia (PDF 1,831KB)

  71. National Employment Services Association (PDF 1,751KB)

  72. UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families (PDF 2,704KB)

  73. Australian Education Union (PDF 14,641KB)

  74. Tony Vinson (PDF 4,294KB)

  75. Curtain Consulting (PDF 1,026KB)

  76. John Mitchell & Associates (PDF 1,304KB)

  77. University of Melbourne (PDF 1,072KB)

  78. Gay Taylor (PDF 38KB)

  79. DR and SA Chandler (PDF 907KB)

  80. Barry Treleaven (PDF 915KB)

  81. Scott Umbers (PDF 935KB)

  82. Maha Abed (PDF 972KB)

  83. Ralph Johnson (PDF 954KB)

  84. Lorraine Watson (PDF 70KB)

  85. Alison Clouston (PDF 47KB)

  86. Martha Ansara (PDF 55KB)

  87. Kay Hughes (PDF 42KB)

  88. Ross Stagg (PDF 39KB)

  89. Sue de Smet (PDF 16KB)

  90. Rohan Langford (PDF 51KB)

  91. Robert Ives (PDF 17KB)

  92. Damian Vanderwolf (PDF 17KB)

  93. Diana Varcoe Hurst (PDF 18KB)

  94. Sara Lembo (PDF 45KB)

  95. Elizabeth Chase (PDF 884KB)

  96. Lyndall Fountain (PDF 911KB)

  97. Melissa Baldwin (PDF 886KB)

  98. Linda Swinfield (PDF 935KB)

  99. Clark McCallum (PDF 883KB)

  100. Marlo Campbell (PDF 882KB)

  101. Catrina Huie (PDF 886KB)

  102. Kathleen Kelly (PDF 887KB)

  103. Jo Hobson (PDF 882KB)

  104. Anne Crocker (PDF 38KB)

  105. Marlene Houston (PDF 22KB)

  106. Judith Daley (PDF 42KB)

  107. Richard Gregory (PDF 18KB)

  108. Martin and Dorte Planert (PDF 43KB)

  109. Sarah de Jong (PDF 44KB)

  110. Karen Lee (PDF 21KB)

  111. Helen O'Connor (PDF 75KB)

  112. Rasata Knight (PDF 44KB)

  113. Amanda Hale (PDF 21KB)

  114. Jo Walters (PDF 72KB)

  115. Elizabeth Day (PDF 17KB)

  116. Nicola Samson (PDF 1,528KB)

  117. Janet Moore (PDF 42KB)

  118. Elizabeth Law (PDF 63KB)

  119. Andrew Das Arulsamy (PDF 25KB)

  120. Lubomir Tchervenkov (PDF 910KB)
    Attachment A
    Lumbomir Tchervenkov (PDF 1,884KB)
    Attachment B
    Lumbomir Tchervenkov (PDF 1,694KB)
    Attachment C
    Lumbomir Tchervenkov (PDF 125KB)
    Attachment D
    Lumbomir Tchervenkov (PDF 198KB)

  121. Karen Woodhall (PDF 47KB)

  122. Kerry Stratton (PDF 131KB)

  123. Jo Errey (PDF 49KB)

  124. Moira Nelson (PDF 16KB)

  125. Charles Lowe (PDF 1,512KB)

  126. Shaun Thorpe (PDF 1,079KB)

  127. Erica Jolly (PDF 954KB)

  128. Dave Brigden (PDF 876KB)

  129. Elin Howe (PDF 888KB)

  130. Jim Duffield (PDF 983KB)

  131. Tim Riessen (PDF 894KB)

  132. Dr John Mitchell (PDF 1,098KB)

  133. Gail Nichols (PDF 918KB)

  134. Patricia Fitzgerald (PDF 883KB)

  135. Joanna Carroll and Glenda Pryor (PDF 940KB)

  136. Sue Feenery, Suzanne Meehan and Melinda Riches (PDF 206KB)

  137. Marian McDuie (PDF 114KB)

  138. Roland Bannister (PDF 15KB)

  139. Dr Glenn Costin (PDF 1,266KB)
    Attachment A
    Dr Glenn Costin (PDF 11,15KB)
    Attachment B
    Dr Glenn Costin (PDF 1,366KB)
    139.1 Supplementary Submission
    Dr Glenn Costin (PDF 46KB)

  140. Al Svirskis (PDF 1,083KB)

  141. Julie Tait, Carmel Silvestro and Paul Wilson (PDF 1,463KB)
    Attachment A
    Julie Tait, Carmel Silvestro and Paul Wilson (PDF 2,987KB)

  142. Bill Shaw (PDF 911KB)

  143. Michael Buswell (PDF 895KB)

  144. Polly Pickles (PDF 873KB)

  145. Darren Curl (PDF 133KB)

  146. Tom Buckland (PDF 17KB)

  147. Neil Hauxwell (PDF 37KB)

  148. Kay Gibson (PDF 76KB)

  149. Kristine Highet (PDF 89KB)

  150. Graeme Macey (PDF 139KB)

  151. Peter O'Kelly (PDF 90KB)

  152. Virginie Barnett (PDF 52KB)

  153. Name Withheld (PDF 59KB)

  154. Enviro-Sys (PDF 156KB)

  155. James Duffield (PDF 983KB)

  156. Declan Hart (PDF 978KB)

  157. Ruby Davis (PDF 895KB)

  158. Marty Branagan (PDF 885KB)

  159. Paul Gunner (PDF 923KB)

  160. Teresa Lee-Winser (PDF 883KB)

  161. Judith Steanes (PDF 890KB)

  162. Kevin Heys (PDF 615KB)

  163. Sandra Cotton (PDF 930KB)

  164. Mary Moss (PDF 936KB)

  165. Dr John Russell and Mr Vincent O'Grady (PDF 1,314KB)

  166. Helen Nugent (PDF 877KB)

  167. NSW Government (PDF 62KB)

  168. Marian Arnold (PDF 62KB)

  169. Ted Howells (PDF 1,119KB)

  170. Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF 112KB)

  171. Gavin Moodie (PDF 881KB)

  172. LH Martin Institute (PDF 1,424KB)

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