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Work Wanted: Mental health and workforce participation

28 June 2012

© Commonwealth of Australia 2012
ISBN 978-0-642-79449-9 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79450-5 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages (PDF 130KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 338KB)

The issue – increasing numbers of people with a mental health condition on income support
Filling workforce shortages
Policy framework and strategies
Benefits of employing people and keeping them in employment
Mental health reforms
Welfare reforms
Intersection of mental health and workforce participation reforms
The stigma of mental ill health
Stigma in the workplace
Stigma amongst clinicians
Stigma in families
Promoting mental health awareness
Promoting mental health in the workplace
National and international stigma reduction campaigns – in schools, workplaces and the broader community
Scope of inquiry and parameters
Conduct of inquiry
The inquiry process
Commonwealth departments
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 Education and training - Re-engagement with education, basic skills acquisition and the transition into work (PDF 316KB)

Youth – onset of mental illness and impact on education
Increasing prevalence
Factors inhibiting participation in and completion of education
Uneven spread of services across the country
Importance of early intervention and prevention
Prevention, promotion and early intervention in schools
Supports during high school
Alternative high school models
Finding a vocation, life-skills and holistic health
TAFEs and universities – a mixed picture
Professional development for teaching staff and general awareness of student welfare services on campus
Student support services
Peer supports/PHaMS
Transitioning into the workforce

Chapter 3 Employers, employees and workplaces - Importance of early intervention and prevention (PDF 473KB)

Productivity and inclusivity benefits of increased participation
Social enterprises versus open employment
Wage subsidies as incentives
Enhancing communication and links between supply and demand
Small and medium sized businesses sometimes better
Assistance for the employer
Employer advocates
Targeted and multi-faceted workplace solutions
Public sector to lead by example
Private sector to lead by example
Abigroup Inc.
Rio Tinto and Dampier Salt
Australasian Centre for Remote and Rural Mental Health

Chapter 4 Government and other service providers (PDF 959KB)

Setting the scene: Commonwealth, state and territory responsibilities
Commonwealth Government
DHS (CRS Australia, Medicare and Centrelink)
Service delivery mechanisms for job seekers with a mental illness – JSA and DES
New participation requirements for DSP recipients
Fear of losing DSP and health entitlements
Assessment and referral pathways
Employment Service Assessments and Job Capacity Assessments
Improving communication and engagement
Encouraging inter-agency communication and case- coordination
Collaborative partnerships, integrated employment services and strength based approaches
Place Based Services Program (PBS)
Local Connections to Work
Local Employment Access Partnerships (LEAP)
CRS , VETE and Headspace
Orygen Youth Health - Individual Placement and Support (IPS)
Queensland Health
South Australia Health- an integrated service delivery model

Chapter 5 Concluding comments (PDF 55KB)
Appendix A - Submissions (PDF 48KB)
Appendix B – Exhibits (PDF 79KB)
Appendix C – Hearings and witnesses (PDF 91KB)

Thursday 24 March 2011, Canberra
Wednesday 13 April 2011, Melbourne
Friday 13 May 2011, Canberra
Monday 6 June 2011, Whyalla
Tuesday 7 June 2011, Adelaide
Friday 17 June 2011, Sydney
Monday 8 August, Gold Coast
Tuesday 9 August 2011, Brisbane
Friday 19 August 2011, Melbourne
Tuesday 30 August 2011, Gosford
Thursday 22 September 2011, Canberra
Thursday 13 October 2011, Canberra
Friday 14 October 2011, Canberra
Monday 17 October 2011, Darwin
Tuesday 18 October 2011, Perth
Friday 4 November 2011, Hobart
Thursday 24 November 2011, Canberra

Appendix D – Inspections - Tuesday 12 April 2011, Melbourne (PDF 39KB)

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