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Bills referred 24 March 2011

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There are currently 70 submissions and 2 supplementary submissions in the following list:

  1. Environmental Farmers Network (PDF 256KB)

  2. Northwest Carbon (PDF 284KB)

  3. Mr Andrew Swann (PDF 405KB)

  4. Australian Forest Growers (PDF 464KB)

  5. Australian Landfill Owners Association (ALOA) (PDF 986KB)

  6. North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance (PDF 801KB)

  7. Australian Plantation Products & Paper Industry Council (a3p) (PDF 596KB)

  8. Green Institute (PDF 379KB)

  9. Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 363KB)

  10. Prof Brendan Mackey, Fenner School of Environment & Society, The Australian National University (PDF 473KB)

  11. CSIRO (PDF 439KB)

  12. Carbonneutral (PDF 236KB)

  13. Verified Carbon Standard Association (PDF 416KB)

  14. Degree Celsius (PDF 388KB)

  15. Greenpeace Australia Pacific (PDF 1,055KB)

  16. Carbon Farming & Trading Association (PDF 1,228KB)

  17. GreenCollarGroup (PDF 719KB)

  18. LMS Generation Pty Ltd (PDF 1,544KB)

  19. Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (PDF KB)

  20. Greenfleet (PDF 740KB)

  21. The Friends of Merri Creek Inc (PDF 407KB)

  22. The Institute of Foresters of Australia (PDF 581KB)

  23. Organic Federation of Australia (PDF 420KB)

  24. The Gold Standard Foundation (PDF 576KB)

  25. Industrial Hemp Association of Queensland Inc (PDF 938KB)

  26. Australian Network of Environmental Defender’s Offices (PDF 572KB)

  27. National Association of Forest Industries (PDF 571KB)

  28. Fitzroy Basin Association (PDF 418KB)

  29. Dr John Schooneveldt, Fenner School of Environment & Society, The Australian National University (PDF 2,682KB)

  30. Northern Territory Government (PDF 1,135KB)

  31. Australian Land Trusts Alliance (PDF 793KB)

  32. National Farmers' Federation (PDF 504KB)

  33. CO2 Australia Limited (PDF 520KB)

  34. WWF Australia (PDF 373KB)

  35. GoodEarth Resources PTY Ltd (PDF 2,599KB)

  36. Forestry Tasmania (PDF 289KB)

  37. Greenhouse Balanced (PDF 453KB)

  38. New South Wales Sugar Milling Co-operative Limited (PDF 5,746KB)

    Supplementary Submission
    New South Wales Sugar Milling Co-operative Limted (PDF 56KB)

  39. Minister for Climate Change (Tasmania) (PDF 2,088KB)

  40. CarbonFARM (PDF 925KB)

  41. National Native Title Council (PDF 2,427KB)

  42. Minister for Agriculture and Food Security (Victorian) (PDF 608KB)

  43. Greening Australia (PDF 3,393)

  44. New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) (PDF 531KB)

  45. Origin (PDF 178KB)

  46. National Indigenous Climate Change Project Team (PDF 807KB)

  47. Carbon Conscious Ltd (813KB)

  48. Healesville Environment Watch Inc. (PDF 428KB)

  49. Mr Mike Parish (PDF 405KB)

  50. Humane Society International (PDF 519KB)

  51. Victoria Naturally Alliance (PDF 545KB)

  52. Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (PDF 2,325KB)

  53. Clean Energy Council (PDF 491KB)

  54. Winemakers' Federation of Australia (PDF 544KB)

  55. Mr Andrew Macintosh, ANU Centre for Climate Law & Policy, The Australian National University (PDF 441KB)

  56. Aegis Consulting Australia (PDF 759KB)

  57. The National Indigenous Climate Change Coalition (PDF 508KB)

  58. Australian Pork Limited (PDF 699KB)

  59. Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (PDF 505KB)

  60. Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 279KB)

  61. Queensland Government (PDF 615KB)

  62. Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Inc (PDF 494KB)

  63. The Climate Institute (PDF 790KB)

  64. Centrefarm Aboriginal Horticulture Ltd (PDF 500KB)

  65. Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (PDF 537KB)

  66. National NRM Regions' Working Group & Chair (PDF 473KB)

    Supplementary Submission
    National NRM Regions' Working Group & Chair (PDF 123KB)

  67. NSW Farmers' Association (PDF 541KB)

  68. CCRSPI and the Primary Industries Adaptation Research Network of NCCARF (PDF 189KB)

  69. AUSVEG (PDF 209KB)

  70. Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA (PDF 126KB)

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