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"We can do it!"
The Report of the inquiry into the needs of urban dwelling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Terms of Reference (PDF 12KB)


Transcripts of Public Hearings and Public Meetings.

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Report (PDF 623KB)

Report Chapters

Reportfront/table of contents (PDF 54KB)

Chapter One (PDF 32KB) - Introduction

Chapter Two (PDF 48KB) - Setting the Context

Chapter Three (PDF 120KB) - More effective Service Delivery

Chapter Four (PDF 73KB) - Local Decision Making

Chapter Five (PDF 88KB) - The Needs of Youth

Chapter Six (PDF 51KB) - Maintenance of Culture

Chapter Seven (PDF 88KB) - Economic Independence

Chapter Eight (PDF 78KB) - Housing

Chapter Nine (PDF 18KB) - The Future

Appendix A (PDF 16KB) - List of Submissions

Appendix B (PDF 24KB) - List of Exhibits

Appendix C (PDF 21KB) - List of Witnesses

Appendix D (PDF 17KB) - Commonwealth Expenditure on Indigenous Affairs

Appendix E (PDF 12KB) - Indigenous Household Tenure


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