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Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment Bill 2012

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Terms of Reference


The Terms of Reference comprise the text of the Bill and without limiting the scope of these Terms of Reference, the Committee has resolved to target a number of key areas for consideration:

  1. Initial assessment and registration processes (Schedule No. 1 of the Bill), including:

    a. Factors that affect efficient regulation, including the risk assessment process;

  2. Re-approval and re-registration of agricultural and veterinary chemicals (Schedule No.2 of the Bill), including:

    a. The need for re-approval/and re-registration;

    b. The process and practical effects (including the financial impacts) for all stakeholders including the regulator;

  3. International comparisons and trade issues, including the effect on small companies; and

  4. Consultation processes and outcomes:

    a. Including intergovernmental consultations.






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