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Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Mr John Ray (PDF 18KB)
2 Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited (PDF 18KB)
3 University of the Third Age (U3A), Hobart, Inc (PDF 4KB)
4 Mr Loris Erik Kent Hemlof (PDF 6KB)
5 Ms Alice Glover (PDF 10KB)
6 Mr Alan Nicholson, Macquarie Shores Centre (PDF 6436KB)
7 Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees' Association (PDF 82KB)
8 Disability Information Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 63KB)
9 Ms Leone Mills (PDF 1043KB)
10 University of Third Age (U3A) Incorporated, Sydney (PDF 6KB)
11 NSW Aged Care Alliance, Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) (PDF 3KB)
12 Macarthur Care, Campbelltown (PDF 72KB)
13 Third Son Financial Services Pty Limited (PDF 4KB)
14 O'Mara House Aged Facility (PDF 7KB)
15 Ms Clara McCarthy (PDF 3KB)
16 Mr Robert Steadman (PDF 6KB)
17 Mrs Doreen Laing (PDF 4KB)
18 Southern Health Primary Care (PDF 14KB)
19 Macarthur Forum Action Group (PDF 63KB)
20 Industry Funds Forum (PDF 32KB)
21 Ms Fiona Bannister (PDF 6KB)
22 Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria Inc (PDF 14KB)
23 Mr Geoff Robson (PDF 4 KB)
24 Mr C J Green (PDF 6KB)
25 Mr & Mrs Ken & Jeanette Clifton (PDF 4KB)
26 Ms Patricia Warn (PDF 58KB) (see also sub 166)
27 Ms Betty Teltscher (PDF 6KB)
28 Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) (PDF 14KB)
29 Stockton Hospital Welfare Association Inc (PDF 31KB)
30 Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (PDF 29KB)
31 Older Women's Network, Melbourne (PDF 15KB)
32 Mrs Delaune Pollard (PDF 24KB) (see also sub 153)
33 Christian Science Committee on Publication, Federal Representative for Australia (PDF 79KB)
34 Ms Jenny Kearney (PDF 3KB)
35 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (PDF 31KB)
36 Right to Life Australia Inc (PDF 7KB)
37 Moreland City Council, VIC (PDF 48KB)
38 Mr Robert Foreman (PDF 18KB)
39 Latrobe Community Health Service Inc (PDF 18KB)
40 S Adamantidis (PDF 7KB)
41 Ms Connie Mirabella (PDF 3KB)
42 Wintringham (PDF 20KB)
43 Mr Tom Polich (PDF 9KB)
44 University of the Third Age (U3A), City of Melbourne Incorporated (PDF 24KB)
45 Southern Gold Coast 60 & Better Program Inc (PDF 11KB)
46 Hunter Health, Aged Care and Rehabilitation Services, Hunter Area Health Services (PDF 5466KB)
47 City of Nedlands Council, WA (PDF 9KB)
48 Mrs Suanne Merle Gegg (PDF 206KB)
49 Dr Satya Brink, Canada (PDF 52KB)
50 ACT Government (PDF 28KB) (see also sub 158)
51 Investment & Financial Services Association Ltd (PDF 680KB)
52 Speech Pathology Association of Australia Limited (PDF 80KB)
53 National Private Rehabilitation Group (PDF 195KB)
54 Mr Russell S Callister (PDF 114KB)
55 Sustainable Population Australia, Canberra Region (PDF 469KB)
56 Baptist Community Care Ltd, VIC (PDF 18KB)
57 Superannuated Commonwealth Officers' Association (SCOA) Inc (PDF 156KB)
58 Older Women's Network (Australia) Incorporated (PDF 88KB) (see also sub 59)
59 Older Women's Network (Australia) Incorporated (PDF 278KB) (supplementary to sub 58)
60 Mrs Moira J McGuinness MBE (PDF 478KB)
61 Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) Victoria (PDF 20KB)
62 Ms Pam Rey (PDF 85KB)
63 Centre for Education & Research on Ageing (CERA) (PDF 40KB)
64 Australian Society for Geriatric Medicine (PDF 23KB)
65 Catholic Women's League Australia Inc (CWLA) (PDF 44KB)
66 Deafness Forum of Australia (PDF 81KB)
67 Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Social Issues Executive (PDF 31KB)
68 Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW (PDF 21KB)
69 Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association Ltd (SISFA) (PDF 65KB)
70 Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WA (PDF 516KB)
71 Australian Services Union (PDF 15KB)
72 Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited (PDF 387KB)
73 Waverley Council (PDF 27KB)
74 Council for Multicultural Australia (CMA) (PDF 153KB)
75 Pharmacy Guild Australia (PDF 183KB)
76 Brisbane Water Legacy (PDF 11KB)
77 Carers Australia (PDF 790KB)
78 Centrelink (PDF 184KB)
79 Alzheimers Australia (PDF 38KB)
80 The Myer Foundation (PDF 536KB)
81 National Seniors Association (PDF 48KB)
82 IBISWorld Pty Ltd (PDF 64KB)
83 Salvation Army Australia, Eastern Territory (PDF 19KB)
84 University of New South Wales, Research Centre on Ageing & Retirement (RCAR) (PDF 392KB) (see also sub 161)
85 Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) (PDF 60KB)
86 Australian Medical Association Limited (PDF 216KB)
87 The Aged-care Rights Service (TARS) (PDF 4068)
88 National Aged Care Alliance (PDF 7079KB)
89 Lgov NSW (representing the Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW) (PDF 168KB)
90 Department of Family and Community Services (PDF 560KB) (see also sub 156)
91 Council on the Ageing (Australia) (PDF 231KB)
92 Dr Katharine Betts, Swinburne University of Technology, VIC (PDF 109KB) (see also sub 145)
93 Australian Nursing Federation (SA Branch) (PDF 66KB)
94 Catholic Health Australia (PDF 196KB)
95 National Ageing Research Institute (PDF 21KB)
96 KLCK Woodhead International (PDF 19KB)
97 Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 77KB)
98 Sustainable Population Australia Inc (PDF 45KB)
99 Anglican Aged Care Services Group (PDF 32KB)
100 Adult Learning Australia Inc (PDF 311KB)
101 Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) (PDF 55KB)
102 Local Government Association of Tasmania (PDF 44KB)
103 Associate Professor Julie Byles, Hunter Medical Research Institute and the University of Newcastle (PDF 60KB)
104 UnitingCare Australia (PDF 29KB)
105 Health & Aged Care Roundtable, Isaacs (PDF 432)
106 Trustee Corporations Association of Australia (PDF 101KB)
107 Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 26KB)
108 Australasian Centre on Ageing, University of Queensland (PDF 24KB)
109 Municipal Association of Victoria (PDF 110KB)
110 Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) (PDF 37KB)
111 Australian Nursing Homes and Extended Care Association Limited (ANHECA) (PDF 57KB)
112 SAI Group (PDF 344)
113 Department of Veteran's Affairs (PDF 302)
114 The Treasury (PDF 266KB) (see also sub 134)
115 Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) (PDF 109KB)
116 Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) (PDF 208KB)
117 Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 113KB) (see also sub 136)
118 Australian Physiotherapy Association (PDF 104KB)
119 Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 287KB) (see also sub 146)
120 New South Wales Nurses Association (NSWNA) (PDF 2,152KB)
121 The Country Womens Association of Australia (PDF 270KB)
122 Disability Support and Housing Alliance, Victoria (DSHA) (PDF 328KB) (see also sub 148)
123 Local Government Association of Queensland Inc (PDF 276KB)
124 Wyong Shire Council, NSW (PDF 4111KB) (see also sub 149)
125 Central Coast Area Health (PDF 4499KB)
126 Confidential
127 Mrs Laraine Dunn, Well Dunn - Health, Exercise, Lifestyle (PDF 1294KB)
128 Dr Anna Howe (PDF 1122KB)
129 Queensland Government (PDF 950KB)
130 National Health and Medical Research Council (PDF 896KB)
131 National Rural Health Alliance Inc (PDF 4800KB)
132 Professor John McCallum, University of Western Sydney (PDF 2721KB)
133 Associate Professor Dr Cherry Russell, University of Sydney (PDF 149KB)
134 The Treasury (PDF 186KB) (supplementary to sub 114)
135 Dr Alan Tapper, Edith Cowan University, WA (PDF 327)
136 Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 210KB) (supplementary to sub 117)
137 Amputees & Associates, Newcastle and Northern Region Inc (PDF 369KB)
138 Institute of Actuaries of Australia (PDF 2696KB)
139 Palliative Care Australia (PDF 591KB)
140 Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (PDF 312KB)
141 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) (PDF 3649KB)
142 Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 134KB) (see also sub 164)
143 Australian Association of Gerontology (PDF 313KB)
144 Kingston City Council, VIC (PDF 2564KB)
145 Dr Katharine Betts, Swinburne University of Technology, VIC (PDF 56KB)
(supplementary to sub 92)
146 Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 135) (supplementary to sub 119)
147 Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (PDF 404KB)
148 Disability Support and Housing Alliance, Victoria (PDF 116KB) (supplementary to sub 122)
149 Wyong Shire Council, NSW (PDF 624KB) (supplementary to sub 124)
150 Professor Duncan Boldy and Dr Ann Clarke, Centre for Research into Aged Care Services, Curtin University of Technology (PDF 174KB)
151 Aged Services Learning & Research Collaboration (ASLaRC), Southern Cross University & the University of New South Wales (PDF 545KB)
152 Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 1,124KB)
153 Mrs Delaune Pollard (PDF 2,827KB) (supplementary to sub 32)
154 Professor Kichu Nair, John Hunter Hospital & the University of Newcastle (PDF 22KB) (see also sub 159)
155 Commander John Fielding (Retired) (PDF 82KB)
156 Department of Family & Community Services (PDF 369KB)
(supplementary to sub 90)
157 Council on the Ageing (NSW) Inc (PDF 1454KB)
158 ACT Government (PDF 591KB) (supplementary to sub 50)
159 Professor Kichu Nair, John Hunter Hospital & the University of Newcastle (PDF 319KB) (supplementary to sub 154)
160 NSW Department of Health (PDF 3649KB)
161 Research Centre on Ageing & Retirement (RCAR), University of New South Wales (PDF 134KB) (supplementary to sub 84)
162 Mrs Barbara Veness (PDF 2721KB)
163 Human Rights Coalition (PDF 149KB)
164 Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 186KB)
(supplementary to sub 142)
165 Dr Judith Crockett, University of Sydney (Orange, NSW) (PDF 4499KB)
166 Ms Patricia Warn (PDF 210KB) (supplementary to sub 26)
167 Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies, St Mark's Theological Centre & School of Theology, Charles Sturt University (PDF 369KB)
168 Mr Ross Venner (PDF 2696KB)
169 Mr Goran Otomancek (PDF 591KB)
170 Confidential
171 Tasmanian Government (PDF KB)
172 Baptist Community Services, NSW & ACT (PDF 377KB)
173 Australian Lung Foundation, Lung Cancer Consultative Group (PDF 3587KB)
174 Catholic Health Care Services Limited (PDF 1548KB)
175 Springvale Indochinese Mutual Assistance Association Inc (SICMAA Inc) (PDF 144KB)
176 Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Inc (PDF 564KB)
177 NT Government, Department of Health and Community Services (PDF 474KB)
178 Council on the Ageing (NT) and National Seniors (PDF 3909KB)
179 NT Carers Association Inc (PDF 347KB)
180 Frontier Services (Uniting Church) (PDF 236KB)
181 Dr Mahajani (PDF 273KB)
182 Dubbo Clinical School, University of Sydney (PDF 193KB)
183 Catholic Health Care Services Ltd - Lourdes, Dubbo (PDF 218KB)
184 Returned Services League, Broken Hill (PDF 95KB)
185 Menindee Health Advisory Council (PDF 1359KB)
186 Confidential
187 Ms Cath Bonnes AM (PDF 118KB)
188 Mr John McAuley (PDF 243KB)
189 Wellbeing of Older Men, Hunter Retirement Living/UnitingCare (PDF 609KB)
190 Mr Ron Coleman (PDF 57KB)
191 NT Government, Department of Health and Community Services (PDF 57KB)
(supplementary to sub 177)
192 Ms L Elbourne (PDF 148KB)
193 ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS) (PDF 1854KB)

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