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House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee of Privileges and Members' Interests

Committee Members - 44th Parliament

Under Standing Order 216b, the committee will consist of 11 members: the Leader of the House or his or her nominee, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition or his or her nominee and nine other members, five government and four non-government Members. When the Opposition is composed of two parties, the non-government Members shall consist of at least one member of the smaller opposition party


Mr Russell Broadbent MP (Liberal Party of Australia, McMillian, Vic)

Deputy Chair

Ms Anna Burke MP (Australian Labor Party, Chisholm, Vic)


Mr Alex Hawke MP (Liberal Party of Australia, Mitchell, NSW
nominated by the Leader of the House

Ms Clare O'Neil MP (Australian Labor Party, Hotham, Vic)
nominated by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP (Australian Labor Party, Hunter, NSW)

Mr Andrew Giles MP (Australian Labor Party, Scullin, Vic)

Mr Graham Perrett MP (Australian Labor Party, Moreton, Qld)

Hon Christian Porter MP (Liberal Party of Australia, Pearce, WA)

Mr Keith Pitt MP (The Nationals, Hinkler, Qld)

Hon Philip Ruddock MP (Liberal Party of Australia, Berowra, NSW)

Mr Ross Vasta MP (Liberal Party of Australia, Bonner, Qld)

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