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Inquiry into the impact of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in Regional Australia

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 643 submissions and 85 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Sev Clarke (PDF 30KB)
  2. Robert Lemon (PDF 25KB)
  3. 2.1 Supplementary to submission 2:
    Robert Lemon (PDF 251KB)

  4. Terry O'Brien (PDF 28KB)
  5. John Laing (PDF 15KB)
  6. Patrick Conrick (PDF 52KB)
  7. Clarence Environment Centre (PDF 2549KB)
  8. Walter Oechsle (PDF 1542KB)
  9. Neil Pilloni (PDF 868KB)
  10. Roger Cooke (PDF 959KB)
  11. Glenn Osboldstone (PDF 1311KB)
  12. Margaret Star (PDF 114KB)
  13. William Wheeldon (PDF 143KB)
  14. Geoff Baker (PDF 909KB)
  15. Raymond Mathiesen (PDF 46KB)
  16. Louis Smalley (PDF 940KB)
  17. Ian Chalmers (PDF 321KB)
  18. Juel Briggs (PDF 1872KB)
  19. Kerry and Lorraine Barlow (PDF 13KB)
  20. Valley Watch Inc (PDF 1252KB)
  21. Geoff Tuckett (PDF 897KB)
  22. 20.1 Supplementary to submission 20:
    Geoff Tuckett (PDF 965KB)

  23. Colman Cohan (PDF 1631KB)
  24. Michelle Yates (PDF 535KB)
  25. Michael Burke (PDF 1045KB)
  26. 23.1 Supplementary to submission 23:
    Michael Burke (PDF 1257KB)

  27. Morris and Bev Lawton (PDF 1011KB)
  28. Pam Wettenhall (PDF 948KB)
  29. Kerry Hawker and William Royle (PDF 1042KB)
  30. Laurel Dunmore (PDF 1216KB)
  31. Iris Everingham (PDF 749KB)
  32. Anita Stanfield (PDF 14KB)
  33. James Harris (PDF 333KB)
  34. Geoff Moran (PDF 53KB)
  35. Patricia Leeper (PDF 14KB)
  36. Kevin Garland (PDF 15KB)
  37. Leo Maher (PDF 1174KB)
  38. Steve Phillips (PDF 15KB)
  39. James Dodd (PDF 14KB)
  40. Andrew Keith (PDF 15KB)
  41. Miles Harvey (PDF 15KB)
  42. John Hancock (PDF 21KB)
  43. Ralph Schneider (PDF 1156KB)
  44. John Moran (PDF 15KB)
  45. Dick Hopley (PDF 15KB)
  46. Warren Wood (PDF 44KB)
  47. Ron Deacon (PDF 15KB)
  48. James Woods (PDF 82KB)
  49. Matthew Brown (PDF 15KB)
  50. Rennie Cacciola (PDF 48KB)
  51. Dennis Inggs (PDF 49KB)
  52. Greg Louttit (PDF 31KB)
  53. Ronald Wilde (PDF 404KB)
  54. 50.1 Supplementary to submission 50:
    Ronald Wilde (PDF 62KB)

  55. Ron Haack (PDF 55KB)
  56. Jeanette Cunial (PDF 15KB)
  57. Warwick Felton (PDF 19KB)
  58. BJA Vance (PDF 21KB)
  59. Jenni van Rooyen (PDF 42KB)
  60. Norah Killip and John Ranken (PDF 47KB)
  61. Murray Lumley (PDF 48KB)
  62. Clive Carlyle and Catherine Pye (PDF 17KB)
  63. Cheryl Stott (PDF 44KB)
  64. Margot Marshall (PDF 271KB)
  65. John Bisetto (PDF 120KB)
  66. Parliamentary-In-Confidence
  67. John Pritchard (PDF 136KB)
  68. David Leaman (PDF 618KB)
  69. Roy Currie (PDF 24KB)
  70. 65.1 Supplementary to submission 65:
    Roy Currie (PDF 15KB)

  71. Bruce and Sue McCollum (PDF 42KB)
  72. Michael Hay (PDF 28KB)
  73. Sharon Holmes (PDF 54KB)
  74. Jan Illingworth (PDF 20KB)
  75. Jon Ward (PDF 74KB)
  76. Greg Went (PDF 88KB)
  77. Marilyn Danieli (PDF 1176KB)
  78. Rob Muir (PDF 22KB)
  79. Aileen Bradley (PDF 458KB)
  80. Jim Galletly (PDF 158KB)
  81. S Hamson (PDF 529KB)
  82. Michael O’Leary (PDF 577KB)
  83. Tony Cullenward (PDF 513KB)
  84. George and Jay Williams (PDF 770KB)
  85. Shirley Taylor (PDF 659KB)
  86. Clive Carlyle (PDF 662KB)
  87. Country Women’s Association of NSW (PDF 218KB)
  88. George Gordon (PDF 58KB)
  89. 83.1 Supplementary to submission 83:
    George Gordon (PDF 66KB)

  90. Joe Cottam (PDF 15KB)
  91. Finley Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture Inc (PDF 23KB)
  92. Judith Murray (PDF 45KB)
  93. Geoff Dunsdon (PDF 22KB)
  94. John Dunmore (PDF 303KB)
  95. Pechelba Trust (PDF 23KB)
  96. Craig Ashton (PDF 22KB)
  97. Terry Bowring (PDF 130KB)
  98. 91.1 Supplementary to submission 91:
    Terry Bowring (PDF 1017KB)

  99. Mid-Western Regional Council and the Cudgegong Valley Water Users Group (PDF 1067KB)
  100. 92.1 Supplementary to submission 92:
    Mid-Western Regional Council and the Cudgegong Valley Water Users Group (PDF 303KB)

  101. Vin Byrnes (PDF 27KB)
  102. David and Christine Milburn (PDF 491KB)
  103. NSW Irrigators Council (PDF 1201KB)
  104. Allan Amos (PDF 119KB)
  105. Ian Falconer (PDF 28KB)
  106. G Brown (PDF 907KB)
  107. Donald Ward (PDF 17KB)
  108. Peter and Rose Stenner (PDF 44KB)
  109. Peter Oataway (PDF 26KB)
  110. 101.1 Supplementary to submission 101:
    Peter Oataway (PDF 68KB)

    101.2 Supplementary to submission 101:
    Peter Oataway (PDF 70KB)

  111. South West Anglers Association Inc (PDF 37KB)
  112. Michael and Kate Hawkins (PDF 926KB)
  113. Robert Warren (PDF 175KB)
  114. Geoffrey Kiefel (PDF 466KB)
  115. D&M Stockfeeds (PDF 82KB)
  116. 106.1 Supplementary to submission 106:
    D&M Stockfeeds (PDF 1935KB)

  117. Paroo River Association Inc (PDF 172KB)
  118. Peter Millington (PDF 214KB)
  119. Murray Valley Water Diverters Advisory Association (NSW) Inc (PDF 1088KB)
  120. Simon Maynard (PDF 103KB)
  121. Eric Heidecker (PDF 179KB)
  122. 111.1 Supplementary to submission 111:
    Eric Heidecker (PDF 1645KB)

  123. Don McCleary (PDF 477KB)
  124. 112.1 Supplementary to submission 112:
    Don McCleary (PDF 284KB)

  125. Michael Tonner (PDF 80KB)
  126. Noela Golding (PDF 474KB)
  127. Gordon Smith (PDF 142KB)
  128. W Carr (PDF 230KB)
  129. Murray Williams (PDF 116KB)
  130. Donald Nixon (PDF 333KB)
  131. Frances Corry (PDF 300KB)
  132. Tom Loffler (PDF 751KB)
  133. Bill Wheeldon (PDF 375KB)
  134. B Steward (PDF 276KB)
  135. Joan Pickersgill (PDF 223KB)
  136. 123.1 Supplementary to submission 123:
    Joan Pickersgill (PDF 294KB)

  137. Anne Muscat (PDF 111KB)
  138. Ian Bowditch (PDF 335KB)
  139. Gordon and Barbara Fox (PDF 905KB)
  140. Ron Cross (PDF 678KB)
  141. Elizabeth Cross (PDF 570KB)
  142. John Evans (PDF 140KB)
  143. David Read (PDF 4236KB)
  144. Ernie and Virginia Tropeano (PDF 115KB)
  145. Tim Lukins (PDF 67KB)
  146. Michael Reid (PDF 157KB)
  147. One Oak Pty Ltd (PDF 24KB)
  148. Tony Kennedy (PDF 226KB)
  149. Sarah Dobney (PDF 158KB)
  150. Roger Hall (PDF 130KB)
  151. Peter Ravenscroft (PDF 2581KB)
  152. Henry Schneebeli (PDF 1540KB)
  153. Cockburn Valley Water users and Landcare Association (PDF 217KB)
  154. Murray Shire (PDF 1700KB)
  155. P Hudson (PDF 1821KB)
  156. Ray Pugh (PDF 111KB)
  157. Doug Fraser (PDF 306KB)
  158. Vinoli Thampapilla (PDF 1890KB)
  159. Peel Valley Water Users Association (PDF 285KB)
  160. 146.1 Supplementary to submission 146:
    Peel Valley Water Users Association (PDF 1577KB)

    146.2 Supplementary to submission 146:
    Peel Valley Water Users Association (PDF 1855KB)

  161. Solartran Pty Ltd (PDF 456KB)
  162. Lorraine Edwards (PDF 527KB)
  163. Kel Robertson (PDF 666KB)
  164. Russell Fisher (PDF 204KB)
  165. 150.1 Supplementary to submission 150:
    Russell Fisher (PDF 318KB)

  166. Bill Bailey (PDF 237KB)
  167. Frances Hutton (PDF 177KB)
  168. Barry Dexter & Donald Macleod (PDF 7891KB)
  169. 153.1 Supplementary to submission 153:
    Barry Dexter & Donald Macleod (PDF 1128KB)

  170. Win Hawkins (PDF 720KB)
  171. Gregory Ryan (PDF 777KB)
  172. South Australia River Communities (PDF 2244KB)
  173. Bill Murray (PDF 120KB)
  174. John Ibbotson (PDF 449KB)
  175. Michael Harris (PDF 881KB)
  176. Soroptimist International (PDF 54KB)
  177. Carrathool Shire Council (PDF 357KB)
  178. Annette Commins (PDF 15KB)
  179. David May (PDF 42KB)
  180. 163.1 Supplementary to submission 163:
    David May (PDF 15KB)

  181. Megan Martin (PDF 486KB)
  182. CapeAbility Consultants Pty Ltd (PDF 1288KB)
  183. Country Women's Association of NSW (PDF 1005KB)
  184. Leslie Worland (PDF 53KB)
  185. Robert & Thelma Reid (PDF 15KB)
  186. Lewis Wilson (PDF 18KB)
  187. Professional Fishermen's Association (PDF 52KB)
  188. Donald Macleod (PDF 681KB)
  189. Adam Wettenhall (PDF 119KB)
  190. Australian Environmental Foundation (PDF 810KB)
  191. John Williams MP (PDF 23KB)
  192. Wimmera Irrigators Association Inc. (PDF 89KB)
  193. 175.1 Supplementary to submission 175:
    Wimmera Irrigators Association Inc. (PDF 220KB)

  194. Sandy Wallace Nominees Pty Ltd (PDF 23KB)
  195. Judith Melville (PDF 99KB)
  196. Sophie Mirabella MP (PDF 1349KB)
  197. Garry Pagden (PDF 52KB)
  198. Hania Lada (PDF 16KB)
  199. InterAg Services (PDF 820KB)
  200. Andrew Parkes (PDF 629KB)
  201. Deanne Vanderstok (PDF 527KB)
  202. Lauren Picone (PDF 437KB)
  203. Emma O'Brien (PDF 503KB)
  204. Felicity Hennessy (PDF 521KB)
  205. Crichton Maxwell Pty Ltd (PDF 628KB)
  206. Wakool Shire Council (PDF 3827KB)
  207. National Irrigators' Council (PDF 1444KB)
  208. 189.1 Supplementary to submission 189:
    National Irrigators' Council (PDF 1343KB)

  209. Stanislaw Pelczynski & Barbara Pelczynska (PDF 97KB)
  210. Meredith Whykes-Tasker (PDF 110KB)
  211. Grampians Regional Development Australia (PDF 2135KB)
  212. A3P (PDF 953KB)
  213. Valerie Yule (PDF 1620KB)
  214. 194.1 Supplementary to submission 194:
    Valerie Yule (PDF 38KB)

  215. Leeton Shire Council (PDF 442KB)
  216. Australian Dairy Industry Council Inc (PDF 1019KB)
  217. 196.1 Supplementary to submission 196:
    Australian Dairy Industry Council Inc (PDF 1245KB)

  218. Craig Isherwood (PDF 774KB)
  219. Loddon Shire Council (PDF 775KB)
  220. Leo Stevenson (PDF 360KB)
  221. Cheryl & Bernard Lonergan (PDF 322KB)
  222. Robin Dohnt (PDF 4726KB)
  223. 201.1 Supplementary to submission 201:
    Robin Dohnt (PDF 852KB)

  224. Campbell Parntership (PDF 497KB)
  225. Peter Flanagan (PDF 929KB)
  226. RW & GG Hamilton (PDF 62KB)
  227. 204.1 Supplementary to submission 204:
    RW & GG Hamilton (PDF 938KB)

  228. Stuart Le Lievre (PDF 236KB)
  229. Patrick Hayes (PDF 3616KB)
  230. T F Robinson (PDF 215KB)
  231. Walcha Council (PDF 166KB)
  232. John Brian (PDF 309KB)
  233. Larry & Narelle Williams (PDF 151KB)
  234. Tumut River Conservation and Rehabilitation Inc (PDF 762KB)
  235. Jim Small (PDF 223KB)
  236. Harry Johnson (PDF 232KB)
  237. 213.1 Supplementary to submission 213:
    Harry Johnson (PDF 507KB)

    213.2 Supplementary to submission 213:
    Harry Johnson (PDF 105KB)

  238. Chris Wharton (PDF 4408KB)
  239. John Fenson (PDF 364KB)
  240. Upper Catchment Water Committee (PDF 447KB)
  241. Eugene Harris (PDF 262KB)
  242. Gwen Laughlin (PDF 217KB)
  243. Joy Cunningham (PDF 209KB)
  244. Knox Durrant (PDF 234KB)
  245. Trevor Randall (PDF 258KB)
  246. Brewarrina Shire Council (PDF 624KB)
  247. Dorothy Hargrave (PDF 108KB)
  248. The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (PDF 3147KB)
  249. Manuka Chaff P/L (PDF 369KB)
  250. Alec English (PDF 337KB)
  251. Urban Taskforce Australia (PDF 153KB)
  252. Bob Culhane (PDF 274KB)
  253. Walter Grahame (PDF 905KB)
  254. Peter Gately (PDF 1295KB)
  255. Bruce Lang (PDF 863KB)
  256. Terence Dwyer (PDF 23KB)
  257. 232.1 Supplementary to submission 232:
    Terence Dwyer (PDF 33KB)

  258. Max Talbot (PDF 15KB)
  259. 233.1 Supplementary to submission 233:
    Max Talbot (PDF 155KB)

    233.2 Supplementary to submission 233:
    Max Talbot (PDF 16KB)

  260. Hector McDonald (PDF 15KB)
  261. Jessica Stanford (PDF 28KB)
  262. Alexandrina Council (PDF 839KB)
  263. Mildura Development Corporation (PDF 1636KB)
  264. Kristy Bartrop (PDF 66KB)
  265. Brenda & John Chant (PDF 96KB)
  266. Uniting Church of Australia, NSW and ACT Synod (PDF 110KB)
  267. 240.1 Supplementary to submission 240:
    Uniting Church of Australia, NSW and ACT Synod (PDF 70KB)

  268. B&W Rural (PDF 65KB)
  269. Western Murray Irrigation Limited (PDF 125KB)
  270. Victorian Farmers Federation, Corryong Branch (PDF 123KB)
  271. Allan Haggarty (PDF 18KB)
  272. Jason Richardson (PDF 15KB)
  273. Peter Calabria (PDF 583KB)
  274. Bourke Shire Council (PDF 3373KB)
  275. Environmental Defenders Office (Victoria) (PDF 1122KB)
  276. 248.1 Supplementary to submission 248:
    Environmental Defenders Office (Victoria) (PDF 1086KB)

  277. The Hon. Tony Catanzariti MLC (PDF 646KB)
  278. Ian & Alice Holloway (PDF 47KB)
  279. David & Margaret Holloway (PDF 871KB)
  280. Chris Beale (PDF 869KB)
  281. Roderic Anderson (PDF 924KB)
  282. NSW Murray Darling Basin Catchment Management Authorities (PDF 883KB)
  283. Murrumbidgee Valley Food and Fibre Association (PDF 976KB)
  284. 255.1 Supplementary to submission 255:
    Murrumbidgee Valley Food and Fibre Association (PDF 609KB)

  285. Kitty Schiansky (PDF 945KB)
  286. Mark Coulton MP (PDF 704KB)
  287. The Jackson Group (PDF 881KB)
  288. Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 1062KB)
  289. Peter Davidson (PDF 920KB)
  290. Holbrook Seeds Pty Ltd (PDF 1823KB)
  291. WD & H Morgan (PDF 887KB)
  292. Barossa Infrastructure Ltd (PDF 1267KB)
  293. Australian Floodplain Association (PDF 961KB)
  294. Goondiwindi Regional Council (PDF 1037KB)
  295. Chris Miller (PDF 1050KB)
  296. Chris Stillard (PDF 1218KB)
  297. Lesley Fischer (PDF 1079KB)
  298. Paul Recher (PDF 880KB)
  299. Mallee Family Care (PDF 1280KB)
  300. 270.1 Supplementary to submission 270:
    Mallee Family Care (PDF 582KB)

  301. Geoff Croker (PDF 871KB)
  302. Allan Lieschke (PDF 947KB)
  303. Glen Andreazza (PDF 271KB)
  304. Clarence Valley Council (PDF 1409KB)
  305. West Corurgan Private Irrigation District (PDF 995KB)
  306. 275.1 Supplementary to submission 275:
    West Corurgan Private Irrigation District (PDF 221KB)

  307. Meredith Landale (PDF 951KB)
  308. Parliamentary-in-confidence
  309. Costa Exchange Pty Ltd (PDF 1299KB)
  310. KE McIntosh (PDF 2312KB)
  311. Border Rivers Food and Fibre (PDF 2147KB)
  312. 280.1 Supplementary to submission 280:
    Border Rivers Food and Fibre (PDF 1108KB)

  313. Murrumbidgee Private Irrigators Inc (PDF 906KB)
  314. Colin Bull (PDF 881KB)
  315. Quambone Pastoral Co. Pty Ltd (PDF 876KB)
  316. Stephen Tynan (PDF 908KB)
  317. 284.1 Supplementary to submission 284:
    Stephen Tynan (PDF 244KB)

  318. John & Esther Waters (PDF 928KB)
  319. Wakool River Association (PDF 946KB)
  320. Peter Randall (PDF 865KB)
  321. Wakool Landholders Association (PDF 962KB)
  322. FutureFlow (PDF 911KB)
  323. William Henshall (PDF 856KB)
  324. Berrigan Shire Council (PDF 2962KB)
  325. Peter Gill (PDF 888KB)
  326. Griffith Business Chamber (PDF 889KB)
  327. 293.1 Supplementary to submission 293:
    Griffith Business Chamber (PDF 144KB)

  328. Laura Andreazza (PDF 366KB)
  329. The Rural City of Wangaratta (PDF 1868KB)
  330. John Jamison (PDF 14KB)
  331. Darling River Action Group Inc (PDF 1267KB)
  332. Harry & Sue Ryder (PDF 907KB)
  333. Lorraine Elgar (PDF 923KB)
  334. Norm Brennan (PDF 876KB)
  335. Auscott Limited (PDF 1029KB)
  336. John Groutsch (PDF 870KB)
  337. Roger Shemilt (PDF 884KB)
  338. Namoi Water (PDF 1217KB)
  339. 304.1 Supplementary to submission 304:
    Namoi Water (PDF 117KB)

  340. Richard Lawson (PDF 933KB)
  341. Keith Norman (PDF 986KB)
  342. Peter Redfern (PDF 894KB)
  343. Renmark Paringa Council (PDF 777KB)
  344. High Security Irrigators Murrumbidgee (PDF 1464KB)
  345. Josephine Kelly (PDF 962KB)
  346. Peter & Rhonda Serpell (PDF 971KB)
  347. South Australian Council of Social Service (PDF 1208KB)
  348. Anthony Roddy (PDF 1007KB)
  349. Bruce Scott MP (PDF 996KB)
  350. The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health (PDF 956KB)
  351. A&L Jarvis (PDF 881KB)
  352. Environment Victoria (PDF 1945KB)
  353. Peter Cremasco (PDF 962KB)
  354. Sally Dye (PDF 885KB)
  355. The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility - Water Governance Research Initiative (PDF 1113KB)
  356. 320.1 Supplementary to submission 320:
    The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility - Water Governance Research Initiative (PDF 356KB)

  357. Bill Hetherington (PDF 926KB)
  358. Sandor von Kontz (PDF 870KB)
  359. Lin Crase (PDF 913KB)
  360. Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board (PDF 925KB)
  361. Hume, Loddon Mallee & Grampians Regional Development Australia Committees (PDF 2128KB)
  362. Regional Development Australia - Mid North Coast NSW (PDF 1265KB)
  363. Ian Boyle (PDF 880KB)
  364. Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (PDF 950KB)
  365. Wooloondool Farms (PDF 927KB)
  366. Dudley Marrows (PDF 245KB)
  367. Suzanne Robertson (PDF 970KB)
  368. Wayde Bartlett (PDF 974KB)
  369. Michael & Susanne Ryan (PDF 963KB)
  370. Booth Associates (PDF 187KB)
  371. Gerry & Giulia Vio (PDF 149KB)
  372. Josip Dekanic (PDF 215KB)
  373. Brian Walker (PDF 270KB)
  374. J.C. Wiltjer (PDF 1305KB)
  375. Noel Hicks (PDF 506KB)
  376. Berenice Murrie (PDF 1227KB)
  377. Kevin & June Shield (PDF 128KB)
  378. Richard Hazelton (PDF 116KB)
  379. 342.1 Supplementary to submission 342:
    Richard Hazelton (PDF 161KB)

  380. John McGrath (PDF 4127KB)
  381. Jean Gall (PDF 189KB)
  382. David Gall (PDF 140KB)
  383. Louise Gall (PDF 368KB)
  384. Mr & Mrs Bruce Brill (PDF 86KB)
  385. Alan McPhate (PDF 200KB)
  386. Victorian Farmers Federation, Kiewa Branch (PDF 736KB)
  387. Murray River Action Group Incorporated (PDF 44KB)
  388. 350.1 Supplementary to submission 350:
    Murray River Action Group Incorporated (PDF 98KB)

  389. Stan Dineen (PDF 767KB)
  390. 351.1 Supplementary to submission 351:
    Stan Dineen (PDF 1765KB)

  391. Carol Oataway (PDF 877KB)
  392. Greater Shepparton City Council (PDF 2088KB)
  393. Gordon & Phyllis Ball (PDF 895KB)
  394. P & JC Trevethan (PDF 880KB)
  395. Barry Hancock (PDF 900KB)
  396. Warren Muirhead (PDF 978KB)
  397. Col Shephard (PDF 882KB)
  398. Raymond & Karen Zanatta (PDF 883KB)
  399. Michael Stewardson & Edward Maltby (PDF 896KB)
  400. Greg Northover (PDF 943KB)
  401. Parliamentary-in-confidence
  402. Tom Mackerras (PDF 939KB)
  403. Australian Wetlands and Rivers Centre (PDF 908KB)
  404. Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Ltd (PDF 1248KB)
  405. The councils of Albury City, Corowa, Greater Hume & Urana Shires (PDF 4475KB)
  406. Malcolm Hill (PDF 179KB)
  407. Environmental Farmers Network (PDF 879KB)
  408. National Water Commission (PDF 1387KB)
  409. 369.1 Supplementary to submission 369:
    National Water Commission (PDF 2102KB)

  410. Citrus Australia Ltd (PDF 958KB)
  411. Hay Shire Council (PDF 525KB)
  412. 371.1 Supplementary to submission 371:
    Hay Shire Council (PDF 501KB)

  413. Regional Development Australia, Riverina NSW (PDF 1223KB)
  414. John & Elizabeth Tregenza (PDF 925KB)
  415. Birds Australia and Bird Observation & Conservation Australia (PDF 1213KB)
  416. Murrumbidgee Shire Council (PDF 935KB)
  417. Broken Hill City Council (PDF 1973KB)
  418. National Program for Sustainable Irrigation (PDF 593KB)
  419. Parliamentary-in-confidence
  420. North East Catchment Management Authority (PDF 483KB)
  421. Gilbert Silby (PDF 899KB)
  422. Municipal Association of Victoria (PDF 1117KB)
  423. John Burge (PDF 866KB)
  424. Lower Murray Water (PDF 2617KB)
  425. Sunraysia Counselling Service (PDF 967KB)
  426. Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority Inc (PDF 948KB)
  427. Caroona Coal Action Group (PDF 4408KB)
  428. Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 1277KB)
  429. National Parks Association of NSW, Armidale Branch (PDF 884KB)
  430. Ruth Trigg (PDF 893KB)
  431. Ricegrowers' Association of Australia Inc (PDF 1059KB)
  432. Gender Leadership and Social Sustainability Research Unit, Monash University (PDF 1102KB)
  433. Barrie MacMillan (PDF 908KB)
  434. 392.1 Supplementary to submission 392:
    Barrie MacMillan (PDF 16KB)

  435. Get Set Inc (PDF 1951KB)
  436. Mildura Future Water Group (PDF 1664KB)
  437. Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 1340KB)
  438. Laurence Lewin (PDF 924KB)
  439. Mildura Rural City Council (PDF 4316KB)
  440. Murray Irrigators Support Group (PDF 892KB)
  441. Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (PDF 1335KB)
  442. 399.1 Supplementary to submission 399:
    Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (PDF 3540KB)

    399.2 Supplementary to submission 399:
    Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (PDF 2626KB)

  443. Inovact Consulting (PDF 2045KB)
  444. Murray River Group of Councils & Greater Shepparton City Council (PDF 1629KB)
  445. 401.1 Supplementary to submission 401:
    Murray River Group of Councils & Greater Shepparton City Council (PDF 178KB)

  446. Murray Darling Association Inc (PDF 6176KB)
  447. 402.1 Supplementary to submission 402:
    Murray Darling Association Inc (PDF 62KB)

  448. AgForce Queensland (PDF 1011KB)
  449. Meredith Landale (PDF 951KB)
  450. 404.1 Supplementary to submission 404:
    Meredith Landale (PDF 909KB)

  451. Braithwaite and Co (PDF 970KB)
  452. Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (PDF 1006KB)
  453. Local Government Association of NSW & Shires Association of NSW (PDF 982KB)
  454. Water for Rivers (PDF 2189KB)
  455. 408.1 Supplementary to submission 408:
    Water for Rivers (PDF 957KB)

  456. Inland Rivers Network (PDF 2118KB)
  457. Denis Tinkler (PDF 878KB)
  458. Albury City (PDF 7141KB)
  459. 411.1 Supplementary to submission 411:
    Albury City (PDF 641KB)

  460. World Wildlife Fund Australia (PDF 1223KB)
  461. Balonne Shire Council (PDF 3258KB)
  462. Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition Inc (PDF 1043KB)
  463. Tandou Limited (PDF 1061KB)
  464. Griffith City Council (PDF 1019KB)
  465. Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association (PDF 637KB)
  466. Rubicon Water (PDF 1038KB)
  467. 418.1 Supplementary to submission 418:
    Rubicon Water (PDF 2046KB)

  468. Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd (PDF 1480KB)
  469. 419.1 Supplementary to submission 419:
    Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd (PDF 1166KB)

  470. NSW Business Chamber (PDF 1801KB)
  471. South Australian Murray Irrigators Inc (PDF 984KB)
  472. Parliamentary-in-confidence
  473. Darryn Clifton (PDF 903KB)
  474. Ian Mott (PDF 1448KB)
  475. AgriFood Skills Australia (PDF 942KB)
  476. The Australian Workers' Union (PDF 1252KB)
  477. Hume Regional Development Australia Committee (PDF 924KB)
  478. Split Rock Water Users Association (PDF 443KB)
  479. The Risorsa Group (PDF 1226KB)
  480. Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (PDF 2224KB)
  481. Frank Conway (PDF 2316KB)
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