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Charles Dixon's The Landing at Gallipoli

The landing at Gallipoli by Charles Dixon is a large-scale First World War narrative painting held in the Parliament House Art Collection depicting the landing of Australian and New Zealand Corps (ANZAC) soldiers in Gallipoli.

The scene captures both the intimate details and the sheer chaos of the experience for troops facing unexpected Turkish fire, a moment that became a key element of the inception of the enduring ANZAC narrative.

Dixon was given the difficult commission to translate the event into paint, an event that for many is hard to imagine without these depictions. This work was presented to the Parliament in 1917 by United Kingdom parliamentarian Austin Taylor, in memory of British and Australian soldiers who fought side-by-side in the First World War, and the sacrifices that were made on that day.

Charles Dixon

Charles Dixon (1872-1934) was a British painter who focused on maritime scenes in both oil and watercolour. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in London and many of his works are held in the National Maritime Museum in London. In 1900 he became a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours.

Charles Dixon (1872-1934),

The landing at Gallipoli, 1915

oil on canvas,
Official Gifts Collection,
Parliament House Art Collection.

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