Finance and Administration Portfolio

Budget Estimates 2004-05 — (May 2004)

Finance and Administration Portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (QoN) (PDF 329KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN Topic PDF format
F1 (AEC) Advertising (PDF 94KB)
F1 (DoFA & agencies) Advertising (PDF 40KB)
F2(1) Overseas study travel (PDF 443KB)
F2(2) Australian Political Exchange Council (PDF 62KB)
F3 ANAO follow-up audit on the Integrity of the electoral roll (PDF 238KB)
F4 Overseas study travel (PDF 37KB)
F5 Overseas study travel (PDF 46KB)
F6 Budget spending (PDF 353KB)
F7 Number of costed policies associated with budget spending since 2001 (PDF 112KB)
F8 Telstra dividend estimates (PDF 54KB)
F9-12 Payments to Telstra and Australia Post Superannuation Schemes (PDF 615KB)
F12 Breakdown of costs for Mr John Uhrig (PDF 42KB)
F14 Government Members' Secretariat (PDF 34KB)
F15 Members of Parliament staff (PDF 27KB)
F16-18 Government Members' Secretariat (PDF 88KB)
F19 Overseas travel (ministerial) (PDF 85KB)
F20 Certification on management report (PDF 85KB)
F21 AEC - correspondence from DEWR regarding the AEC's certified agreement (PDF 193KB)
F22 Overseas travel (PDF 32KB)
F23 Transaction figures for the past three federal elections (PDF 31KB)
F24 Enrolment of released prisoners (PDF 32KB)
F26 Location of polling booths (PDF 838KB)
F27 Overseas travel (MPs and Senators) (PDF 540KB)

Additional information and tabled documents

MOPS - Personal staff allocations for government, opposition and minor parties/independents, and former PMs - Tabled 26 May 2004 (PDF 281KB)
MOPS - Personal classifications - Tabled 26 May 2004 (PDF 72KB)
MOPS - Special advisers - Tabled 26 May 2004 (PDF 29KB)
Covering letter (dated 26 July 2004) accompanying answers to questions on notice - Received 26 July 2004 (PDF 51KB)
Covering letter (dated 29 July 2004) accompanying answers to questions on notice - Received 29 July 2004 (PDF 55KB)
Covering letter (dated 3 August 2004) accompanying answers to questions on notice - Received 3 August 2004 (PDF 46KB)

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