Parliamentary Departments

Parliamentary Departments

Index to questions on notice - (PDF 49KB)

Note: The committee set Friday, 15 April as the date for the return of answers to Questions on Notice.

Answers to Questions on Notice

QON Department Senator Topic PDF format Date answer received
1 Senate Fifield Sales of the Annotated Standing Orders of the Australian Senate (PDF 233KB) 21/02/2011
2 Senate Kroger Comparative figures on Committee References (PDF 377KB) 21/02/2011
3 Senate Cormann Broadcasting from Room 1R1 (PDF 134KB) 21/03/2011
4 Senate Polley Inquiry References to Senate Committees for the last decade (PDF 4KB) 21/03/2011
5 Senate Abetz Goods and Services obtained from the ACTU (PDF 4KB) 21/03/2011
6 DPS Ronaldson Review of staffing levels within the Parliamentary Library (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
7 DPS Ronaldson Director Law and Bills Digest (PDF 6KB) 06/04/2011
8 DPS Ronaldson Acting Director Economics Section (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
9 DPS Parry Passholders at APH (PDF 8KB) 06/04/2011
10 DPS Parry Exemptions to security screenings (PDF 8KB) 06/04/2011
11 DPS Fifield Exemptions to security screenings (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
12 DPS Faulkner Car parking pressures at Parliament House (PDF 8KB) 06/04/2011
13 DPS Parry Independent assessment of the Parliament House catering service (PDF 8KB) 06/04/2011
14 DPS Kroger Water features at Parliament House (PDF 6KB) 06/04/2011
15 DPS Humphries Elevator technician (PDF 9KB) 06/04/2011
16 DPS Fifield Elevator technician (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
17 DPS Ryan Workload on IT after power switch-off during breaks (PDF 9KB) 06/04/2011
18 DPS Parry Blue flashing lights on BlackBerrys (PDF 8KB) 06/04/2011
19 DPS Parry DPS employees directly related to IT / IT support (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
20 DPS Polley Hansard outsourcing - security measures (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
21 DPS Ludlam Video-conferencing (PDF 8KB) 06/04/2011
22 DPS Fifield Artworks consultancy on AusTender (PDF 22KB) 06/04/2011
23 DPS Fifield Artworks purchases (PDF 14KB) 06/04/2011
24 DPS Humphries Solar panel trial (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
25 DPS Faulkner Original cost of the billiard tables (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
26 DPS Faulkner Billiard tables at Parliament House (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
27 DPS Faulkner Heritage assessments of billiard tables at Parliament House (PDF 1449KB) 06/04/2011
28 DPS Abetz Business dealings with ACTU (PDF 7KB) 06/04/2011
29 DPS Siewert Workplace Bullying (PDF 11KB) 06/04/2011

Additional information and tabled documents

Dr Rosemary Laing, Clerk, Department of the Senate, Report to the Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee on Senate Committee Activities, received 15 February 2011 (PDF 187KB)
Department of Parliamentary Services, Breakdown of Parliament House pass holders, tabled 21 February 2011 (PDF 28KB)

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