Human Services portfolio

Human Services portfolio

Index to questions on notice - (PDF 99KB)

Note: The committee set Friday, 26 March 2010 for the return of answers to Questions on Notice.

Answers to Questions on Notice


Department / Agency



Answer to QoN

Date answer received

HS 1 (a-b) DHS Kroger CPS customers with invalid addresses (PDF 46KB) 29/03/10
HS 2 (a-b) DHS Kroger Income minimiser investigations (PDF 57KB) 29/03/10
HS 3 DHS Kroger CPS staff working in investigations (PDF 32KB) 29/03/10
HS 4 DHS Kroger Unemployed carers (PDF 27KB) 29/03/10
HS 5 DHS Fifield Percentage of separated parents who are CSA clients (PDF 38KB) 29/03/10
HS 6 DHS Collins Number of children with respect to child support dept (PDF 29KB) 29/03/10
HS 7 DHS Fifield Statistical data on payers and payees (PDF 29KB) 29/03/10
HS 8 DHS Fifield Co-located offices (PDF 62KB) 15/04/10
HS 9 DHS Fifield Co-location costs (PDF 21KB) 01/04/10
HS 10 DHS Fifield Payout of leases to facilitate co-location (PDF 20KB) 01/04/10
HS 11 DHS Fifield Co-location criteria (PDF 100KB) 01/04/10
HS 12 DHS Fifield Co-location criteria (PDF 164KB) 15/04/10
HS 13 DHS Fifield Physical Locations of offices and lease details (PDF 11207KB) 26/05/10
HS 14 DHS Abetz Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (PDF 30KB) 29/03/10
HS 15 DHS Abetz Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (PDF 22KB) 29/03/10
HS 16 DHS Abetz Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (PDF 22KB) 29/03/10
HS 17 DHS Boyce Same-Sex Couples (PDF 26KB) 29/03/10
HS 18 DHS Boyce Same-Sex Relationships (PDF 14KB) 25/03/10
HS 19 DHS Boyce Member of a Couple Compliance Activity, Same-sex Couples (PDF 42KB) 15/04/10
HS 20 DHS Boyce Same-Sex couples, Public Tip-offs (PDF 18KB) 29/03/10
HS 21 DHS Fifield Digital Television Switchover - Household Assistance Scheme Letter to Potentially Eligible Households (PDF 290KB) 29/03/10
HS 21b DHS Boyce Digital television switchover - Household Assistance Scheme (PDF 98KB) 01/04/10
HS 22 DHS Boyce Disability Support Pension (PDF 27KB) 25/03/10
HS 23 DHS Boyce School Enrolment and Attendance Measure (PDF 18KB) 25/03/10
HS 24 DHS Fifield Characteristics of Disability Support Pension Recipients (PDF 24KB) 6/05/2010
HS 25a DHS Fifield Disability Support Pension (PDF 31KB) 25/03/10
HS 25b DHS Fifield Disability Support Pension (PDF 26KB) 25/03/10
HS 25c DHS Fifield Disability Support Pension (PDF 22KB) 25/03/10
HS 26 DHS Fifield Centrelink People (PDF 22KB) 01/04/10
HS 27 DHS Fifield Centrelink People (PDF 34KB) 15/04/10
HS 28a DHS Fifield Australian Disability Enterprises (PDF 32KB) 15/04/2010
HS 29a DHS Fifield Fraud Investigation (PDF 21KB) 29/0320/10
HS 29b DHS Fifield Fraud Investigation (PDF 24KB) 29/03/2010
HS 29c DHS Fifield Fraud Investigation (PDF 13KB) 29/03/2010
HS 30 DHS Fifield Public Tip-offs 2006-07 Financial Year (PDF 17KB) 29/03/2010
HS 31a DHS Fifield Parenting Payment (PDF 27KB) 29/03/2010
HS 31b DHS Fifield, Moore Centrelink Client Mailouts (PDF 96KB) 29/03/2010
HS 32a DHS Ryan Complaints to the Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 21KB) 01/04/10
HS 32b DHS Ryan Annual satisfaction research (PDF 34KB) 18/05/2010
HS 33 DHS Ryan Satisfaction research data (PDF 21KB) 18/05/2010
HS 34 DHS Fifield Compliance funding and staff numbers (PDF 29KB) 15/04/2010
HS 35 DHS Fifield Monies recovered (PDF 37KB) 15/04/2010
HS 36 DHS Fifield Practitioners subject to search warrants (PDF 130KB) 01/04/2010
HS 37 DHS Fifield Electronic Medicare Claiming (PDF 48KB) 18/05/2010
HS 38 DHS Ryan Staffing levels (PDF 100KB) 5/06/2010
HS 39 DHS Barnett Staff Recruitment (PDF 77KB) 18/05/2010
HS 40 DHS Ryan Staffing- Efficiency Dividend (PDF 58KB) 15/04/2010
HS 41 DHS Ryan Consultancies (PDF 162KB) 11/05/2010
HS 42 DHS Barnett Consultancies (PDF 152KB) 15/04/2010
HS 43 DHS Ryan Electorate data (PDF 14KB) 6/05/2010
HS 44 DHS Ryan Discretionary Grants (PDF 14KB) 29/03/2010
HS 45 DHS Barnett Discretionary Grants (PDF 13KB) 29/03/2010
HS 46 DHS Ryan Reports Commissioned by Department (PDF 17KB) 6/05/2010
HS 47 DHS Ryan Election Commitments (PDF 21KB) 29/03/10
HS 48 DHS Ryan Advertising and Marketing (PDF 26KB) 15/04/10
HS 49 DHS Ryan Ministerial pressure on APS staff (PDF 23KB) 04/04/2010
HS 50 DHS Ryan Breaches of the APSC Code of Conduct (PDF 81KB) 01/04/2010
HS 51 DHS Ryan Breaches of Code of Conduct by ministerial staff (PDF 12KB) 29/03/10
HS 52 DHS Barnett Government Advertising (PDF 28KB) 15/04/10
HS 53 DHS Barnett Hospitality (PDF 21KB) 29/03/10
HS 54 DHS Barnett Freedom of Information (PDF 17KB) 29/03/10
HS 55 DHS Barnett Community Cabinet (PDF 66KB) 6/05/2010
HS 56 DHS Barnett Agency Reviews (PDF 22KB) 6/05/2010
HS 57 DHS Kroger Customer Fraud (PDF 41KB) 29/03/10
HS 58 DHS Kroger Improving Compliance program (PDF 24KB) 29/03/10
HS 59 DHS Kroger Litigation action to recover payments (PDF 43KB) 29/03/10
HS 60 DHS Kroger International Dept (PDF 32KB) 29/03/10
HS 61 DHS Siewert Child Support review (PDF 38KB) 29/03/10
HS 62 DHS Siewert Reviews of Centrelink Decisions (PDF 49KB) 15/04/10
HS 63 DHS Fifield Disability support pension (PDF 62KB) 01/04/10
HS 64 DHS Kroger Cataract surgery (PDF 23KB) 06/04/10
HS 65 DHS Boyce Property Value Checks for Disability Support Pensioners (PDF 32KB) 29/03/10
HS 66a DHS Fifield Centrelink people (PDF 24KB) 01/04/10
HS 66b DHS Fifield Senior Executive Level Staff at 31 January 2010 and 2007 (PDF 16KB) 15/04/10


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