Parliamentary Departments

Additional Estimates 2003-04 — (Februuary 2004)

Parliamentary Departments

Index to Questions on Notice (QoN) (PDF 90KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

[QoN] [Topic] [PDF format]
P1 Works activity in the Government Members Secretariat (PDF 40KB)
P2 Events not approved (PDF 312KB)

Additional information and tabled documents

[Topic] [PDF format]
Correction of evidence relating to a question asked about the owner of the 'black rods', which were being auctioned from a gallery in Melbourne - Received 18 February 2004 (PDF 35KB)
Portfolio Additional Estimates Statement, Department of Parliamentary Services (PDF 80KB)
Covering letter from Department of Parliamentary Services re questions on notice (PDF 37KB)
Letter from Department of Parliamentary Services providing additional information re Parliamentary Librarian, ICT problems and the forecourt scoria (PDF 172KB)

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