Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Questions on notice index: (PDF 718KB)

Answers were due 4 December 2015.

Answers to Questions on Notice
QoN no. Division/Agency View File Date received
1-12 Corporate Services Division (PDF 193KB) 04/02/2016
13-72 Infrastructure Investment Division (PDF 1530KB) 04/02/2016
73-75 Australian Rail Track Corporation (PDF 72KB) 04/02/2016
76-77 Infrastructure Australia (PDF 37KB) 04/02/2016
78-89 Airservices Australia (PDF 145KB) 04/02/2016
90-103 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PDF 162KB) 04/02/2016
104-111 Aviation and Airports Division (PDF 184KB) 04/02/2016
112-120 Australian Transport Safety Bureau (PDF 2929KB) 04/02/2016
121-124 Office of Transport Security Division (PDF 44KB) 04/02/2016
125-126 Australian Maritime Safety Authority (PDF 35KB) 04/02/2016
127-135 Policy and Research Division (PDF 6568KB) 04/02/2016
136-146 Surface Transport Policy Division (PDF 160KB) 04/02/2016
147-151 Local Government and Territories Division (PDF 100KB) 04/02/2016
152-153 Western Sydney Unit Division (PDF 34KB) 04/02/2016
154-158 National Capital Authority (PDF 122KB) 04/02/2016
159-161 National Transport Commission (PDF 38KB) 04/02/2016

Tabled Documents View File
1.) Document titled 'Tasmania funding comparison:: 14-15 May Budget vs 15-16 May Budget. Tabled by Mr Mike Mrdak, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. (PDF 80KB)
2.) Document titled 'Major Container Shipping Ports and Container Ship Dimensions'. Tabled by Senator Alex Gallacher. (PDF 976KB)

Additional information and clarification of evidence

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