Department of Infrastructure and Transport

Department of Infrastructure and Transport

Questions on notice index: PDF 479KB

Answers are due Friday 7 December 2012

Answers to Questions on Notice
QoN No. Division/Agency View File Attachments
01 - 54 Corporate Services (CORP) PDF 415KB  
55 - 63 Infrastructure Australia (IA) PDF 61KB  
64 - 113 Nation Building–Infrastructure Investment (NBII) PDF 4747KB PDF 19331KB
114 - 121 Surface Transport Policy (STP) PDF 59KB PDF 1656KB
122 - 125  Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) PDF 30KB  
126 - 129 Policy & Research PDF 31KB  
130 Major Cities Unit (MCU) PDF 17KB  
131 - 133 

Office of Transport Security (OTS)

PDF 24KB  
134 - 144 Aviation and Airports (AAA) PDF 122KB  
145 - 147  Airservices Australia (AA) PDF 32KB  
148 - 156  Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) PDF 104KB PDF 638KB
PDF 1402KB
157 - 160  Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) PDF 34KB  

Tabled Documents View File
1. 'Keep Australia Afloat', tabled by Senator Abetz. (PDF 743KB)
2. 'Pre-Lease Opportunities - Custom Designed and Built to Requirements - Link Road at Bankstown Airport, tabled by Senator Fawcett. (PDF 327KB)
3. Correspondence from the Hon Brad Hazzard MP, NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Minister Assisting the Premier on Infrastructure NSW, tabled by Senator Humphries. (PDF 199KB)
4. Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure, minutes of 2nd meeting on 18 May 2012, tabled by Mr Mike Mrdak, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Transport. (PDF 70KB)

Additional Information and Hansard corrections

View File

1. Correspondence received from Mr John McCormick, Director of Aviation Safety, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, clarifying evidence given on 16 October 2012. (PDF 104KB)
2. Correspondence received from Mr Mike Mrdak, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Transport, in relation to the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure. (PDF 1913KB)
3. Correspondence received from Mr Andrew Clark, Chief Financial Officer, Airservices Australia, clarifying evidence given in relation to the Queensland Scouts at Archerfield Airport. (PDF 32KB)

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