Attorney-General's Portfolio

Supplementary Budget Estimates 2008-2009 (October 2008)

Attorney-General's Portfolio

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1 Attorney-General's Department

Attorney_General's Portfolio Appointments - 24 June to 29 September 2008

(PDF 121KB)
2 Attorney-General's Department

Attachment A - Grant Recipients

(PDF 345KB)
3 Attorney-General's Department

11 October 2008 - Judicial Conference of Australia Colloquium Dinner

(PDF 137KB)
4 Senator Barnett

"Burch and Ellis slam hiring process" The Examiner, Friday 17 October 2008

(PDF 184KB)
5 Attorney-General's Department

News Release "Government Improvements to Native Title System" 102/2008, 17 October

(PDF 54KB)
6 Attorney-General's Department

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights "Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women - Membership"

(PDF 204KB)
7 Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Workload Information

(PDF 353KB)
8 Senator Joyce

Advertisements which deserve higher/refused classification

(PDF 151KB)
9 Attorney-General's Department

Hansard, 6 March 2008, South Australian Parliament Computer Games Classification

(PDF 118KB)
10 Family Court of Australia

Judicial Appointments and Retirements

(PDF 159KB)
11 Family Court of Australia

Reconciliation of Dept Appropriations for 2007/08 and 2008/09

(PDF 55KB)
12 Family Court of Australia

Terms of Reference - Family Court of Western Australia

(PDF 36KB)
13 Family Court of Australia

Attrition Rates and Case Clearance in the FCoA

(PDF 97KB)
14 Family Court of Australia

Client Feedback and Complaints

(PDF 77KB)
15 Family Court of Australia

Family Court Judicial Complaints Procedure

(PDF 124KB)
16 Federal Magistrates Court of Australia

National Filling Statistics

(PDF 65KB)
17 Federal Magistrates Court of Australia

Judicial Officers

(PDF 112KB)
18 Federal Magistrates Court of Australia

Funding Model and Expenditure Breakdown

(PDF 45KB)


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