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Supplementary Budget Estimates 2008-09 (October 2008)

Attorney-General's Portfolio

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1 Trood CSG (HR) Departmental staffing (PDF 8KB)
2 Trood CSG (CG&C) Ministerial travel expenditure (PDF 15KB)
3 Trood CSG (PAB) Government advertising and communications programs (PDF 14KB)
4 Brandis CRJD Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing public awareness campaign (PDF 5KB)
5 Brandis SCID Homeland and Border Security Review (PDF 4KB)
6 Barnett Executive Reviews undertaken by Department (PDF 11KB)
7 Barnett CSG (PAB) Cost of media monitoring (PDF 4KB)
8 Barnett AGD All Divns (coord M&PS) Departmental hospitality expenditure (PDF 8KB)
9 Barnett CSG (M&PS) Ministerial hospitality expenditure (PDF 5KB)
10 Barnett FSG Consultancies (PDF 13KB)
11 Barnett FSG Discretionary grants (PDF 173KB)
12 Barnett FSG Initiatives and measures that ceased on 30 June 2008 (PDF 5KB)
13 Barnett CJD Submission to Remuneration Tribunal (PDF 4KB) attachment (PDF 763KB)
14 Barnett CJD Working group examining the feasibility of establishing a national judicial complaints-handling mechanism (PDF 5KB)
15 Barnett CJD Judicial complaints mechanism process (PDF 4KB)
16 Brandis CHRCD Recommendations from 2020 Summit (PDF 4KB)
17 Hanson-Young CHRCD National community consultation into the protection of human rights in Australia (PDF 5KB)
18 Barnett CHRCD National community consultation into the protection of human rights in Australia (PDF 5KB)
19 Brandis CJD Delivery of family law services by the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court


20 Barnett CJD Judicial appointment processes (PDF 5KB)
21 Brandis CJD Appointment of Chief Justice of the High Court (PDF 3KB)
22 Brandis CJD Appointment of Chief Justice of the High Court (PDF 4KB)
23 Barnett CJD Appointment of Chief Justice and Judge of the High Court (PDF 4KB)
24 Barnett LSPPSD Cost of legal services provided to the Government (PDF 5KB)
25 Trood OIL Legal advice regarding Iran (PDF 5KB)
26 Barnett NNTT National Case Flow Management Scheme (PDF 10KB)
27 Barnett TNTD 2008 Review of Funding of the Native Title System (PDF 5KB)
28 Barnett TNTD Working Group on Native Title Payments (PDF 4KB)
29 Barnett NNTT Applications by the Wik and Wik Way People (PDF 7KB)
30 Barnett TNTD Outstanding Native Title claims (PDF 9KB)
31 Brandis ALRC Potential references (PDF 6KB)
32 Joyce CHRCD Penalties (PDF 59KB)
33 Joyce CHRCD Penalties (PDF 59KB)
34 Joyce Classification Board Audits (PDF 7KB)
35 Joyce CHRCD Recent research (PDF 4KB)
36 Marshall Classification Board Submittable publications (PDF 8KB)
37 Fierravanti-Wells CHRCD Classification Review Board (PDF 10KB)
38 Brandis Family Court Applications for Final Orders and trial length

(PDF 12KB)

39 Brandis CJD Impact of efficiency dividend on the Family Court (PDF 4KB)
40 Barnett CJD/Family Court Family Court's Annual Report 2006-07 (PDF 6KB)
41 Barnett Family Court Complaint handling


42 Brandis CJD Accessibility and effectiveness of the federal justice system (PDF 4KB)
43 Brandis CJD Accessibility and effectiveness of the federal justice system (PDF 4KB)
44 Brandis Federal Court Procedural reforms (PDF 6KB)
45 Fierravanti-Wells Federal Court Number of matters filed (PDF 5KB)
46 Barnett AHRC Name change (PDF 3KB)
47 Barnett AHRC Name change (PDF 4KB)
48 Barnett AHRC Name change (PDF 5KB)
49 Barnett AHRC Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century project (PDF 5KB)
50 Fierravanti-Wells AHRC Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century project (PDF 5KB)
51 Siewert AHRC Impact of efficiency dividend (PDF 6KB)
52 Barnett AUSTRAC Global financial crisis (PDF 4KB)
53 Humphries EMA Coordination with States and Territories of a response to a major national disaster (PDF 8KB)
54 Brandis LSPPSD Advice on measures announced by Government to address the global financial crisis (PDF 4KB)
55 Fielding AFP AFP Review of its response to the disappearance and subsequent location of Ms Britt Lapthorne (PDF 6KB)
56 Boswell CSG (M&PS) Government's response to climate change (PDF 4KB)
57 Brown CJD Indigenous counselling service - Indigerelate (PDF 9KB)
58 Ludlam CHRCD Refusal of classification on the basis that material 'advocates' terrorism (PDF 4KB)
59 Fifield CHRCD Classification of electronic games (PDF 9KB)
60 Abetz OIL Submission to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (PDF 7KB)
61 Ludlam IJLAD Introduction and amendment to legislation relating to terrorism and terror-related offences (PDF 6KB)
62 Ludlam IJLAD Review of the Commonwealth Community Legal Services Programme (PDF 16KB)
63 Ludlam IJLAD Community legal centres (PDF 6KB)
64 Ludlam CRJD Organisations under Division 102 of the Criminal Code (PDF 13KB)
65 Ludlam SCID Dr Mohammed Haneef case (PDF 5KB)
66 Ludlam SCID Recommendations made by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PDF 11KB)
67 Ludlam SCID Support to Burmese officials (PDF 9KB)
68 Ludlam SCID Surveillance operations by Commonwealth law enforcement agencies (PDF 4KB)
69 Humphries  EMA Report - Review of Australia's ability to respond to and recover from catastrophic disasters (PDF 7KB)
70 Humphries EMA National emergency management plans (PDF 13KB)
71 Ludlam PSCC Counter terrorism exercises (PDF 6KB)
72 Cormann ACC Intelligence analysts employed in the WA office (PDF 4KB)
73 Cormann ACC Workload (PDF 5KB)
74 Siewert ACC National Indigenous Violence and Child Abuse Intelligence Task Force (PDF 6KB)
75 Barnett ACC Funding (PDF 5KB)
76 Barnett ACC Resources from State and Territory forces (PDF 6KB)
77 Hanson-Young AFP Staff allocated to combat trafficking of persons (PDF 7KB)
78 Brown AFP Seizing of Paula Doneman's mobile phone records (PDF 6KB)
79 Ludlam AFP Funding for Output 1.3 - Terrorism (PDF 11KB)
80 Ludlam AFP Dr Mohammed Haneef case (PDF 10KB)
81 Ludlam AFP Support to Burmese regime (PDF 11KB)
82 Ludlam AFP Covert surveillance and infiltration of peace, environment, climate change and animal rights groups (PDF 5KB)
83 Ludlam AFP Surveillance of ethnic communities (PDF 6KB)
84 Barnett AFP Establishment of the Office of National Security (PDF 6KB)
85 Barnett AFP Additional sworn officers for the AFP (PDF 6KB)
86 Barnett AFP Air Security Officer Network Program (PDF 5KB)
87 Barnett AFP Legislation outlining powers available to officers conducting terror investigations (PDF 11KB)
88 Barnett AFP Counter terrorism training exercises (PDF 4KB)
89 Barnett AFP National police workforce planning study (PDF 5KB)
90 Barnett AFP Role of AFP in response to the disappearance of Ms Britt Lapthorne (PDF 10KB)
91 Barnett AFP Development of a national police registration scheme (PDF 6KB)
92 Fierravanti-Wells AFP New Year's Eve function at Kirribilli House (PDF 10KB)
93 Fierravanti-Wells AFP AFP gymnasiums (PDF 19KB)
94 Fierravanti-Wells AFP Efficiency dividend (PDF 11KB)
95 Fierravanti-Wells AGS Legal and related services to Australian Government departments and agencies (PDF 11KB)
96 Hanson-Young AHRC Discussions with the Attorney-General's Department (PDF 3KB)
97 Hanson-Young AHRC Community consultation process (PDF 4KB)
98 Hanson-Young AHRC Discrimination legislation (PDF 3KB)
99 Brown ASIO Mr Mamdouh Habib's transfer to Egypt (PDF 13KB)
100 Ludlam ASIO Informal interviews (PDF 11KB)
101 Ludlam ASIO Covert surveillance and infiltration of peace, environment and animal rights groups (PDF 6KB)
102 Brown ASIO Mr Mamdouh Habib's transfer to Egypt (PDF 10KB)
103 Ludlam AUSTRAC New anti-money laundering laws (PDF 10KB)
104 Barnett CrimTrac Aviation and maritime security identification card holders (PDF 12KB)
105 Barnett CrimTrac Automated Number Plate Recognition system (PDF 7KB)
106 Abetz Customs Legal action against Japan on the issue of whaling (PDF 4KB)
107 Abetz Customs Customs Officers on the Oceanic Viking (PDF 4KB)
108 Abetz Customs Legislative forfeitures in the Torres Strait (PDF 4KB)
109 Abetz Customs Coastal surveillance operated by Border Protection Command (PDF 5KB)
110 Fierravanti-Wells Customs Operational hours of surveillance (PDF 5KB)
111 Fierravanti-Wells Customs Efficiency dividend (PDF 4KB)
112 Heffernan/Adams Customs Passenger movement charge (PDF 12KB)
113 Abetz OPC Fuelwatch legislation (PDF 6KB)
114 Fierravanti-Wells OPC Workload (PDF 4KB)
115 Fierravanti-Wells OPC Drafting timetable (PDF 5KB) attachment (PDF 36KB)
116 Barnett AFP Airport security (PDF 5KB)

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