Immigration & Citizenship Portfolio

Budget Estimates 2008-2009 (May 2008)

Immigration & Citizenship Portfolio

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Tabled Documents:

Question on Notice Index: (Excel 70KB)

QoN Senator Agency/Branch Topic View
1 Barnett MRT/RRT Complaints (PDF 12KB)
2 Barnett MRT/MRT Members locations (PDF 12KB)
3 Barnett MRT/RRT Appointment process (PDF 13KB)
4 Ellison MRT/RRT Staffing reductions (PDF 8KB)
5 Ellison DIAC Efficiency dividend (PDF 14KB)
6 Ellison DIAC Efficiency dividend (PDF 9KB)
9 Migration DIAC Migration (PDF 8KB)
10 Ellison DIAC Australia-China free trade agreement (PDF 9KB)
11 Ellison DIAC Staffing (PDF 9KB)
12 Nettle DIAC Ombudsman cases (PDF 8KB)
13 Ellison DIAC Legislation drafting (PDF 16KB)
14 Barnett DIAC Regulation decisions (PDF 8KB)
      Attachment (Excel 96KB)
15 Ellison DIAC Citizens re-entering the country (PDF 8KB)
16 Ellison DIAC 2008-09 skills stream (PDF 25KB)
17 Ellison DIAC Visa classes (PDF 26KB)
18 Ellison DIAC Waiting times (PDF 14KB)
19 Ellison DIAC Visa Applications (PDF 13KB)
20 Ellison DIAC Regional Universities (PDF 8KB)
21 Nettle DIAC Deaths of 457 visa holders (PDF 12KB)
22 Nettle DIAC Deaths of 457 visa holders (PDF 9KB)
23 Ellison DIAC 351 visa categories (PDF 14KB)
24 Ellison DIAC Bridging visas (PDF 8KB)
25 Ellison DIAC 351 visas (PDF 15KB)
26 Barnett DIAC Ministerial intervention powers (PDF 8KB)
      Attachment (PDF 14KB)
27 Barnett DIAC Ministerial intervention (PDF 14KB)
28 Barnett DIAC Ministerial interventions (PDF 8KB)
29 Nettle DIAC Ministerial interventions (PDF 8KB)
30 Ellison DIAC 457 visa caseload (PDF 8KB)
31 Barnett DIAC Outreach officers (PDF 13KB)
32 Ellison DIAC Labour agreements (PDF 13KB)
33 Ellison DIAC English language tests (PDF 11KB)
34 Barnett DIAC 457 visas (PDF 8KB)
35 Barnett DIAC Budget information pack (PDF 8KB)
      Attachment 1 (PDF 38KB)
      Attachment 2 (PDF 18KB)
      Attachment 3 (PDF 16KB)
      Attachment 4 (PDF 18KB)
      Attachment 5 (PDF 25KB)
36 Barnett DIAC Skilled migration stream (PDF 8KB)
37 Barnett DIAC Migration program consultation (PDF 96KB)
38 Barnett DIAC Skilled migrant settlement (PDF 13KB)
39 Ellison DIAC Trucking industry report  
40 Ellison DIAC Agricultural Production Working Group (PDF 8KB)
41 Ellison DIAC Taxation for Superyacht crews (PDF 11KB)
42 Ellison DIAC Health requirement programs (PDF 18KB)
43 Ellison DIAC EOM (PDF 9KB)
44 Barnett DIAC Humanitarian Entrants (PDF 9KB)
45 Ellison DIAC Displaced persons program (PDF 18KB)
46 Ellison DIAC 501 visas (PDF 9KB)
47 Ellison DIAC Litigation costs (PDF 9KB)
48 Nettle DIAC Christmas Island Detention Centre (PDF 8KB)
49 Nettle DIAC Christmas Island Detention Centre (PDF 8KB)
50 Nettle DIAC Indonesian Detention Centres (PDF 9KB)
51 Ellison DIAC Detention standards (PDF 8KB)
      Attachment (PDF 91KB)
52 Ellison DIAC Illegal Foreign Fishers (PDF 8KB)
53 Ellison DIAC Immigration transit centre in Melbourne (PDF 8KB)
54 Ellison DIAC Self harm incidents (PDF 8KB)
55 Ellison DIAC Escapes from immigration detention (PDF 8KB)
56 Ellison DIAC Detention of people with criminal backgrounds (PDF 8KB)
57 Ellison DIAC Leasing arrangements for humanitarian entrants (PDF 9KB)
58 Ellison DIAC SOP costs (PDF 8KB)
59 Ellison DIAC Child migrants trust (PDF 8KB)
60 Ellison DIAC AMEP (PDF 8KB)
61 Ellison DIAC Employment pathways program (PDF 8KB)
62 Ellison DIAC Translators and interpreters (PDF 8KB)
63 Ellison DIAC Citizenship testing locations (PDF 12KB)
64 Ellison DIAC Overseas locations of testing centres (PDF 8KB)
65 Barnett/Nettle DIAC Citizenship testing (PDF 13KB)
66 Barnett DIAC Citizenship testing (PDF 13KB)
67 Ellison DIAC Citizenship support (PDF 8KB)
68 Nettle DIAC Foreign citizenship tests (PDF 12KB)
69 Barnett DIAC Citizenship taskforce program of activities (PDF 17KB)
70 Barnett DIAC Citizenship testing (PDF 8KB)
71 Barnett DIAC Citizenship ceremonies (PDF 13KB)
72 Barnett DIAC Citizenship Review Group (PDF 8KB)
73 Barnett DIAC Living in Harmony Programs (PDF 9KB)
      Attachment 1 (PDF 12KB)
74 Barnett DIAC Living In Harmony Program (PDF 9KB)
75 Barnett DIAC Living In Harmony Program (PDF 8KB)
76 Barnett DIAC Living in Harmony Program (PDF 12KB)
77 Barnett DIAC Living in Harmony Program (PDF 8KB)
78 Barnett DIAC Living in Harmony Program (PDF 8KB)
79 Barnett DIAC Visa over stayers (PDF 8KB)
80 Barnett DIAC Ministerial decisions (PDF 8KB)
81 Ellison DIAC Community Liaison Officer (PDF 8KB)
      Attachment 1 (PDF 296KB)
82 Ellison DIAC Living in Harmony Program (PDF 9KB)
83 Ellison DIAC Values Statement (PDF 8KB)
84 Nettle DIAC Living in Harmony Program (PDF 8KB)
85 Boswell DIAC 457 visas (PDF 17KB)
86 Crossin DIAC Overseas Development Assistance (PDF 39KB)
87 Stott Despoja DIAC Privacy assessment of border security portal (PDF 12KB)
88 Fierravanti-Wells DIAC Appointments (PDF 12KB)
89 Fierravanti-Wells DIAC DIAC programs by electorate (PDF 9KB)
90 Fierravanti-Wells DIAC ALP election promises (PDF 8KB)
91 Fierravanti-Wells DIAC 'Union strategy document' (PDF 8KB)
92 Fierravanti-Welss DIAC Refugees (PDF 16KB)
93 Ellison DIAC College of Immigration (PDF 18KB)
94 Ellison DIAC Skilled visas (PDF 8KB)
      Attachment (PDF 235KB)
95 Ellison DIAC Excise of islands from migration zone (PDF 8KB)
96 Ellison DIAC 501 cases (PDF 10KB)
97 Ellison DIAC Christmas Island Detention Centre (PDF 8KB)
98 Ellison DIAC Christmas Island Detention Centre (PDF 8KB)
99 Ellison DIAC Christmas Island Detention Centre (PDF 8KB)


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