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Budget Estimates 2008-2009 (May 2008)

Attorney-General's Portfolio

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Letters of Correction/Clarification

Question on Notice Index:

QoN Senator Dept/Agency Topic View
1 Nettle AFP AFP involvement in Habib interview (PDF 10KB)
2 Nettle AFP AFP contact with Habib in Guantanamo Bay (PDF 10KB)
3 Nettle AFP Information provided or received about Habib (PDF 10KB)
4 Barnett AFP Cyber safety initiative (PDF 9KB)
5 Barnett AFP Child protection policy discussion paper (PDF 11KB)
6 Nettle AFP Transfer of Habib to Egypt (PDF 10KB)
7 Nettle AFP Woodside Petroleum investigation (PDF 10KB)
8 Brandis AFP Election commitment to increase in AFP officer numbers (PDF 10KB)
9 Brandis AFP Olympic Torch relay (PDF 10KB)
10 Brandis AFP Olympic Torch relay (PDF 10KB)
11 Trood AFP Olympic Torch relay (PDF 11KB)
12 Barnett AFP Staffing for drug interdiction matters (PDF 10KB)
13 Barnett AFP Specialist ATS response team (PDF 15KB)
14 Barnett AFP Production of heroin in Burma (PDF 13KB)
15 Brandis AFP Clarke Inquiry (PDF 9KB)
16 Brandis AFP Street Inquiry Recommendation 9 (PDF 10KB)
17 Bartlett ASIO Protection visa applications (PDF 10KB)
18 Trood ASIO Street Report Recommendation 4 (PDF 10KB)
      Revised answer (PDF 158KB)
19 Barnett CrimTrac ANCOR system (PDF 7KB)
20 Stott-Despoja CrimTrac Automated Number Plate Recognition Scoping (PDF 16KB)
21 Stott-Despoja CrimTrac National Portable Biometric Identification project (PDF 22KB)
22 Stott-Despoja CrimTrac National Facial Recognition (PDF 28KB)
23 Stott-Despoja CrimTrac National Police Reference System (PDF 26KB)
24 Stott-Despoja CrimTrac National Policing Information Systems and Services (PDF 20KB)
25 Barnett DPP Breakdown of staff location (PDF 10KB)
26 Barnett DPP Haneef inquiry resources (PDF 10KB)
27 Barnett ACC Cases in which the ACC has been sued (PDF 4KB)
28 Siewert ACC NTER situation reports (PDF 11KB)
29 Siewert ACC NTER (PDF 4KB)
30 Siewert ACC NTER (PDF 5KB)
31 Crossin ACC NTER (PDF 5KB)
32 Siewert ACC NTER (PDF 4KB)
33 Siewert ACC NTER (PDF 5KB)
34 Siewert ACC NTER (PDF 4KB)
35 Marshall Customs Complaints received by Customs (PDF 8KB)
36 Siewert Customs Court case on the import of honey (PDF 8KB)
37 Abetz Customs Route of the Oceanic Viking (PDF 7KB)
38 Abetz Customs Activist assistance from the Government (PDF 11KB)
39 Abetz Customs Legislative forfeitures in the Torres Straight (PDF 6KB)
40 Brandis Customs Accenture's letter of engagement (PDF 7KB)
41 Brandis Customs Accenture's report (PDF 9KB)
42 Brandis Customs Record of meetings with Accenture (PDF 6KB)
43 Brandis Customs Information requested for reduction in operations (PDF 15KB)
44 Trood Customs Passenger Movement Charge (PDF 8KB)
45 Trood Customs Aviation security measures (PDF 15KB)
46 Trood Customs Cost of passenger movement (PDF 8KB)
47 Barnett Customs Meeting with tourism industry (PDF 6KB)
48 Brandis Customs EMS registered item inspection (PDF 6KB)
49 Abetz Customs Oceanic Viking and the Sea Shepherd (PDF 6KB)
50 Abetz Customs Customs invoicing airlines (PDF 9KB)
51 Nash Customs Customs knowledge of the Passenger Movement Charge (PDF 6KB)
52 Nash Customs SmartGate (PDF 17KB)
53 Stott Despoja Customs Border protection (PDF 9KB)
54 Stott Despoja   See DIAC answer No. 87.  
55 Nash Customs Border Protection Command coastal surveillance (PDF 6KB)
56 Nettle AGD Security Intelligence Report (PDF 10KB)
57 Nettle AGD Attendees for the Habib discussion (PDF 11KB)
58 Brandis AGD 'Torch Guardians' (PDF 10KB)
59 Nettle AGD Rendition of Habib (PDF 10KB)
60 Stott-Despoja AGD National Security Information (Criminal and Civil proceedings) ACT 2004 (PDF 11KB)
61 Stott-Despoja AGD National Security Information (Criminal and Civil proceedings) ACT 2004 (PDF 12KB)
62 Stott-Despoja AGD Telecommunications and internet service providers (PDF 11KB)
63 Stott-Despoja AGD NEVDIS (PDF 6KB)
64 Referred to Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Services and Local Government
65 Stott-Despoja AGD MSIC and ASIC (PDF 11KB)
66 Barnett NNTT Native Title Applications (PDF 12KB)
67 Barnett NNTT Agreements under Native Title Legislation (PDF 12KB)
68 Barnett AAT Staffing (PDF 9KB)
69 Barnett AAT Media monitoring (PDF 10KB)
70 Barnett AAT Remuneration (PDF 10KB)
71 Barnett AAT Leave (PDF 15KB)
72 Abetz AGS Wielangta court case (PDF 11KB)
73 Abetz AGS Costs recovery (PDF 5KB)
74 Brandis AGS Amendments to the Reserve Bank Act (PDF 10KB)
75 Brandis AGS Australian Government Solicitor submission (PDF 10KB)
76 Barnett HREOC Same-sex entitlements (PDF 10KB)
77 Siewert HREOC Racial discrimination commissioner (PDF 9KB)
78 Barnett AGD Administration Appeal Tribunal (PDF 10KB)
79 Abetz AGD Environmental activists (PDF 15KB)
80 Barnett AGD Federal Court Appointments (PDF 10KB)
81 Barnett AGD Federal Magistrates Court Appointment panel (PDF 10KB)
82 Barnett AGD Federal Magistrates Court interviews (PDF 10KB)
83 Barnett AGD Appointment panel for Federal Magistrates Court (PDF 15KB)
84 Barnett AGD Appointment panel for the Federal Court of Australia (PDF 22KB)
85 Barnett AGD High Court of Australia nominations (PDF 10KB)
86 Barnett AGD Meeting with the ACL (PDF 10KB)
87 Siewert AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 15KB)
88 Brandis AGD Amendments to Legal Services Directions (PDF 10KB)
89 Abetz AGD Japanese Whaling (PDF 10KB)
90 Siewert AGD Japanese Whaling (PDF 4KB)
91 Siewert AGD Litigation against Japanese whaling (PDF 10KB)
92 Siewert AGD Oceanic Viking evidence (PDF 10KB)
93 Abetz AGD Jocelyn Scutt (PDF 11KB)
94 Barnett AGD Working group for Native Title (PDF 10KB)
95 Barnett AGD Community Crime Prevention Program and Safer Suburbs Plan (PDF 14KB)
96 Barnett/Brandis AGD Secure Schools Program (PDF 14KB)
attachment (PDF 1004KB)
97 Barnett AGD Emergency Services Volunteers (PDF 37KB)
98 Barnett AGD State Emergency Service Operations (PDF 10KB)
99 Barnett AGD Reimbursement of volunteers' costs (PDF 17KB)
100 Barnett AGD Requested reviews (PDF 26KB)
101 Barnett AGD Australian Strategic Policy Institute's Report (PDF 17KB)
102 Brandis AGD Patel extradition (PDF 11KB)
103 Brandis AGD Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Case Fund (PDF 10KB)
104 Siewert AGD Indigenous night patrols in NT

(PDF 23KB)

attachment (PDF 177KB)

105 Brandis AGD Staffing of the Clarke Inquiry (PDF 11KB)
106 Brandis AGD Costs of the Clarke Inquiry (PDF 11KB)
107 Brandis AGD Clarke Inquiry (PDF 10KB)
108 Brandis AGD Clarke Inquiry (PDF 10KB)
109 Fierravanti-Wells FSG ALP website (PDF 11KB)
110 Stott-Despoja AGD Mandatory pro bono work (PDF 26KB)
111 Stott-Despoja AGD Amendment to Legal Services Directions (PDF 11KB)
112 Macdonald AGD Federal pardons (PDF 11KB)
113 Barnett AGD Same-sex measures (PDF 11KB)
114 Barnett AGD Non-sexual interdependent relationships (PDF 10KB)
115 Nettle AGD Same sex couples (PDF 9KB)
116 Nettle AGD Discrimination against same-sex couples (PDF 11KB)
117 Nettle AGD Discrimination against same-sex couples (PDF 11KB)
118 Nettle AGD New same-sex measures (PDF 16KB)
119 Barnett AGD Letter from the Attorney-General regarding relationship registers (PDF 16KB)
120 Fierravanti-Wells Customs Article: Secret union deals (PDF 12KB)
121 Barnett/Stott Despoja AGD Family court access for same-sex couples (PDF 11KB)
122 Stott-Despoja AGD National consultation on human rights and responsibilities (PDF 14KB)
123 Heffernan AGD Establishment of a judicial commission (PDF 10KB)
124 Brandis AGD Protection of human rights (PDF 10KB)
125 Barnett AGD Recognition of local Government in the Constitution (PDF 11KB)
126 Brandis AGD Government procurement of legal services (PDF 10KB)
127 Stott-Despoja AGD Spent Convictions Bill (PDF 11KB)
128 Stott-Despoja AGD AML-CTF (PDF 19KB)
129 Crossin AGD Updated information for the ODA (PDF 11KB)
130 Abetz OPC Fuel Watch Bills (PDF 14KB)
131 Fierravanti-Wells CSG Appointments to boards, advisory committees or quangos (PDF 14KB)
132 Fierravanti-Wells CSG Quangos within the Attorney-General's Department (PDF 11KB)
133 Fierravanti-Wells CSG Questions relating to several Federal seats (PDF 11KB)
134 Fierravanti-Wells AFP Prime Minister's close personal protection team (PDF 11KB)

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