Immigration & Citizenship Portfolio

Additional Estimates 2007-2008 (February 2008)

Immigration & Citizenship Portfolio

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Tabled Documents:

Question on Notice Index: (Excel 60KB)

QoN Senator Agency/Branch Topic View
1 Barnett MRT/RRT Appointments (PDF 17KB)
2 Barnett MRT/RRT Sexual awareness training (PDF 17KB)
3 Barnett MRT/RRT Case law (PDF 18KB)
      attachment (PDF 228KB)
4 Ellsion DIAC Consultative committees (PDF 16KB)
      Attachment (PDF 25KB)
5 Ellison DIAC Stakeholder mail list (PDF 17KB)
      Attachment (PDF 76KB)
6 Nettle DIAC Costs associated with Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon (PDF 16KB)
7 Ellison DIAC Migration consultation (PDF 670KB)
8 Ellison DIAC 2020 summit (PDF 16KB)
9 Ellison DIAC State sponsored migration (PDF 18KB)
10 Ellison/Fisher DIAC 457 consultation group (PDF 21KB)
11 Ellison DIAC Labour agreements (PDF 26KB)
12 Ellison DIAC Labour agreements (PDF 25KB)
13 Fisher DIAC Working Holidays (PDF 16KB)
14 Fisher DIAC Consultation (PDF 17KB)
15 Ellison DIAC FOI request (PDF 17KB)
16 Nettle DIAC Ministerial interventions (PDF 18KB)
17 Ellison DIAC Climate refugees (PDF 17KB)
18 Trood DIAC Cancellation of agreement with USA (PDF 16KB)
19 Ellison DIAC Working groups (PDF 16KB)
      Attachment (PDF 15KB)
20 Ellison DIAC Counter-Terrorism (PDF 16KB)
21 Ellison DIAC Ministerial Interventions (PDF 16KB)
22 Ellison DIAC 501 cancellations (PDF 17KB)
23 Allison DIAC Mr Jovicic (PDF 17KB)
24 Ellison DIAC Prisoners (PDF 22KB)
25 Ellison DIAC Mr Hew Griffiths (PDF 16KB)
26 Nettle DIAC Intercepted Irregular Immigrants (PDF 15KB)
27 Nettle DIAC Intercepted Irregular Immigrants (PDF 15KB)
28 Nettle DIAC Quarantine facility (PDF 15KB)
29 Nettle DIAC Cost of processing detainees (PDF 20KB)
30 Ellison DIAC Closure of Nauru processing centre (PDF 17KB)
31 Allison DIAC Citizenship applications (PDF 17KB)
      Attachment (PDF 42KB)
32 Allison DIAC Citizenship test (PDF 15KB)
      Attachment (PDF 415KB)
33 Allison DIAC Citizenship test (PDF 21KB)
34 Ellison DIAC Citizenship test (PDF 18KB)
      Attachment (PDF 835KB)
35 Ellison DIAC Citizenship test (PDF 25KB)
36 Ellison DIAC Australian Population, Immigration and Multicultural Research Program (PDF 16KB)
37 Minchin DIAC Appointments (PDF 29KB)
38 Ellison DIAC Ministerial arrangements (PDF 17KB)
39 Ellison DIAC Parliamentary secretary arrangements (PDF 17KB)
40 Ellison DIAC Minister's office (PDF 19KB)
41 Ellison DIAC Ministerial costs (PDF 16KB)
42 Ellison DIAC Ministerial briefs (PDF 15KB)
43 Ellison DIAC Safehand documents (PDF 17KB)
44 Ellison DIAC Cabinet documents (PDF 16KB)
45 Ellison DIAC Media monitoring (PDF 21KB)
46 Ellison DIAC Media monitoring (PDF 21KB)
47 Ellison DIAC Departmental costs relating to change of government (PDF 15KB)
48 Ellison DIAC Efficiency dividend (PDF 15KB)
49 Ellison DIAC Changes to forms and booklets (PDF 31KB)
50 Ellison DIAC Australia-China free trade agreement (PDF 15KB)
51 Ellison DIAC Australia-Japan free trade agreement (PDF 15KB)
52 Ellison DIAC Skilled migration (PDF 16KB)
53 Ellison DIAC Special eligibility criteria (PDF 16KB)
54 Ellison DIAC 457 visas (PDF 20KB)
55 Ellison DIAC Overseas qualifications (PDF 16KB)
56 Ellison DIAC 457 reference group (PDF 16KB)
57 Ellison DIAC COAG review of 457 (PDF 16KB)
58 Ellison DIAC 457 visas (PDF 15KB)
59 Ellison DIAC Security checks (PDF 16KB)
60 Ellison DIAC Humanitarian program (PDF 15KB)
61 Ellison DIAC Complex case reviews (PDF 15KB)
62 Ellison DIAC Litigation costs (PDF 18KB)
63 Ellison DIAC Litigation reports (PDF 15KB)
64 Ellison DIAC United Nations Convention on Refugees (PDF 16KB)
65 Ellison DIAC Proposed cutbacks (PDF 15KB)
66 Ellison DIAC Villawood detention centre (PDF 16KB)
67 Ellison DIAC Intergovernmental consultation (PDF 16KB)
68 Ellison DIAC Immigration detention (PDF 17KB)
69 Ellison DIAC Boat arrivals (PDF 15KB)
70 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 15KB)
71 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 15KB)
72 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 16KB)
73 Ellison DIAC National Housing Strategy (PDF 16KB)
74 Ellison DIAC Workforce participation (PDF 16KB)
75 Ellison DIAC Underemployment of migrants (PDF 16KB)
76 Ellison DIAC Culturally appropriate mental health services (PDF 16KB)
77 Ellison DIAC Illicit drugs and migrants (PDF 16KB)
78 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 16KB)
79 Ellison DIAC Multicultural centres (PDF 15KB)
80 Ellison DIAC Migrant resource centres (PDF 15KB)
81 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 15KB)
82 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 15KB)
83 Ellison DIAC Settlement services (PDF 15KB)
84 Ellison DIAC AMEP (PDF 15KB)
85 Ellison DIAC AMEP (PDF 16KB)
86 Ellison DIAC Contracted service providers (PDF 22KB)
87 Ellison DIAC AMEP (PDF 15KB)
88 Ellison DIAC Interpreter services (PDF 16KB)
89 Ellison DIAC Interpreter services (PDF 15KB)
90 Ellison DIAC Citizenship (PDF 15KB)
91 Ellison DIAC Information programs (PDF 22KB)
92 Ellison DIAC Muslim Community Reference Group (PDF 15KB)
93 Ellison DIAC Community liaison officers (PDF 16KB)

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