Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio

Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio

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Answer to QoN

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PM1(a-d) PM&C Bernardi Health and wellbeing of staff (PDF 28KB) 04/12/2009
PM2(a-b) PM&C Bernardi Entertainment costs (Michael Jeffrey dinner) (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM3(a-b) PM&C Bernardi Entertainment costs (Cricket dinner) (PDF 33KB) 04/12/2009
PM4(a-e) PM&C Bernardi Reporting on the Nation Building Program (PDF 6KB) 04/12/2009
PM9(a-b) PM&C Bernardi 2008-09 Annual Report (PDF 42KB) 04/12/2009
PM10(a-f) PM&C Bernardi 2008-09 Annual Report (PDF 26KB) 04/12/2009
PM11 PM&C Bernardi 2008-09 Annual Report (Quality Systems and Reporting Team) (PDF 35KB) 04/12/2009
PM12(a-d) PM&C Bernardi Situation Room (Parliament House Briefing Room) (PDF 44KB) 04/12/2009
PM13(a-d) PM&C Bernardi Situation Room (Parliament House Briefing Room) (PDF 35KB) 04/12/2009
PM14(a-c) PM&C Bernardi Teleconferencing rooms (PDF 35KB) 04/12/2009
PM15(a-e) PM&C Trood National Security College (PDF 35KB) 04/12/2009
PM16(a-b) PM&C Trood Crisis Co-ordination Centre (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM17(a-c) PM&C Ronaldson Credit card use (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009
PM18(a-e) PM&C Ronaldson Community Engagement Team (PDF 38KB)
attachment (PDF 492KB)
PM19(a-b) PM&C Ronaldson Kirribilli House (PDF 10KB) 04/12/2009
PM20(a-b) PM&C Ronaldson Wine collection (PDF 29KB) 04/12/2009
PM21(a-b) PM&C Ronaldson Gifts (PDF 31KB) 04/12/2009
PM22(a-b) ONA Trood Staffing (PDF 355KB) 03/12/2009
PM23(a-c) ONA Trood Asia Pacific Community (PDF 192KB) 03/12/2009
PM24(a-c) ANAO Bernardi Government Advertising Review (PDF 107KB) 02/12/2009
PM25(a-b) ANAO Ronaldson Government Advertising Review (PDF 95KB) 02/12/2009
PM26 ANAO Ronaldson Government Advertising Review (PDF 84KB) 02/12/2009
PM27 ANAO Ronaldson Government Advertising Review (PDF 66KB) 02/12/2009
PM28 ANAO Ronaldson Government Advertising Review (PDF 54KB) 02/12/2009
PM29(a-d) OPC Bernardi private i booklets (PDF 68KB) 01/12/2009
PM30(a-e) OOSGG Ronaldson Investitures (PDF 105KB) 04/12/2009
PM31(a-c) OOSGG

(a) Bernardi
(b) Ronaldson
(c) Bernardi

Household Attendant (PDF 68KB)
attachment (PDF 79KB)
PM32 OOSGG Ronaldson Staff turnover (PDF 51KB) 04/12/2009
PM33 OOSGG Ronaldson Staff turnover (PDF 56KB) 04/12/2009
PM34 OOSGG Bernardi Capital works (PDF 93KB) 04/12/2009
PM35(a-c) OOSGG Ronaldson Tender processes (PDF 94KB) 04/12/2009
PM36(a-c) PM&C Parry National Broadband Network (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM37(a-b) PM&C Coonan Economic stimulus package progress report - infrastructure projects (PDF 6KB) 04/12/2009
PM38 PM&C Coonan Economic stimulus package progress report (PDF 6KB) 04/12/2009
PM39 PM&C Coonan Economic stimulus package projects (PDF 36KB) 04/12/2009
PM40 PM&C Coonan Economic stimulus package (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009
PM41 PM&C Coonan School enrolment number (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009
PM42 PM&C Coonan Low Emission Assistance Plan for Renters (PDF 26KB) 04/12/2009
PM43 PM&C Coonan Funding for New South Wales schools (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009
PM44(a-d) PM&C Coonan Economic stimulus package progress report - chart (PDF 25KB) 04/12/2009
PM45(a-b) PM&C Ryan List of state and territory coordinators-general (PDF 7KB) 04/12/2009
PM46 PM&C Ryan Changes to COAG timeframes (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009
PM47 PM&C Ryan Project management fees (PDF 26KB) 04/12/2009
PM48 PM&C Ryan Projects falling outside benchmarks (PDF 25KB) 04/12/2009
PM49 PM&C Ryan Change to benchmarks (PDF 6KB) 04/12/2009
PM50 PM&C Cameron New South Wales milestones (PDF 6KB) 04/12/2009
PM51(a-c) APSC Moore Agency participation in APS Disability Network (PDF 36KB) 03/12/2009
PM52(a-b) PM&C Ronaldson PMO staff turnover (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM53(a-e) PM&C Ronaldson Change to website (PDF 63KB) 04/12/2009
PM54 PM&C Ryan PM&C increase in staffing (PDF 12KB) 04/12/2009
PM55a PM&C Ryan Have any staff been employed in a media and/or corporate communications role within the department (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM55b PM&C Ryan Increase in wage, salary and other associated costs (PDF 28KB) 04/12/2009
PM56 PM&C Ryan What proportion of the eligible bonus was rolled into salaries (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM57(a-c) PM&C Bernardi Product installed on the windows and glass doors of the Lodge (PDF 32KB) 04/12/2009
PM58 PM&C Bernardi Professional development programs (PDF 7KB) 04/12/2009
PM59 PM&C Bernardi Community Cabinet - information provided to members of parliament and senators (PDF 44KB) 04/12/2009
PM60 PM&C Ryan List of the duty senators for the government as informed by the department for notification of community cabinet meetings (PDF 23KB) 04/12/2009
PM61(a-b) PM&C Bernardi CCSTU members attending community cabinet forums (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM62 PM&C Bernardi Questions asked at community cabinet meetings and the responses (PDF 38KB)
attachment (PDF 269KB)
PM63 PM&C Ryan Notice provided for each community cabinet meeting, date provided and to whom (PDF 24KB)
attachment (PDF 30KB)
PM64 PM&C Ryan Notification of community cabinet meetings (PDF 40KB) 04/12/2009
PM65(a-c) PM&C Ryan Community cabinet meetings (PDF 38KB) 04/12/2009
PM66 PM&C Ryan Advice to state governments or state members of parliament regarding upcoming community cabinets (PDF 44KB) 04/12/2009
PM67 PM&C Ryan Notification to state members of parliament or state governments of community cabinet meetings (PDF 33KB) 04/12/2009
PM68 PM&C Trood Interagency counterterrorism white paper meetings (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009
PM69(a-c) PM&C Trood Australian Army base terrorist plot (PDF 5KB) 04/12/2009
PM70 PM&C Trood Base security alerts (PDF 4KB) 04/12/2009

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